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Sep 9, 2012 at 02:48 PM. To remove password. First close Folder lock and show hidden file and System hidden file. Select the Tools menu and click Folder Options. Select the View Tab. Under the Hidden files and folders heading select Show hidden files and folders. Uncheck the Hide protected operating system files (recommended) option. The serial number for Folder is available. This release was created for you, eager to use Folder Lock 7.1.1 Final full and without limitations. Our intentions are not to harm Folder software company but to give the possibility to those who can not pay for any piece of software out there. This should be your intention too, as a user, to fully evaluate Folder Lock 7.1.1 Final without restrictions and then decide.

We lock some important files & folder with folder-protecting software, such as Folder Lock. Because we don’t want that anyone sees our personal, sensitive information. Folder Lock hides our private files/folder & protect our privacy and only we can open the secure folder by unlocking password. In the previous version of Folder Guard, we can easily unlock all files & folder in Windows Safe Mode when we have forgotten the password. Now Folder Guard has the more advanced security feature. So this has become a good folder encryption software but what will we do, if forgotten the password. There are lots of tricks available on the internet but they are not working with latest Folder lock. So how to unlock file/folder from Folder Lock software, if we have forgotten the Folder Lock password.

Unlock File/ folder from Folder Lock without password?

Here I’m sharing a simple process with which you can easily stop Folder Guard folder protection & can get your files back. But for this, you’ll need to restart PC into Safe Mode.

Start Windows in Safe Boot Mode.

  • Press Windows + R key together. (Or you can type RUN in Start menu search box)
  • Run Dialog box will appear.
  • Type MSCONFIG in RUN dialog box.
  • System Configuration dialog box will appear. Click on Boot tab.
  • Tick the Safe Boot check box with minimal radio button.
  • Click on OK.
  • Now another dialog box will appear and ask you to restart Windows in safe mode.
  • Click on Restart button to restart Windows in Safe mode.

Having any Problem to starting windows in safe mode, read this post with pictures detail:

After the restart in safe mode run original setup installation of Folder-Lock software. If you don’t have the Installation software of Folder-Lock, then download it from here: Click here to download Folder-Lock.

After installation of Folder Guard, Don’t click on Finish button. Otherwise, it asks to restart the windows, if you did it then Folder Lock will lock the folder/file again. So don’t do anything and leave the box to remain as it is.

Now go the file/folder location, where your folder is locked. You will see your locked folder but when you want to open the Folder/File, It will not open because folder/file access permission is denied. Now you’ll need to remove file/folder access permission.

How to remove Folder Access Permission?

Right-click on the file/folder & choose Properties option from the context menu. After this follow these point:

  1. In the File/Folder Properties dialog box click on Security tab.
  2. In Security click on Edit button.
  3. Now you will see Group or user names box. The usernames are SYSTEM, Your Name, Administrator etc.
  4. Select the first name and you will see Deny checkbox list (Full control, Modify, Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read, Write etc.) in Permission for “username”. Now untick all Deny check box. And do the same process for all other usernames.
  5. Click on OK.

Sometimes windows ask you to verify then click on Yes to change the folder permission.

That’s it! You have successfully stopped folder password protection and now open the password protect folder & cut/copy the content & paste it to another place or folder.

This is working for me. Please let me know, Whether it is working for you.

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Folder Lock Serial Key

A neat free utility that helps you to unlock files and folders. It allows you to take a control on resources locked by a system, applications and services. For a locked resource the application detects a list of locking processes and allows to unlock the resource by closing file and library handles or terminating locking processes. The application offers Windows Explorer integration that makes possible folders and files unlocking by just a single click in the context menu.

Latest release: Version 5.0.2

What is EMCO UnLock IT?

Are you struggling with the Windows message that access to resource is denied, or it's in use by another program when you try to modify, rename, move or delete a file or folder? In most cases this message means that a file or folder is locked, but it's not really clear what to do without an assistance. EMCO UnLock IT can provide you with such assistance and help you to unlock file or folder.

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EMCO UnLock IT detects different types of locks that block resources management. If a resource is blocked by running processes and services, the program detects open file and library handles that block the resource and the processes that hold the locks. The resource can be unlocked by closing the handles and terminating the processes that hold locks if handles closing doesn't help to unlock the resource.

Folder Lock 7 Serial Key Only

The same unlocking procedure is used to delete a locked file or folder. The program tried to unlock it first and schedule to delete on the next boot if the resource cannot be unlocked. If the problem is caused by insufficient permissions, the program grants the required permissions.

Key Features of EMCO UnLock IT

EMCO UnLock IT can detect locks and unlock files and folders on Windows x86 and x64 platforms. It is able to discover a different types of locks and use different approaches to release locks effectively and not affecting the working system.

Force Closing File Handles

The application allows to unlock a file by closing file handles to this file. This unlocking approach can be used to release a lock for files that are opened for modification. This approach is safe to use in most cases, because it doesn't require termination of a process that hold a lock.

Termination of Locking Processes

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If a file can't be unlocked by closing file and library handles, the application allows to unlock it by terminating processes that hold locks. Even processes that are protected from termination can be terminated successfully, so approach can be used when you need to remove resources locked by viruses.

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Deleting on the Next Boot

If you need to delete a file or folder, the program tries to unlock by closing the opened handles and terminating the locking processes. The unlocked resource is deleted. If unlock doesn't work, deletion is scheduled for the next boot of the PC. On boot deletion allows to safely delete the locked resources.

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Integration with Windows Explorer

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To check a resource for locks and unlock it you have to enter path to the resource in the application. In order to reduce actions required to check and unlock file or folder, you can integrate the application with the Windows Explorer and access its actions from the context menu.