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Forza Motorsport 4. Forza 4 was released in 2011 and provided a strong rival to the genre-leading Gran Turismo series. Program available in: English. Program license: Paid. Program by: Microsoft Corporation. Works under: Windows 8.1. Forza Motorsport finally breaks into the racing simulation game in a big way. Everything you would expect and more is available and although I admit it's not as polished as Gran Turismo 4, it's without a doubt the best game in its genre to appear on the Xbox.

As far as realistic racing games goes, the PS2 has Gran Turismo and the Xbox has ' . Up until now there really hasn't been anything on the Xbox the caliber of the Gran Turismo series but now that's all changed. Forza Motorsport finally breaks into the racing simulation game in a big way. Everything you would expect and more is available and although I admit it's not as polished as Gran Turismo 4, it's without a doubt the best game in its genre to appear on the Xbox.

So what makes Forza Motorsport a must have instead of a weekend rental? Well to start, it comes off with plenty of options that keep it interesting. There are five different modes including career, the Live on-line feature is strongly represented, heck you can even train an AI to run races for you. What really stands out however is the career mode which is loaded with possibilities. In addition to RPG elements like leveling up, there are plenty of cars and tracks to conquer and an inordinate amount of upgrading to be done both cosmetic and functional.

Without a solid control system however even the best looking racing game would get old quickly and Forza Motorsport steers well clear of this problem. The physics engine gives a realistic feel of the road and does a fantastic job of capturing a sense of speed. Actually driving is smooth as well with no problems related to oversteering or loose controls.

Without picking at small details, the graphics give a strong performance as well, again Gran Turismo 4 probably would win head-to-head, but Forza Motorsport without a doubt will meet most expectations easily. All the cars look impressive and the tracks are detailed and impressive.

Forza Motorsport definitely makes its mark on the Xbox and finally gives a strong challenge to the Gran Turismo series. Where it goes from here isn't known, but I'll bet we'll see Forza Motorsport 2 next year.

Overall rating: 8

As much as I loved Forza 3 I must admit that Forza Motorsport 4 takes what that game did and makes it even better! When you consider just how amazing the third game in the series is, the fact I like this one better tells you right off the bat that this is a fantastic racing sim. This would also be the last game in the Forza Motorsport series to be released on the Xbox 360 before the series would make the jump to Xbox One.

Slick As Oil!

Amazing presentation is something that the Forza series is known for and this game here is a notable improvement from the third game. It is hard to explain, but everything has more details here. This is most evident in the new Autovista mode which lets you get in real close and examine things like the engine and the brake pads.

The game also has a tie into the TV show Top Gear where the presenters will give you information about certain aspects of the car. The tracks are also more detailed this time around which I know is hard to believe, but again there are just many more little details this time around.

Hit The Road

The core gameplay is better in Forza Motorsport 4 than it is the third, but not by a ton. The third game laid such a strong foundation that all this one had to do was tighten it up just a tad and that is exactly what it has done. It still is the best driving sim around and this is a racing game that requires some real skill. The AI has been fine-tuned and will give you a real challenge, but the AI feels far more like you are playing against a real person.


I like how the game once again lets you tinker with various options to tone down the realism. This once again makes Forza Motorsport 4 a game that can be played by pretty much anyone. Those who want a super in-depth sim kind of game can have that and those who just want to race a whole bunch of really cool looking cars can do that also.

Race To The Top

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The career mode which I loved in Forza 3 returns and it is more of the same. I really, really like this mode and in all honesty, I do not think a great deal was needed to be changed here. You still get a nice selection of new cars to race as you progress and the career mode, in general, is something that I found very, very addictive. Just 30 minutes more was what I kept telling myself and I would still be playing two hours later!

I would say that Forza Motorsport 4 is not just one of the best racing games on the Xbox 360, but it is one of the best games in general. This is just an absolute blast to play and the presentation is so strong that I feel it holds up to this day and looks like a very early Xbox One game. You really need to have this one here in your collection!

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Final Score: 9.5/10


  • The game looks amazing
  • I love the new Autovista mode
  • New tweaks to gameplay make the game even better than the 3rd
  • Career mode is as addictive as ever
  • Tons of cars to use


  • If you do not like Top Gear the presenters can get on your nerves
  • Is it as good as the ones on the Xbox One?
Overall rating: 9.5