Digital Font Free Download For Android

Digital Font Free Download For Android

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The best website for free high-quality Android Clock fonts, with 25 free Android Clock fonts for immediate download, and ➔ 39 professional Android Clock fonts for the best price on the Web.

Over 50,000 Free Fonts. offers thousands of free fonts to enhance your own websites, documents, greeting cards, and more. You can browse popular fonts by themes, name or style. helps millions of designers across the globe.

25 Free Android Clock Fonts

  • Android2 StylesHideShow
  • Android Insomnia_HideShow
  • Android Nation3 StylesHideShow
  • Android RobotHideShow
  • Paranoid Android3 StylesHideShow
  • Eka's Android HandwritingHideShow
  • ClockHideShow
  • Clock WorkHideShow
  • Orange ClockHideShow
  • BarClockHideShow
  • Alarm ClockHideShow
  • Atomic Clock RadioHideShow
  • 101! Clock FaceHideShow
  • White Clock Figure TockingHideShow
  • GA Clock Dial Round2 StylesHideShow
  • Gothic Alarm ClockHideShow
  • Thirteen O ClockHideShow
  • Ten O ClockHideShow
  • AroundTheClockHideShow
  • No ClocksHideShow
  • NoClocks-RegularHideShow
  • ClockerHideShow
  • AndroidishHideShow
  • Clockwork RegularHideShow
  • Clock - Android Apps on Google Play

    Your simple and beautiful alarm clock for Android. Search; Images; Maps; Play; YouTube; ... (using digital clock): add ability to change font size and ...

  • Don't like the Android 4.2 clock widget? Fixed 4.2 Clock ...

    The mixture of bold and regular font doesn't cut it for some people, ... Not keen on the new Android 4.2 Clock Widget? Fixed 4.2 Clock Widget can help you out

  • Font Clock - Android Apps on Google Play

    Font Clock Widget is a home screen clock for Android Font Clock Widget change 9 Fonts, Color. To use the widget: - Long press empty space on the home screen

  • The lock screen stock clock (font)? - Android Forums at ...

    It's not that important but it has been bugging me a lot (not sure why...). On my S4, (you get to choose the default 'personal message' or the 'clock' lock screen ...

  • How to customize your Android system fonts Greenbot

    How to customize your Android system fonts. By Sarah Jacobsson Purewal ... the clock in your notification bar, ... To update fonts on stock Android, ...

  • Clock font on Note 4? - Android Forums at

    Can anyone accurately identify the font on the stock 4x1 'Clock (digital)' widget on the Note 4? I use a BeWeather widget right below it on

  • Top 12 Best Clock Widgets for Android Phones & Tablets

    ... minimalistic and clean Android clock widgets here is a list of the Top 13 Best Clock Widgets for Android Phones ... and can even integrate custom fonts and ...

  • APK Download: Android 4.4 Clock/Alarm ... - Android Police

    Update: Almost forgot - yes, this clock does fix the lockscreen widget font: Left: clock from Android 4.3; ... Android Police will not be responsible to any damage to ...

  • Changing lockscreen clock font. Android Forums

    The AM/PM text will appear as whatever base system font you are using. To change your system font: 1. Download the fontchanger app from the market.

  • DigitalClock Android Developers

    java.awt.font; java.beans;; java.lang; java.lang.annotation; java.lang.ref; ... android.widget.DigitalClock This class was deprecated in API level 17.

Please note: If you want to create professional printout, you should consider a commercial font. Free fonts often have not all characters and signs, and have no kerning pairs (Avenue ↔ A venue, Tea ↔ T ea).

Check it for free with Typograph.

    • Android Regular
    • Paranoid Android Bold
    • Android Complete Family Pack
    • Marshmallow Regular
    • Segoe UI Symbol Regular
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Mobile personalization

Smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, so why should they all look the same? Girl Font Flipfont provides a variety of font styles that you can use to match your phone’s appearance with your style.

Switch up your UI font

With Girl Font Flipfont, you can add a touch of your style to your device for free. This app has no affiliation with Monotype Imaging’s innovative software FlipFont and is much less impressive in terms of features and functionality.

Once this app is installed on your Samsung phone or tablet, you can add your custom font straight through your settings. There are minimal typography options when compared to the competition, but you can still choose from styles ranging from modern sans serif to funky handwritten fonts.

This app is designed to be used explicitly on Samsung Galaxy devices that are using the TouchWiz. Flipfont is directly on the interface, so you don't have to tinker in the root of your device. To switch your fonts, you'll have to navigate to your device's display settings to select from this pack.

Where can you run this program?

This app only runs on Samsung Galaxy devices with an Android OS.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, FlipFont from Monotype is a superior alternative app that offers a massive selection of fonts available in different languages.

Our take

This Girl package includes too few fonts and is limited in terms of compatibility. While it offers a free way of switching up the UX for Galaxy users, it doesn’t deliver.

Should you download it?

No. If you want to change your UI font, you should download the trademarked FlipFont from Monotype Imaging.

Digital Font Free Download For Android Phones


  • Minimal selection of fonts

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Digital Font Free Download For Android