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Introduction to AutoCAD Commands Command Keystroke Icon Menu Result Line Line / L Draw Line Draw a straight line segment from one point to the next Circle Circle / C Draw Circle Center, Radius Draws a circle based on a center point and radius. Erase Erase / E Modify Erase Erases an object. Print Print / Plot Cntl+P.

Tutorial Guide to AutoCAD 2022

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Author: Shawna Lockhart
Publisher: SDC Publications
Total Pages: 696
ISBN 10: 9781630574406
ISBN 13: 1630574406
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

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Tutorial Guide to AutoCAD 2022 provides a step-by-step introduction to AutoCAD with commands presented in the context of each tutorial. In fifteen clear and comprehensive chapters, author Shawna Lockhart guides you through all the important commands and techniques in AutoCAD 2022, from 2D drawing to solid modeling and finally finishing with rendering. In each lesson, the author provides step-by-step instructions with frequent illustrations showing exactly what appears on the AutoCAD screen. Later, individual steps are no longer provided, and you are asked to apply what you've learned by completing sequences on your own. A carefully developed pedagogy reinforces this cumulative-learning approach and supports you in becoming a skilled AutoCAD user. Tutorial Guide to AutoCAD 2022 begins with three Getting Started chapters that include information to get readers of all levels prepared for the tutorials. The author includes tips that offer suggestions and warnings as you progress through the tutorials. Key Terms and Key Commands are listed at the end of each chapter to recap important topics and commands learned in each tutorial. Also, a glossary of terms and Commands Summary list the key commands used in the tutorials. Each chapter concludes with end of chapter problems providing challenges to a range of abilities in mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering as well as architectural problems.