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  • Advanced Download Manager دانلود رایگان Advanced Download Manager Pro 12.5.1 دانلود منیجری فوق العاده برای دستگاه اندرویدی میباشد. برنامه Advanced Download Manager یا ADM برای دانلود هر گونه فایل صوتی ، تصویری ، فشرده شده و.
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Target group: Editors

Go to the page you want to insert the plugin and add a new content element which you can find under plugins, it is called Download manager.


  1. Add a subfolder for the file collections and the download counter

Collection subfolder

Adm Users Manual Download Manager Windows 7

Add a subfolder for the file collections and the download counter

List view with file collections

List view with file collections which are added to the subfolder

Adding images

Adding description


  1. Insert the download manager plugin

Insert plugin

Insert plugin


4a. Configure the list view

List view


4b. Configure the top downloads view

Top downloads view


4c. Configure the file search

Top downloads view


  1. Add keywords to the files

Add keywords

Add keywords to the files (separated by whitespaces), to add more content to search for (needs extension filemetadata installed). The default search is only for the title of the file.


Set the record storage page(s) in the tab behaviour

Set the record storage page(s) in the tab behaviour of the plugin to saythe plugin where to store the download statistics or from where to get thedownload statistics.If this is not set, the data will be saved on the page where the plugin is set.


Record storage page(s)


Is it possible to set the ordering of the collections?¶

Yes, since version 1.0.1. Please use the sorting option in TYPO3 backend to order your collections in a folder.If you have selected single file collections, you can order them in the plugin field.

Get help¶

If there are any other questions, please contact me ( or write an issue/request on Github.

USPS Handbooks and Manuals

Cautions on the use of USPS publications

NALC contract enforcers know that portions of USPS handbooks, manuals and other regulations that directly relate to wages, hours or working conditions are effectively incorporated into the National Agreement through Article 19. NALC has obtained electronic versions of important USPS manuals and handbooks directly from Postal Service headquarters. In addition, USPS has made certain publications available online.


  • Check for the latest issue. The Postal Service updates its various manuals and handbooks according to different schedules. To see if you have the current edition of a particular publication, click here to review Publication 223, Directives and Forms Catalog(March 2021).
  • Check below for selected USPS publications that NALC has chosen to make publicly available. They include the M-39, M-41, Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM),Administrative Support Manual (ASM), Postal Operations Manual (POM), as well as a selection of publications, management instructions, and a wide selection of handbooks, manuals and other documents.
  • Some provisions may be under NALC challenge. Any of the USPS handbooks, manuals or publications provided on this site or available on the web may be under an NALC challenge in the grievance procedure. NALC’s distribution of or links to these materials is not in any way an admission that they are contractually sound or otherwise free from challenge. Check with your NALC branch officers or national business agent about the validity of a particular publication or provision.
  • Some items may not be covered by Article 19. Some handbook and manual provisions—for example, much of the M-39, M-41 and ELM—are enforceable as part of the contract under Article 19. However, certain other USPS publications may not be covered by Article 19.

Most materials are in PDF format, although some are compressed archives (commonly called “zip files”) containing multiple documents.

Handbook M-41: City Delivery Carriers Duties and Responsibilities, June 2019. PDF

Handbook M-39, Management of Delivery Services, June 2019. PDF

Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM), Issue 50, March 2021. HTML ZIP PDF

Administrative Support Manual (ASM) Issue 13, July 1999.

—updated with Postal Bulletin revisions through January 2021 PDF

Postal Operations Manual (POM), Issue 9, July 2002.
—updated with Postal Bulletin revisions through January 31, 2021 PDF

AS 353, Guide to Privacy and the Freedom of Information Act, February 2019 PDF
AS 504, Space Requirements, July 1999. PDF (Table of Contents) ZIP
AS 805, Information Security, November 2019 PDF
AS 805-C, Information Security for General Users, October 2015 PDF

DMM, Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual, December 27, 2020 PDF

DM-103, Official Mail, February 1998. Updated with revisions through December 9, 2004. PDF
DM-901, Registered Mail, January 2016. PDF

EL-301, Guidelines for Processing Personnel Actions, June 1989 PDF
EL-307, Reasonable Accommodation—An Interactive Process, August 2020 PDF
EL-312, Employment and Placement, January2018 PDF
EL-350, Establishing Nonbargaining Requirements, November 1989. PDF
EL-505, Injury Compensation, February 2017. PDF
EL-801, Supervisor's Safety Handbook, July 2020 PDF
EL-802, Executive's and Manager's Safety Compliance Guide, June 2009. PDF
EL-804, Safe Driver Program, June 2013. PDF
EL-809, Guidelines for Area/Local Joint Labor-Management Safety and Health Committees, November 2013. PDF
EL-809T, Area/Local Joint Labor-Management Safety and Health Committee Training, April 2001. PDF
EL-812, Hazardous Materials and Spill Response, October 2017. PDF
EL-814, Postal Employee's Guide to Safety, July 2020. PDF
EL-921, Supervisor’s Guide to Handling Grievances, April 2015 PDF

F-1, Post Office Accounting Procedures, January 2015 PDF
F-15, Travel and Relocation, September 2015 PDF
F-15-C, Relocation Policy—Bargaining Employees, January 2016 PDF
F-18, Payroll Journal Guide, January 2014 PDF
F-21, Time and Attendance, February 2016 PDF
F-45, In-Office Cost System (IOCS) - August 2020, PDF
F-55, Carrier Cost System - February 2020. PDF
F-401, Supervisor's Guide to Scheduling and Premium Pay, August 2000. PDF

M-32, Management Operating Data System (MODS), March 2009. PDF

SP-1, Highway Contract Routes—Contract Delivery Service, July 2013. PDF

PO-610, Signature Capture and Electronic Record Management: Manager's Guide to Standard Operating Procedures, November 2014 PDF
PO-701, Fleet Management, March 1991. Updated with Postal Bulletin revisions through October 23, 2008. PDF

MI AS-310-2013-6, Management of Policy and Procedure Information, June 26, 2013. PDF
MI AS-340-2004-1, How to Communicate with Headquarters Employees, February 20, 2004. PDF
MI AS-350-2007-1, Computer Matching Programs, January 2007 PDF

MI EL-430-2015-4, Back Pay. PDF
MI EL-510-2003-2, Annual Leave Sharing Program, October 30, 2003. PDF
MI EL-520-91-2, FEHB: Temporary Continuation of Coverage, March 27, 1991. PDF
MI EL-520-2008-1 Health Benefits and Life Insurance Coverage During Military Service, January 1, 2008. PDF
MI EL-650-2014-2, Representation of Postal Service Employees in Administrative Proceedings, February 2014 PDF
MI-EL-670-2013-6, Providing Communication Accommodations to Employees and Applicants Who Are Deaf or Hard of HearingPDF
MI EL-810-2006-3, Response to Hazardous Materials Releases, March 2006 PDF
MI EL-810-2016-1, Hazard Communication ProgramsPDF
MI EL-860-98-2, Employee Medical Records, May 15, 1998. PDF
MI EL-860-2000-7, Fitness for Duty Examinations, September 28, 2000. PDF

MI FM-640-2014-4, Government-Issued, Individually Billed Travel Charge Cards, July 2014. PDF

COO-10-25-2001, Collection of Employee Data, October 25, 2001. PDF

PUB 18, Manager's Guide to Understanding Affirmative Action, June 1996. PDF
PUB 32, Glossary of Postal Terms, July 2013. PDF
PUB 45, Achieving a Violence-Free Workplace Together, June 2009. PDF
PUB 52, Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail, March 2016 PDF
PUB 60, A Great Place to Work, February 1999. PDF
PUB 60-A, Test 473 Orientation Guide for Major Entry-Level Jobs, November 2004. PDF
PUB 60-B, A Great Place to Work for City Carriers, October 1999. PDF
PUB 94, Redress—Conflict Resolution that Works, September 2008. PDF
PUB 107, Crisis Management for Violent Incidents, May 1997. PDF
PUB 108, Threat Assessment Team Guide, May 2015. PDF
PUB 133, What You Need to Know About EEO, November 2018. PDF
PUB 164, Compensation, Relocation Benefits, and Reinstatement Policies for Career Employees, June 2008. PDF
PUB 174, How to Avoid Dog Bites,September 2008. PDF
PUB 223 Directives and Forms Catalog, December 2020. PDF
PUB 308, Know Your Rights: A Guide for Victims and Witnesses of Crime, September 2016 PDF
PUB 316, Reasonable Accommodation in the USPS, April 2017. PDF
PUB 317, Manager's Guide to Reasonable Accommodation, September 2003. PDF
PUB 339, You Are Your Most Important Delivery, May 2014 PDF
PUB 518, EAP Supervisor's Guide, August 2011. PDF
PUB 519, Employee Assistance Program—Information and Services, August 2011. PDF
PUB 521, EAP Wallet Cards Template, April 2011 PDF
PUB 542, Understanding The Private Express Statutes, June 2014PDF
PUB 550, For the Record: Employee Guide to The Freedom of Information Act and The Privacy Act, August 2008 PDF
PUB 552, Manager's Guide to Understanding Sexual Harassment, March 2010. PDF
PUB 553, Employee's Guide to Understanding Sexual Harassment, March 2015. PDF

POS 138, Keep the Mail Safe, August 2014 PDF

On March 26, 2020, the Postal Service reissued its policy on workplace harassment.

This policy reaffirms the Postal Service’s commitment to providing a work environment free of harassment, and it supersedes MOP HR-03-14-2019-2, Postal Service Policy on Workplace Harassment.

  • United States Postal Service: Get the latest on the Postal Service, plus the most up-to-date versions of the ELM, Pub 223 and more

Family and Medical Leave Act:

  • FMLA at U.S. Department of Labor: The Department of Labor’s FMLA website has a wealth of useful information and links to advice, the latest regulations and more.

Labor law and arbitration:

  • American Arbitration Association (AAA): A leading association of arbitrators. Administers many labor disputes by providing arbitrator lists and orderly arbitration procedures.
  • Collective Bargaining Law and Arbitration: Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute. For an overview of labor law and related links see Labor Law Materials at Cornell’s site.
  • National Labor Relations Board: Federal agency charged with enforcing the National Labor Relations Act.
  • U.S. Laws at Government Printing Office Site: For quick access to all federal laws and regulations, search the GPO site.