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Craig: I have been reading around for info on compatibility of Visual Foxpro under W7 and your comments here have been very helpful. As one who is reluctantly admitting to getting closer to the point where learning new languages has very little attraction (comes the time when one starts to give in to age and start saying 'what's the point'), it's frustrating to think that theing to dump all I wealth of knowledge I have in xBase is about to become useless! I have looked at Access and, although it seems good at doing some things, I'm not impressed with it's flexibililty, although I kind of accept that might be down to the time I have spent with it. I am still working on VFP6 at the moment and was planning to upgrade. Will VFP9 keep me going for a few more years (until my specs are so think I can't see the screen anyway)?

Canon Scanner driver is an application software program that works on a computer to communicate with a scanner. If you haven't installed a Windows driver for this scanner, VueScan will automatically install a driver. AC Adapter for Canon imageforMULA DR-C130 DRC130 Document Scanner Power Supply.

Or is there someone else's offering that is similar enough to slide on over without having start all over again? I also wonder if there is a similar product available for the Linux world? Woody, we had success using your directions to use VFP 9.0 SP2 within Windows 7, but I am having trouble opening projects (from my old computer Windows XP) that had SourceGear Vault 3.5.1 as its source protecter.

Do you have any suggestions for that? The error message that I get is Problem Event Name: AppCrash Fault Modual Name: VaultIDE.dll Fault Module Version: Exception Code: c0000005 - I think I counted the zeros correctly. Then, when I close that window, I get a VFP message window that say Fatal Error: Exception Code = C0000005 Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks for you time.

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First, you don't need SP2 nor an hotfix to make it work on a windows 64 bit machine or win 8.x, win 10 64 bits machine, unless you specifically compiled for SP2. I have been working with SP1 and I still do, and now I am on windows 10 64 bits as my development machine. The executables work on my machine, plus work on thousands of customer machines which range from XP to win 10 32-64 bits. All you need is to add vfp9r.dll, vfp9renu.dll and vfp9t.dll to the same folder where your exe is (thinking you don't have it installed to a common path with an installer - this is just an xcopy approach that works). Ie: An application folder would look like. MyApp MyApp.exe.


Canon Dr-c130l Driver Update

MyApp vfp9r.dll. MyApp vfp9renu.dll. MyApp vfp9t.dll I often use this approach for some relatively 'quickly built' programs that I can hand a 'portable USB stick' to someone with no VFP on his her machine. They can just plug the USB and run from there without any installation. That most likely does not trigger a nail to him. Forget to address people this way in an MSDN forum.

Canon Dr-c130l Driver Software

Instead please simply ask your new question in a new thread. There is no ProLib anymore. MSDN has also removed things from the code gallery. Please ask a new question for sake of recoverability of it and the answer and I'll answer that there.- Besides there still is the german equivalent to this forum: Bye, Olaf. Olaf Doschke - TMN Systemberatung GmbH http://www.tmn-systemberatung. Wasatch Softrip Version 7.0 Download. de.