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GTA San Andreas Apk is a game by Rockstar which also launched many other popular GTA games over the past decade. And today we will talk about GTA San Andreas and let you know how you can enjoy this game on your Android device.

Download GTA: San Andreas Apk 2.00 (Original). Five years ago, Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas, a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption. Where filmstars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers. GTA San Andreas Android APK: In this article, we will guide you through the GTA Guide on how to download and install. GTA: San Andreas APK for Android was released as a PlayStation 2 game in June 2005 In October 2004, Xbox and Microsoft Windows (PC) were released in December 2008, the best PS3 2012 360 had GTA San Andreas positive feedback.

Yes, you have heard it right you can now play GTA San Andreas on your mobile device as well. The GTA San Andreas game was launched for PC, PS, and XBOX in the year 2007 and since then it has created a benchmark for action, adventure game. So if you haven’t played this game then I suggest you play the game right now. And to make things more interesting as of now you can play the GTA San Andreas on your smartphone.


  • 2 About GTA San Andreas apk:
  • 3 Steps to download and install GTA San Andreas apk:

GTA San Andreas Apk

You don’t need to have a gaming device to play the Grand theft Auto San Andreas on your device as the graphics feature of the game allows you to adjust the graphics to your need. We will also provide you with the OBB file of the game which means you don’t need to look around to download the files of the game. Also, the OBB file we will be talking about will be the latest one with additional features.

So without further delay let us now have a look at how you can download the GTA San Andreas apk file and how to install it as well. We will also talk about where you need to store the OBB file of the GTA San Andreas game so you can enjoy from all the features that come along with it.

About GTA San Andreas apk:

  • Name of the game: GTA San Andreas Apk
  • The developer of Grand Theft Auto Vice City apk: Rockstar Games
  • File Size of the game: 20.80MB + additional file for OBB file.
  • Required Operating System: Android 4.1 or above
  • The latest version of the GTA Vice City: v2.07

As GTA San Andreas was launched for PS, Windows, OSX and now it is available for iOS and Android device users as well. And unlike other emulators that offer the same, here in this guide the apk with OBB file will offer with the complete game with additional missions as well. So, if you have already played the official game you can enjoy forming the extra mission that is updated through the obb files.

So, we are looking at the main mission of the game that you can play through, also beside the main mission you can also enjoy playing side mission and if that doesn’t enjoy you can start creating havoc in the street which means you will have to fight off a lot of cops where you go.

All the side missions and the main mission will have great weapons to choose from like small arms to large bazooka so you can blast off a lot of enemies or cops who are after you. And just like in the PC version where you could use cheat codes to bring down special items, here you will be able to do the same.

Sounds amazing right? Well, the features of the GTA San Andreas apk doesn’t just end here as you will have a lot more features to enjoy from which we will also talk about right here.

Features of GTA San Andreas Apk:

Here we will be talking about the features of GTA San Andreas which you can enjoy from if you download and install the OBB files from the link provided below. So let us have a look at the features in a shorthand.

  1. One of the best features of GTA San Andrea’s apk version offers with is the graphical control interface which is defiantly worth mentioning. With cool character models, customizable option and weather effects which is definitely a plus point while playing the game on the mobile device.
  2. The GTA San Andreas apk version supports the MOGA wireless gaming controller option. So if you playing the game on a tablet or smartphone you can easily use the controller rather then the on-screen controller which makes the gameplay really interesting.
  3. The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas offers with multiple language support. So you don’t have to worry about where you are from as you can play it on many other languages in addition to the English language.
  4. The OBB file that we have updated here will have expanded the map to play from with additional mission that you can choose to complete.
  5. The update will have many new cars, guns, equipment, and items to enjoy from.

So now that you know all about the features of GTA San Andreas, we will now tell you how to install the game on your android device.

Steps to download and install GTA San Andreas apk:


Step 1: You will first need to download the apk file and OBB file of Grand theft San Andreas.

Step 2: After you have downloaded the files, you will now need to allow 3rd party app to be installed on your device. So you will need to go the Setting option, then you will need to go to Security and Privacy and then find the option “Allow Unknown Sources”. Click on the box to get the green tick to enable “Allow Unknown Sources”.

Step 3: Now you can go ahead and click on the download apk file of the GTA Grand theft San Andreas apk file to start the installation by confirming it by clicking the confirm to install button.

Step 4: After the file has been installed you will now need to store the OBB file before launching the game. So, go to, SDcard/Android/obb and paste the OBB file right there in the GTA San Andreas folder.

Step 5: Now you can simply go ahead and click on the game from the homepage to enjoy playing it.


There you have it, you have successfully downloaded and installed the GTA San Andreas apk. You can now enjoy playing this action adventure game by Rockstar right on your mobile device. Also with updated OBB files, you will have a lot of extra mission to choose from which definitely a plus point for you. Moreover, that, if you are a fan of Grand theft Auto then this is a game that you can carry where you want to and play it on your android device. Also be it if you have a budget Android device or a high-end phone you can easily optimize the graphics to play the game.

Download San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is one of Rockstar’s biggest titles ever developed, the game was first released in 2004 and since GTA San Andreas has been one of the most played games of all time and the best part is, it’s available for android. Throughout all this time GTA San Andreas has botched in several awards for its awesome gameplay, characters, storyline, and huge open world with boundless interactions and not to mention, it was the bestselling title of the year 2004.

GTA San AndreasStory

It all starts with the departure of Carl “CJ” Johnson from his hometown Ganton, as his brother Sweet, the leader of the gang “Grove Street Family” holds him responsible for the death of their younger brother Brian. CJ being fed up with all the crimes and drugs decides to start a new and peaceful life away from gangs in Liberty City. But, unfortunately, his peaceful life comes to end after 5 years when he hears about the news of his mother’s death, Beverly.

CJ decides to go back to attend his mother’s funeral, upon arrival at the airport he decides to take a cab back to his mother’s house but some corrupt cops including CRASH and Frank Tenpenny stop and threatens him that, if he doesn’t work for them he’ll be wrongly charged with the murder of another cop.

However, CJ finally gets back to his hood and attends his mother’s funeral, and promises that he will find out who was responsible for his mother’s death. He soon realizes that his big brother, Sweet was losing control of the streets and the rival gangs were taking charge of all the illicit business in the city. CJ decides to help his brother and childhood friends regain the lost strength and meanwhile find out and avenge the ones responsible for his mother’s death.

Soon CJ starts working with Big Smoke, Sweet and Ryder to take control of the lost streets by spraying the gang tags, scaring off other dealers and so on. Eventually, his efforts to bring the “Grove Street” back to its feet pays off and most of the Ballas territories are under their control.

But at last with the help of Cesar, CJ unravels a dark secret that the drive-by shooting which resulted in the death of his mother was actually meant for his brother Sweet to get rid of him and his gang and it was planned by none other than his childhood friends Smoke and Ryder, who’ve been working for CRASH and the Ballas. CJ Finally avenges his mother’s death by killing both the traitors.


GTA San Andreas Trailer

GTA San Andreas Gameplay

GTA San Andreas like the previous GTA games in the series is a single-player (CJ) based third-person open-world game with many improved and new features added to make the game which makes it more enjoyable and not to mention completely story-based like the rest of the masterpieces by Rockstar.

The game offers players to explore a huge open-world environment bare-foot or using hundreds of vehicles from cars, trucks, bikes, bicycles, airplanes, helis, hovercraft’s, jets, tanks, and whatnot. Rockstar has even added more player abilities like climbing the walls and swimming underwater (something that other games lacked) which makes it even more exciting to play but we will discuss all the amazing features down in detail.

Download Gta San Andreas Ocean Of Apk

But somethings can never change and that is good like the mission-based story-line which makes the player progress through the game as they complete certain missions and tasks and based on those missions new player abilities, items, and city areas are unlocked which adds a touch of newness to the game as we progress through it.

Other than the missions, there are tons of things that players can do, wreaking havoc on the police (which is my favorite part), performing drive-bys at the rival gangsters, customizing your rides, messing around with the pedestrians, flying jets, and the possibilities are just truly endless here.

GTA San Andreas APK Features

Rockstar has improved and added tons of great features in the GTA San Andreas APK that all GTA lovers have been waiting for, here is a small list of the great new features and vehicles introduced in the game.

  • Many mini games are also available in the game to play, Players can play basketball, pool and many classic arcade games like the good old days.
  • Many Casino games, where player can gamble to earn fast cash.
  • Bicycles are added in the game that provides us with a whole new vehicle controls system.
  • A whole new range of vehicle system with harvesting vehicles, ATVs, jets and tow trucks have been added to the game.
  • New player skills and abilities have also been added in the game which enables CJ to swim underwater (something we all have been waiting for) and also the ability to climb walls and jump over fences.
  • New weapons and weapon shooting system has also been added in GTA San Andreas APK.
  • Tons of new weapons have also been introduced like homing missiles that that CJ can use to lock and destroy the enemies.
  • Health system has been improved unlike the previous GTA games, you need to makes sure, CJ gets enough food to survive and exercise from time to time to stay in shape. Or he would lose fat and become skinny but don’t overdo that or else he would just throw up.
  • Car Customization Garages, where players can customize their rides with tons of customization options to choose from.
  • Cloth shops, where player can buy himself new clothes and other accessories.
  • Barber shops, where player can change his hairstyle,
  • Gym also been added, where player can work out to gain muscles.
  • In Game AI has also been improved a lot, now the NPCs are way smarter and act according to the situation they are in, You can even conversate with them.

The list just goes on and on with all these great new features that Rockstar has added in the game.

GTA SA APK has drawn in millions of players from all around the world, even though, it’s been over a decade, the players are still playing the game in 2020 which makes it one of the oldest games still played in history of games.

GTA San Andreas File Information

How To Install GTA San Andreas

Now that you are here it means you have made up your mind to download the game. And fortunately, downloading GTA San Andreas APK is as simple as it gets. All you need to do is follow these simple steps and enjoy playing the game in no time!

Gta Sa Free Download Apk

Step 1: Go to settings inside your phone and make sure you enable “Allow Download from Unknown Sources”.

Step 2: Now you need to click on the download button below and it’ll ask your permission to download the files.

Step 3: Wait for the download to be completed and once it’s finished downloading, you will see the .Apk file.

Step 4: Just open up the .apk file and it’ll start installing the game on your phone right away.

Step 5: All you need to do now is wait for the installation to be finished and once it has, you can Enjoy the game on your phone!

Download GTA San Andreas For iOS

Now many of you must be wondering if the game is available for IOS as well? And luckily, it is! There are many people playing games on their IOS devices which makes it a huge market just like android and so it’d sense that Rockstar made a game that runs on both platforms to reach as many players as they can.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has been available for IOS users since the time it was made public for android users and the game looks absolutely stunning with a high-quality visual that the IOS devices usually support. The game runs smoothly as ever because of the optimizations done for the IOS platform which makes it even better than the performance on most android devices.

With thousands of downloads on Appstore, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas still remains one of the best open-world games for IOS of all time and that’s why people still love and enjoy the game after almost two decades of its release.

Is GTA San Andreas free for IOS?

Unfortunately, for those who want to download the game on their IOS devices, the IOS version of the game isn’t free. You will have to buy the IOS version of the game for a price of $6.99 which isn’t bad considering the fact that you are buying one of the best open-world games on the Appstore, so if you want to download the game just click on the download button below.

How to Download GTA San Andreas for IOS?

Downloading GTA San Andreas on IOS devices is as simple as the download for android devices, just follow these few simple steps to get started with the download.

Step 1: Go to the Download Page.

Step 2: Purchase the game for $6.99.

Step 3: Once the payment is successful, the files will start downloading, so wait for the download to finish.

Step 4:Once the download is completed, you can move onto the installation part and agree with the policies.

Step 5:The installation will take a little time, be patient.

Download Gta San Andreas For Android Apk Mania Free

Step 6:After the installation is completed, you will find the GTA San Andreas icon on your home screen.

Step 7:Run the game and enjoy!


Can you use Cheats on GTA San Andreas Android?

Absolutely, cheats are one of the major parts of any GTA game and that is why it is a must-have feature whether you are playing the game on a PC or an Android device. Although the game doesn’t actually allow the cheats to be used out of the box thanks to a third-party application, JCheater, you can enable the cheats to feature in your GTA San Andreas APK with just a few clicks.

Can we play GTA San Andreas on Android?

Yes, you can play the GTA San Andreas game on your android devices as well. The game is officially available for android users and that is greats as the game runs efficiently on even low-end devices which is important if you don’t have a super expensive smartphone.

How Can I Download the GTA San Andreas Cheater for Android?

Downloading the GTA San Andreas Cheater Apk is super easy, all you need to do is follow this download page and download the APK and make sure to follow all the simple steps to install and use the cheater APK to enable cheats in your game.

How do you Enter Cheats on GTA San Andreas APK?

Now the easiest way to do this is to download the GTA San Andreas Cheater APK from the download page, if you already have the GTA San Andreas APK installed on your mobile device and then just follow our step-by-step guide to use the cheats in your game and that’s it!


Android Gta Sa Free Download

There are thousands of great mobile games out there but when it comes to Open World RPG Games nothing can beat the level of GTA SA. GTA SA is one of the best games ever produced.

The game is available for download on the play store, in spite of the fact that it is a paid game that is the reason I have given the direct link to you to Download GTA San Andreas APK. The link on this page contains a link to download GTA SA APK free.

Gta San Andreas Apk Free

Download Also Grand Theft Auto Cheats GTA Sa Cheater apk.