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D3 – Dil Dosti Dance Episode – 1st November (Part 1) – Bollywood Mantra –. One of them has to enact Sita. They all plan to play pranks so that he has to take off his shirts again and again. Sections of this doosti. They says boys dont have any option. D3 Dil Dosti Dance. A story about a group of friends who share a passion for dance. Currently not available to stream. Add it to your Watchlist to be notified when it becomes available.

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Dil Dosti Dance Episodes. With a big cast of Shantanu Maheshwari, Vrushika Mehta, Shakti Mohan, Kunwar Amar Singh, Sneha Kapoor, Amar Gowda, Alisha Singh, Vrinda Dawda, Archi Pratik, Lavin Gothi, Macedon Dmello, and Samentha Fernandes, the show captured the hearts of millions of youth with their fresh, relatable and relevant storyline. Dil Dostii Dance 1st May 2014 Full Episode. 7 years ago 9.4K views. 1st May 2014 Full Episode. 2nd May 2014 Full Episode. 3rd May 2014 Full Episode. 4th May 2014 Full Episode. 5th May 2014 Full Episode. 6th May 2014 Full Episode.


Rey is in the dancing room; Swayam comes with the contract copy and tells Rey to read it. He tells him the conditions of New York University that they must keep the name of institute upon New York University. They try everyone’s numbers but can’t get them. Swayam tries Sharon’s number. He tells Rey someone told that she is on vacation and he shouldn’t disturb her. Rey says Kriya is also gone. They must come tomorrow and tell the full group about it.

Dil Dosti Dance 24th May 2014 Written Update

Simmi comes to meet Jignesh. Nil and Vicky were there in a different get up to see her. Nil gets jealous seeing her there. Jignesh offers her seat and tells her he will eat what she likes to. Nil and Vicky comes to take the order, Simmi recognizes them as someone she know. Simmi orders chicken while Jignesh orders vegetarian. Jignesh says that we are vegetarians but still I won’t judge you by what you eat. Simmi thinks he is a sentimental type and must be made to run with love. Jignesh puts hand on hers which she withdraws at once. Vicky tells Nil to take spicy juice for Jignesh.

Rey is thinking about what Swayam told him about the contract and thinks why there is always a problem in life. Kriya calls him; he says he was getting depressed. She tells him that they are all together and VP sir is also very cooperative. She says it is very late and they must sleep. He asks a simple good bye only. She teases him a little before saying I love you and they hang on.
Nil brings drinks for them. Simmi thinks she will make this welcome drink as see off drink. Vicky points Nil not to let Simmi drink it. Simmi coughs saying there is spice in it. Jignesh offers her water. Nil gets angry and shouts that he is her boy friend and removes his moustache. Jignesh asks is he your boy friend. Simmi introduces Nil to Jignesh as her boy friend she loves and hugs him. Jignesh leaves while Simmi calls her. She tells him that she was meeting him as Rinni. Simmi thinks he is now gone, so mission accomplished.

Swayam comes into room from bath and sees his cell phone. He then opens the cupboard and says to Sharon’s photo that I miss you but you have forgotten me and I am annoyed at you and won’t talk to you. He gets Sharon’s text message and shouts in elation, saying this is true love.

Sharon and Swayam dance on a classical song. In the morning, Rey and Swayam come to VP sir. Swayam asks VP that they should have told us. VP says I read the contract and there are issues but frankly nothing can happen. He says he personally talked to VP but the board now wants the affiliation. Rey asks are you saying this. VP says yes I am, and you may leave now.

Jignesh comes looking for Rinni. He is told she is in the dancing room, he thinks he will say sorry to her and them good bye. Rinni was dancing in the dancing hall. He keeps standing there seeing her. as she is done, he comes clapping and appreciates her dance. She asks what you are doing here. He says he came to see Rinni and tells her he got to know she has some boy friend as he took her to dinner, he came today to say a complete good bye. He says you are an amazing dancer and amazing person, he says in future… then stammers and leave saying Good bye. Rinni watches him go.

Rey is angry, Swayam tells him to calm down and says he never say no to us. He must have fought for us but now he is helpless. Rey says they must do something. Swayam says let’s call the group.
Rinni falls while dancing, Simmi comes to help her. Rinni asks did you tell Jignesh Rinni has a boy friend. Simmi says what makes a difference for you; Jignesh comes there and hears Rinni regretting that it wasn’t her plan to make a bad impression of Rinni. He hits something and they get alert. He is annoyed and says he came here to take Rinni’s number because he began to like her and leave. Simmi says I am sorry and hugs her. She gets a text of Rey and tells her about the meeting.

They were shocked at hearing that the institute won’t be there. Rey says they will boycott it as they can never be employers for them. Bharat says that he is happy to work with them as he will no longer have to work in the workshop but Swayam says they all want to dance but not be slaves of them. Bharat apologizes for his impulsiveness. Rey asks are you all in? After some thought, they all say Yes! Swayam says to Rey they should go to tell VP sir and the board. They were frustrated, Rinni says it is true that things always get wrong. She goes crying, Simmi tells them about Jignesh. Amar gets worried about her and leave.

Dil Dosti Dance All Episodes From Starting Download

VP sir comes to café and sits with Rey and Swayam. He apologizes them for being rude and tells them that everything in life isn’t like what we want. So sometimes we have to accept it. Rey says that with all respect we cant accept it. He asks him that we want to talk to board of directors ourselves. He agrees but tells them not to accept much.

Dil Dosti Dance 24th May 2014 Written Update

Next day Rey was walking in the corridor. Swayam tells them to be calm in front of the board. VP comes to take them along and introduces them to the board. Rey says that they want to request that they should cancel this contract and make a new one. The board member says that what guarantee is there that they won’t do what they did before. They said that had they been in limits it won’t have happened but now they don’t want to give the authority. The board says the credibility of college, business and admissions in college improves. Swayam argues that they didn’t want money. Rey says dance is their passion. The board member says stop this passion thing, life goes with money not the passion talks. He says that they shall dance on streets if they have to show passion. Rey shouts saying it is because of you people that we can’t succeed in dance, he begins the fight. Swayam drags him out, VP also comes to stop him but he argues. VP says ‘Reyansh Singhania! You are suspended indefinitely’

PRECAP: Swayam gets a letter in the locker to come to store room to meet her. He thinks it might be Ruhi and he must tell Sharon but rejects the idea that she is busy in family function. He comes into the store room, someone is there.

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Shivam better known as Chee-Vam the Creep among fans is a boy from King Rangers college which is one college that stands against St. Boys tell Swayam he is trying to impose himself on Sharon. Raghav and sanam s amazing dance performance dance india dance season 3. But in the recent episodes it has shown that Rey has developed feelings for Taani and becomes very disturbed and rather jealous seeing Shivam and Taani as a “couple”. He’s Taani new lead ‘s brother and Sharon’s boyfriend. Retrieved 20 July — via worldofdance. The rich-kid, Sharon is Gautam Dyer’s daughter, who happens to be Kriya’s role model.

Aditi Singh Sharma 1st single under Gaana. This problem was there since day one itself but everyone around me encouraged me that I would get over it. Retrieved 1 July Sharon enters and closes the door. He participated in Fear Factor: She is the first one to accept taani in the team. He is a very good dancer and a charming person, which attracts Sharon to him later. After Kriya’s exit form his life, he becomes a loner and thinks of her often but now he thinks more about Taani.

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Simmi Malhotra She is Sharon’s best friend. This video and mp3 song of Dil dosti dance, sadda haq, yeh jawani ta ra ri ri celebrates diwali channel v is published by TellyMasala on 17 Oct dznce Sharon says she is trying hard to get back with him.

This video and mp3 song of Pak china friendship rally and chines bhagra dance is published by Voice of Nation on 17 Oct Crime patrol dial vikaar episode 63 5th january, Sharon thinks she can talk to Swayam there. Retrieved 20 February Retrieved 10 December Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 9. Sbs ke office mein d3 ki team 13th october This video and mp3 song of Xosti ke office mein d3 ki team 13th october is published by Priyaa Raam on 16 Apr She loves to dance and on the dance floor she slapped Swayam.

Swayam octobwr he is not imposing himself as they are a couple. Retrieved 27 October He is the best friend of Kriya and Rey. Indian Television Academy Award. Neha is a episodee filmy girl.

He is Sharon’s secret admirer who has been showering her with expensive gifts. Palki malhotra int on moulin rouge on d3 nov 02, While rey called a meeting to clear misunderstanding about rey and taani love story there in beetween the argument shivam enters and tell epieode taani and he is in a relationship cause he want to be GS in st.

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This video and mp3 song of Raghav and sanam s amazing dance performance dance india dance season 3 is published by Dance India Dance on 20 Mar Retrieved 22 October Retrieved 20 December — via Youtube. Retrieved 15 July Louis in the Footloose Dance Eliminations. This video and mp3 song of V dil dostii dance episode 31 33 promo is published by Channel V India on 17 Jun Inhe starred in a short film Something Like Love which marked his foray into web-based cinema.

On Oct 17, Maheshwari was born on 7 March in KolkataIndia. Sharon looks shocked due to his intensity and question. This video and mp3 song of Dil dosti duniyadari 16th oct episode update zee marathi serial is published by Rajshri Marathi on 17 Oct He is one of the main and strongest dancers of the team. Swayam tells him to inform Sharon and he will inform others. Beyhadh episode 1 11th october, Retrieved 14 May The show’s success gives us confidence to continue experimenting with different formats and concepts.

Jewellery seized from Mehul Choksi firm is just 3 per cent of book value. Swayam says they need regular practice as due to lack of practice his impromptu performance with Sharon was not up to the mark.

While chatting, Shivam was about to mention Kriya’s awesome dance but Kriya secretly signals him not to tell her dance-hating mom about her dancing talent. Song chalti hai kiya 9 se 12 dil dosti dance academy kashipur This video and mp3 song of Song chalti hai kiya 9 se 12 dil dosti dance academy kashipur is published by Tashan boys Mohd Mosim on 02 Oct Retrieved 14 December Retrieved 11 August Peon enters and informs Swayam that he needs to go and check some things in announcement room.

She likes Nilesh of her team.

This problem was there since dancr one itself but everyone around me encouraged me that I would get over it. Retrieved 3 January Retrieved 2 December — via YouTube. One for the first ever Bollywood theme park in Dubai which opened in October However it was shown at times that Nilesh knew that Vicky was attracted to Neha.

Everyone kept insulting shivam that he decides to take revenge for all that.

Vishakha always taunts her by saying that she can not think. Though, she shared a love-hate relationship with Reyaansh, she is completely in love with Rey and the fictional characters played by herself and Rey are Romaira and Chhabilal. She added, “I want to apologise to all my fans and want them to know that I love them and that one of the reasons that I quit was that I didn’t want to take the Swaron passion away from them.

Shantanu Maheshwari

General Secretary before shivam did. She suggests a face-off between the two dance teams so that they can come to a decesion as to which team is dajce better dancer. Box Cricket League – Season 2.

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