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MyMobiler is one of the best Android PC management applications by utilizing which Android users can easily control their entire device by using Wi-Fi or USB cable connection. MyMobiler allows the users to experience remote monitoring and use of the mobile device as well as perform several functions from capturing screen to recording video.

MyMobiler for Android on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs. This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from mobile phone tools without restrictions. MyMobiler for Android is available to all software users as a free download for Windows. We have tested MyMobiler for. MyMobiler for Android, free download. My Mobiler allows you to view your mobile screen on your desktop, giving you the power to control your mobile by using desktop keyboard and mouse. You can copy and paste text between your mobile and desktop, as well as taking snapshots of your mobile screen on yur PC. at Press About Us. How to remotely control your Windows Mobile Phone DetectorPRO.A Remote Control for Windows Mobile The Mobile Spoon - Smartphones, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone.DeBLor Freeware Pocket PC: My Mobiler v1.25. Download MyMobiler for Windows Mobile for Windows to control your Windows Mobile device from PC desktop through USB connection or WiFi. 3 months free with 1-year plan.

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If you use a USB connection, you need to install a USB driver if you don’t want to install a USB driver, you can use a Wi-Fi connection instead of a USB connection. MyMobiler isn’t for just showing Android users how their Android phone looks at the desktop. It’s, in fact, create them able to manage their Android devices from the PC and be able to transfer files between devices. They can easily manage their entire device directly from the PC.


#1 MyPhoneExplorer


MyPhoneExplorer is a method to explore your Android OS mobile from PC. MyPhoneExplorer is the best Android mobile administration app for the desktop PC that allows the Android OS people to synchronize just their contacts with Microsoft Outlook, calendars, notes, and a lot more. The options of MyPhoneExplorer aren’t limited to synchronization with the Microsoft Outlook only. One other available feature in MyPhoneExplorer is controlling Text message, creating the backup of mobile in PC, sending and also receiving SMS, creating cars, syncing data files, pictures, and much more.

MyPhoneExplorer has also made the producing backup and, after that restoring anytime quick and straightforward. It allows the users to manage their complete Android mobile phone using their PC and also experience the features of Android on the big screen. To enjoy all of these functions, simply install the MyPhoneExplorer and create a link between Computer and mobile either by using Wi-Fi as well as a USB cable. Managing each and everything from calling to SMS and also playing to transfer is remarkably straightforward and easy. It is similar to your Android device but on the big screen of PC.

#2 AirDroid


AirDroid is a useful app that will enable you to manage your Android device from the PC of any computer’s internet browser. Using this method, you can handle all of your Android device’s content from a more at ease user interface along with the reliable help of the mouse. You can also add and remove components from the device, uninstall applications, and also perform lots of different actions.

The application’s handy tool, however, will be the one that enables you to exchange elements such as photos, songs, and also videos from the phone to the computer and also vice-versa, in the speediest and many comfortable ways. Another fascinating advantage is that you can write messages from the web browser’s interface and also instantly send them to the Android device, using the distinct comfort that this requires.

The most significant thing is that the user interface, being executed straight from the web browser, performs correctly from any operating system, the kind of Google Chrome, Mozilla as well as Safari. This means that regardless of the computer you’ve, you may still enjoy the application. AirDroid is a highly valuable tool for any Android OS user that can depend on his device a lot, as this can make many tasks all that simpler.

#3 MobileGo


MobileGo is a straightforward app for Android devices that allows you to synchronize your computer to your mobile phone, enabling you to make backup copies of your contacts, multi-media documents, ringtones, messages, settings, and also the apps themselves. All you need to do to use it is to set up the computer app on your desktop, then connect the cell phone to your computer and begin using the app from your Android device or perhaps the computer itself.

MobileGo is a handy tool for users who’re worried about losing their cell phone’s content that nowadays is necessary for work and also life itself. Once this application is installed, all you will need to do is connect your phone to your computer for a few seconds each day, and you will have everything backed up. MobileGo is a single stop solution for handling the whole mobile life from the PC. The multiple documents handling system of MobileGo allows the mobile users to manage all their digital media files from PC directly.

#4 Apowersoft Phone Manager


Apowersoft Phone Manager is a multipurpose and efficient PC program allowing the Android as well as iOS end-users to manage and control all of their mobile phone features and functions from the screen of their PC. Apowersoft Phone Manager is considered one of the better mobile management systems due to having the functional nature of tasks and processes that give the smartphone users a complete command and also control over their cell phones.

Controlling, transferring, watching, backing up, and also restoring are the regular and straightforward functions for the Apowersoft Phone Manager. What this can perform much better than others consists of showing phone screens on PC in several modes, back-up of entire data, managing every corner of the mobile phone, controlling whole digital media library, confirmed protection & privacy, just as efficient performance for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

One of the better functions that’s for both Android and iOS users is that there’s no limitation for any model. The features and duties of Apowersoft Phone Manager are accessible for every iOS device and also every smartphone that uses the Android operating system other than it’s mobile or tablet.

#5 Bomgar


Bomgar is the best Android remote control and also screen sharing an app that allows the Android tablets and phone users to manage their Android devices from Microsoft Windows, Mac, and even Linux OS. They can perform different functions for their Android devices, starting from their desktop PC. They can share the screen, exchange files, and perform chatting, set-up, and uninstall apps and lots of other functions that they deliver on their own devices without a remote control system.

By using the remote control and also screen sharing the feature of the Bomgar, Android mobile phone users can fix the difficulties of their devices by performing troubleshooting and getting remote assistance. Bomgar is not only for screen sharing; it’s also useful for moving files, chatting, delivering and receiving Text messages, generating calls, and almost all those functions performed in a reasonable way around the Bomgar.

In a few words, the characteristics of Bomgar are the remote control system, display sharing, chat support, application install and uninstall system, file transfer, multiple session, support for almost all operating systems, safe & private way to interaction, collaboration and a lot more.

#6 Mobisynapse


Mobisynapse is an Android desktop managing app enabling the users to manage as well as control their Android devices from the PC with Wi-Fi or even a USB cable. Two connectivity options of Mobisynapse allow the users to go for anyone. If they have no web connection or Wi-Fi connection, you cannot connect your smartphone to the PC. Mobisynapse provides Android OS to Outlook sync; you can sync contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and also reminder between your Android device and PC.

Mobisynapse is helpful for its users to backup and restores apps, contacts, and SMS. Mobisynapse is easy to manage the apps from the PC (Install or Uninstall apps) and backup apps. The user can easily sync the photos between the Android phone and PC, Sync the videos between Android and PC as well as Music is also sync between Android and PC. One of the best features of Mobisynapse is file manager you just need to drag and drop to move files between Android phone and PC.

#7 Mobizen


Mobizen is a mobile phone management application that increases the user’s mobile expertise from the browser and also a desktop computer. It is a real Android management application for controlling and also managing the Android device from desktop or web browser. If you wish to understand your Android device from a higher screen, then this is the Mobizen, which will make it simple to share your video clips and photos to the PC and enjoy these all on the big screens of your PC.

Mobizen has made it simple for Android users to handle all of their data from the PC, either it’s about videos, music, pictures, or apps. Using the physical keyboard and mouse of the PC, they can easily control every inch of the Android right from the desktop or web browser. Mobizen is a great Android mobile mirroring application using that you can exchange files between PC and also Android.

Mobizen even enables the Android phone users to help make the backup of their devices by merely saving all of the digital media files, apps and documents on their PC and after that restore anytime

#8 SideSync

Mymobiler for android

SideSync is a new PC mobile solution that ensures it is simple for the Android OS Tablet and Phone users to share the screen of their devices to the PC to manage them from the PC. By using SideSync, Android users can just share their data between a mobile device and also PC. Everything which they perform through a tap on the Android device will be carried out from the PC with the help of a keyboard and mouse.

They can experience the functions and features of their devices on a bigger screen. You can quickly perform the highlights after the connection between PC and mobile devices are; notifications of PC, contact & SMS from PC, sharing files between mobile phone and PC, watching photos on PC, sharing, and also viewing of digital media records and a lot more. In short, everything that they do on the mobile device will now be performed from the PC simply because of needing a connection through SideSync.

#9 Pushbullet


Pushbullet is an application that connects multiple devices. It links the smartphone with a smartphone or smartphone with Computer. After using the Pushbullet and also connecting the devices, users will feel the expertise in having one device only. After linking the Android and iOS devices with PC, users are then permitted to perform all of the functions from the PC that they show while using their smartphones.

The availability of a keyboard and mouse for the smartphone makes the use of smartphones easy. That’s why users can make calls, deliver SMS, and can receive the same as well. Furthermore, there’s also a mobile phone notification system in case of lost a call or text messages received but not yet read. Some other functions which can be performed between PC and also mobile phones consist of two-way moving of files of all sorts and all sizes, sharing of links, communicating with friends and a lot more.

#10 RemoDroid


RemoDroid is one of a kind display sharing and files sharing application for the Android. It allows users to manage an Android mobile phone from other Android phones or just control Android from Mac or PC operating systems. Using the RemoDroid, Android users can easily monitor their Android devices from their Mac or Pc and can manage their whole Android device very quickly. The application was initially developed using the reason for controlling Android TV, but now it functions for the objective of connecting Android with PCs as well.

After using the RemoDroid, the Android users can easily stream their Android mobile from the PC, and now the complete Android mobile will be under the control of PC from where they can use the device from PC as they are utilizing it regularly. The availability of a keyboard and mouse enables the users to get even more control over their phones. The essential characteristics of RemoDroid are screen sharing, remote monitoring system, link management, and multiple user support.

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#11 Raccoon Browser


Raccoon Browser is easy to use, smart, secure, and convenient browser with an in-built add blocker with plenty of magnificent functionalities. Raccoon is a multifunctional tool that helps you control and manage plenty of functions and settings right over your cell phones and tablets. The app enables you to open links in the background in any app and opens the browser with just a click of the button. You can precisely control stuff one-handedly and configure permissions for sites intuitively.

It contains the functionalities of bookmarks, PassStorage, PIN code functionality, shortcuts for Android Nougat, full-screen function availability, and various others. You can save links with a login and a passcode of your choice and keep them protected from other folks. Raccoon Browser app lets you swipe left on the toolbar for bookmarks, swipe up for closing the program, and swipe right to the toolbar for ReadLater.

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#12 AirMore


AirMore is a cross-platform mobile managing and data moving app by which the Android OS and iOS users can quickly obtain their mobile devices from the web on Personal Computer. AirMore is a multiplatform application that’s available for iOS and Android devices. By using AirMore and linking their smartphone with the PC, the users can simply handle and also transfer files in 2 techniques very quickly and directly.

It is just like your personal smartphone management application on the internet that will allow you to do anything you want to do with your smartphone directly from the website of PC. There’s an advanced media management system for controlling music, videos, photos, apps, documents, and also lots of other stuff in a fast and too transparent way. Importing, exporting and deleting of all these