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Project in Maintainance

Hi everyone. There hasn't been much activity but thankfully we have a new revision. Thank you contributors and thank you Stephen Ferg for creating EasyGui.

You might also consider the following alternatives:

For those who wish to contribute you are welcome to fork this respository. Or, take a look at the alternatives and contribute there.

Easygui sourceforge

Kind Regards, Robert


EasyGUI is a module for very simple, very easy GUI programming in Python. EasyGUI is different from other GUIlibraries in that EasyGUI is NOT event-driven. Instead, all GUI interactions are invoked by simple function calls.

EasyGUI runs on Python 2 and 3, and does not have any dependencies beyond python and Tk. Linux Python 2 users will have to run sudo apt-get install python-tk and Linux Python 3 users will have to run sudo apt-get install python3-tk to install Tkinter.

Example Usage

To see demo programs using EasyGUI, call the easygui.egdemo() function.

Install Easygui Python

Full documentation is always available.

For the most-recent production version:http://easygui.readthedocs.org/en/master/.

For our develop version which will be released next:http://easygui.readthedocs.org/en/develop.


Several updates and fixes thanks to Al and others.


This is an exciting time for easygui. We continue to make good progress with refactoring aswell as some enhancements and bug fixes here and there.

We would like to welcome Juanjo Denis-Corrales to the team. He is responsible for lots of good new workthis release. Of course we appreciate the work of everyone who contributed.

NOTE: I decided in this release to change the API a bit. Please consult the function documentation for details.


  • Made changes guessing at fixes to any IDLE problems. Please report any problems found.


  • Refactored the easygui.py file into several smaller files to improve our ability to manage the code
  • Added callbacks to allow for more dynamic dialogs. See the docs for usage.
  • Added class access to dialogs so properties may be changed.


  • There were previous issues when using easygui with the IDLE IDE. I hope I resolved these problems, however,I've never actually been able to repeat them. Please report any problems found in github.


  • Centralized the Python 2 versus Python 3 'compatibility layer' into boxes/utils.py


This is a minor bug-fix release to address python 3 import errors.


We are happy to release version 0.97.3 of easygui. The intent of this release is to address some basicfunctionality issues as well as improve easygui in the ways people have asked.

Robert Lugg (me) was searching for a GUI library for my python work. I saw easygui and liked very much itsparadigm. Stephen Ferg, the creator and developer of easygui, graciously allowed me to start developmentback up. With the help of Alexander Zawadzki, Horst Jens, and others I set a goal to release before theend of 2014.

We rely on user feedback so please bring up problems, ideas, or just say how you are using easygui.

Easygui.py Download For Mac Download


  • sourceforge #4: easygui docs contain bad references to easygui_pydoc.html
  • sourceforge #6: no index.html in docs download file. Updated to sphinx which as autolinking.
  • sourceforge #8: unicode issues with file*box. Fixed all that I knew how.
  • sourceforge #12: Cannot Exit with 'X'. Now X and escape either return 'cancel_button', if set, or None


  • Added ability to specify default_choice and cancel_choice for button widgets (See API docs)
  • True and False are returned instead of 1 and 0 for several boxes
  • Allow user to map keyboard keys to buttons by enclosing a hotkey in square braces like: 'Pick [M]e', which would assignkeyboard key M to that button. Double braces hide that character, and keysyms are allowed:

    [[q]]Exit Would show Exit on the button, and the button would be controlled by the q key

    []Help Would show Help on the button, and the button would be controlled by the F1 function key

NOTE: We are still working on the exact syntax of these key mappings as Enter, space, and arrows are already being used.

  • Escape and the windows 'X' button always work in buttonboxes. Those return None in that case.
  • sourceforge #9: let fileopenbox open multiple files. Added optional argument 'multiple'
  • Location of dialogs on screen is preserved. This isn't perfect yet, but now, at least, the dialogs don'talways reset to their default position!
  • added some, but not all of the bugs/enhancements developed by Robbie Brook:http://all-you-need-is-tech.blogspot.com/2013/01/improving-easygui-for-python.html


  • In the documentation, there were previous references to issues when using the IDLE IDE. I haven'texperienced those, but also didn't do anything to fix them, so they may still be there. Please reportany problems and we'll try to address them
  • I am fairly new to contributing to open source, so I don't understand packaging, pypi, etc. Thereare likely problems as well as better ways to do things. Again, I appreciate any help or guidance.

Easygui Sourceforge

Other Changes (that you likely don't care about)

Easygui.py Download For Mac

  • Restructured loading of image files to try PIL first throw error if file doesn't exist.
  • Converted docs to sphinx with just a bit of doctest. Most content was retained from the old site, sothere might be some redundancies still. Please make any suggested improvements.
  • Set up a GitHub repository for development: https://github.com/robertlugg/easygui
  • Improved output/packaging for Debian distribution

Pip Install Easygui

EasyGui is licensed under what is generally known asthe 'modified BSD license' (aka 'revised BSD', 'new BSD', '3-clause BSD').This license is GPL-compatible but less restrictive than GPL.