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Windows is installed via boot camp on my machine.
As i know the basic color profile on my Late 2013 iMac's display on macOS is a lil bit different in comparison with the basic Windows' sRGB IEC61966-2.1.
I copied my default macOS' *.icc to dropbox and now i simply can`t figure out how to apply this profile on Windows correctly.
So the question is how to apply macOS' default *.icc profile on Windows correctly to see the exact same colors as i see while using macOS?
macOS 10.13.3
Win 10 Pro

Fogra47 Icc Profile Download Mac

The download archive ECI Offset Profiles – Supplement 2012-1 – Improved News Print contains the ICC profile for heat-set web offset printing on Improved News Print paper. The download archive ECI Offset Profiles – Supplement 2012-2 – Surface Finishing contains ICC profiles for surface finished offset prints.

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Fogra47 icc profile download mac os
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