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Synapse X is the leading exploit script executor tool for Roblox. Our software can bypass any anti-cheat and inject scripts at a 3x faster rate than the industry standard.

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You can feel safe using Synapse X with Roblox. Our hack is undetected, which means you can’t get banned. Use as many scripts as you want!


We’ve come a long way with our exploit tool. You can now use Synapse X with any game platform, including PS4, PC, Mobile and Xbox.

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What’s Synapse X And How Does It Work?

Synapse X is a software that you use to inject scripts into Roblox. In order to use scripts in Roblox, you need to inject them into the game. This is what Synapse X does so well.

Simply download our tool, and start injecting scripts into Roblox!

There’s no risk of getting banned in-game, since Synapse X is completely undetected.

How to Download & Install Synapse X

Both downloading and installing Synapse X for Roblox is extremely easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • Download Synapse X via the button
  • Unzip the file
  • Install the file and follow the steps
  • You’re done!

To use Synapse X, all you need to do is run the tool and start Roblox.

At Synapse X, we not only pride ourselves in creating the best and most reliable scripting engine, but we also aim to make it accessible. Unlike other engines that are difficult to find, ours is quite different. We always publish our scripting engine onto our website, where you can find it easily.

The impressive user interface on the site makes navigation easier and faster. You will thus find the tool after a few clicks. Another great aspect is that the tool is free.

You won’t have to pay anything to download or use it for as long as you do. This makes it accessible to more people and makes it the perfect scripting engine to have. When navigating through our website, you will notice that we have several tool versions with different release dates.

Some users tend to be more conversant with one version of the tool than others which might have been released later or more recently. By publishing all these versions, you can choose the one you are most conversant with and deliver the best performance for you. We also have some release notes to make it all easier.

Compatible with all devices

Our scripting engine is compatible with all devices. It will work well on Windows, macOS, Linux, and many more. This makes it more accessible, and our users don’t have to switch between systems to get the reliable services of our tool.

Once you have downloaded the scripting engine onto your device, the process to follow becomes easier and clearer to follow. You can open and run the tool on your device, and as soon as it begins, our “Wizard” takes over. We have a manual that will guide you through the entire process. It uses simple language that is understandable even by a beginner. If you encounter any challenges in the installation and setup process, you can get in touch with our team, and they will assist you immediately.

Fast Download

Since our scripting engine is light, it won’t take a lot of time to download. It also won’t use up too much space from your device. You are thus assured of everything else continuing to run smoothly and conveniently. This is particularly important as you can carry on with other activities on your device while the tool is running without experiencing any delays or crashes.

Detailed Installation Guide

Here is a simple installation guide that will help beginners get the hang of the scripting engine easily;

1. Get the tool from our website.

Many sites claim to offer Synapse X scripting tools. It is advisable to avoid these as they might be corrupted or incomplete. You thus won’t get all the benefits we offer, or your device might get damaged from these malicious downloads. By choosing the options available on our site, you are sure to get the right one.

2. Turn on your VPN (optional)

Your internet provider is always on the lookout for downloads that might compromise the integrity of your device. They will often block them from downloading or even prevent you from seeing them. To prevent this from happening, you should get a VPN to make your browsing invisible from your internet provider. You can thus download the tool easily and conveniently.

3. Use a reliable browser

Your browser, too, might spring out warning signs that will interfere with your download. Since our scripting engine is safe and tested, you don’t have to worry about this. It is always good to be safe. You can go to the browser settings and allow the tool to be downloaded into your device. This will take only a short time since it is compact.

4. Install Synapse X

Once it is downloaded, the installation process comes next. Synapse X will encounter some challenges navigating through the different antivirus you might have. They will often alert you of potential malware or will block the installation altogether.

One way around this is by enabling the Synapse X files to run uninterrupted by permitting them. This will let it bypass the antivirus challenge, and it will get installed into your device. As you already know, our tool is safe and will not result in any challenges to your device. You can thus grant these permissions without any worry.

5. Start Scripting

5. Once the installation is done, you are ready to begin using the scripting engine. If you are a beginner, it has a tutorial that will take you through its various functions, their benefits, and how to use them. It is the perfect learning medium for beginners as it will give you a practical learning opportunity.

The entire process is fast, simple, and you will be done with it in a short while. You can always contact our team for further assistance at any point in the process.

Next-Generation Script Executor

A script executor is a medium that allows you to implement scripts in a different scripting language. There is a common misconception that a scripting language is similar to a programming language. Although the line between them is quite thin, they are different. It is vital to remember this to get the best from every scripting quest you undertake.

One of their major differences is that a scripting language is built on a platform that allows a code to be written with automation. On the other hand, programming languages rely mostly on traditional code writing, where a programmer writes them by hand before they are executed.

At Synapse X, this is the service we offer. We allow our users to make and implement scrips for various programs through our impressive Synapse Lua (Slua) engine. We will guide you through everything you need to know about a scripting engine, how to use it and why Synapse X is the best and most reliable engine you could use.

To efficiently implement our scripting engine, you must first understand what a scripting language, how to use it, and how it all comes together. A scripting language will differ based on the scripting language it supports. They tend to run on smaller programs and, at times, will sidestep a compiler.

They give programmers access to the executable code or the source code, and in the compiled language, it might become inaccessible. Our scripting engine, Slua, is compatible with many existing software architectures, making it very reliable. You thus won’t have to go through many steps to get proper results and one that will be executed easily.

Injection for Roblox

Our scripting engine is mainly used for Roblox game. This is an online game creation platform that Roblox Corporation developed in 2006. On the platform, you can develop games or play games developed by other programmers. This gives you a new gaming perspective every time you run the platforms.

You get to play a wide range of games, all of which are different. It also allows you to explore the creativity of other players and let them see your own too. With the help of our Synapse Lua scripting engine, you can easily and conveniently create and run scripts.


Synapse X offers some of the best and most reliable features that any programmer creating scripts for Roblox would need.

One of the greatest features that sets us apart from many other scripting engines is speed. It is very responsive, and you won’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for results. This also ensures you can create the perfect scripts for Roblox.

Our scripting engine is also very stable. You won’t experience any crashes while using the bot, as experienced with some scripting engines. This allows all your scripts to run efficiently and reliably. You are thus assured of the best experience with this engine.

Another key feature of our Synapse Lua engine is its compatibility with scripts. It will run all scripts, even those created from different scripting engines such as Java, efficiently. This makes it very convenient and reliable since different users prefer scripting on different engines. Having an engine that can easily run all these scripts is very impressive and reliable.

Run code snippet or code file for multiple languages: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Perl, Perl 6, Ruby, Go, Lua, Groovy, PowerShell, BAT/CMD, BASH/SH, F# Script, F# (.NET Core), C# Script, C# (.NET Core), VBScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Scala, Swift, Julia, Crystal, OCaml Script, R, AppleScript, Elixir, Visual Basic .NET, Clojure, Haxe, Objective-C, Rust, Racket, Scheme, AutoHotkey, AutoIt, Kotlin, Dart, Free Pascal, Haskell, Nim, D, Lisp, Kit, V, SCSS, Sass, CUDA, Less, Fortran, and custom command


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  • Run code file of current active Text Editor
  • Run code file through context menu of file explorer
  • Run selected code snippet in Text Editor
  • Run code per Shebang
  • Run code per filename glob
  • Run custom command
  • Stop code running
  • View output in Output Window
  • Set default language to run
  • Select language to run
  • Support REPL by running code in Integrated Terminal


  • To run code:
    • use shortcut Ctrl+Alt+N
    • or press F1 and then select/type Run Code,
    • or right click the Text Editor and then click Run Code in editor context menu
    • or click Run Code button in editor title menu
    • or click Run Code button in context menu of file explorer
  • To stop the running code:
    • use shortcut Ctrl+Alt+M
    • or press F1 and then select/type Stop Code Run
    • or click Stop Code Run button in editor title menu
    • or right click the Output Channel and then click Stop Code Run in context menu
  • To select language to run, use shortcut Ctrl+Alt+J, or press F1 and then select/type Run By Language, then type or select the language to run: e.g php, javascript, bat, shellscript...
  • To run custom command, then use shortcut Ctrl+Alt+K, or press F1 and then select/type Run Custom Command


Make sure the executor PATH of each language is set in the environment variable.You could also add entry into code-runner.executorMap to set the executor PATH.e.g. To set the executor PATH for ruby, php and html:

Supported customized parameters

  • $workspaceRoot: The path of the folder opened in VS Code
  • $dir: The directory of the code file being run
  • $dirWithoutTrailingSlash: The directory of the code file being run without a trailing slash
  • $fullFileName: The full name of the code file being run
  • $fileName: The base name of the code file being run, that is the file without the directory
  • $fileNameWithoutExt: The base name of the code file being run without its extension
  • $driveLetter: The drive letter of the code file being run (Windows only)
  • $pythonPath: The path of Python interpreter (set by Python: Select Interpreter command)

Please take care of the back slash and the space in file path of the executor

  • Back slash: please use
  • If there ares spaces in file path, please use ' to surround your file path

You could set the executor per filename glob:

Besides, you could set the default language to run:

For the default language: It should be set with language id defined in VS Code. The languages you could set are java, c, cpp, javascript, php, python, perl, ruby, go, lua, groovy, powershell, bat, shellscript, fsharp, csharp, vbscript, typescript, coffeescript, swift, r, clojure, haxe, objective-c, rust, racket, ahk, autoit, kotlin, dart, pascal, haskell, nim, d, lisp

Also, you could set the executor per file extension:

To set the custom command to run:

To set the the working directory:

To set whether to clear previous output before each run (default is false):

To set whether to save all files before running (default is false):

To set whether to save the current file before running (default is false):

To set whether to show extra execution message like [Running] ... and [Done] ... (default is true):

[REPL support] To set whether to run code in Integrated Terminal (only support to run whole file in Integrated Terminal, neither untitled file nor code snippet) (default is false):

To set whether to preserve focus on code editor after code run is triggered (default is true, the code editor will keep focus; when it is false, Terminal or Output Channel will take focus):

code-runner.ignoreSelection: Whether to ignore selection to always run entire file. (Default is false)

code-runner.showRunIconInEditorTitleMenu: Whether to show 'Run Code' icon in editor title menu. (Default is true)

code-runner.showRunCommandInEditorContextMenu: Whether to show 'Run Code' command in editor context menu. (Default is true)

code-runner.showRunCommandInExplorerContextMenu: Whether to show 'Run Code' command in explorer context menu. (Default is true)

G code executor free download no virus

code-runner.showStopIconInEditorTitleMenu: Whether to show 'Stop Code Run' icon in editor title menu when code is running. (Default is true)

code-runner.terminalRoot: For Windows system, replaces the Windows style drive letter in the command with a Unix style root when using a custom shell as the terminal, like Bash or Cgywin. Example: Setting this to /mnt/ will replace C:path with /mnt/c/path (Default is ')

code-runner.temporaryFileName: Temporary file name used in running selected code snippet. When it is set as empty, the file name will be random. (Default is 'tempCodeRunnerFile')

code-runner.respectShebang: Whether to respect Shebang to run code. (Default is true)

About CWD Setting (current working directory)

  1. By default, use the code-runner.cwd setting
  2. If code-runner.cwd is not set and code-runner.fileDirectoryAsCwd is true, use the directory of the file to be executed
  3. If code-runner.cwd is not set and code-runner.fileDirectoryAsCwd is false, use the path of root folder that is open in VS Code
  4. If no folder is open, use the os temp folder


  • For Objective-C, it is only supported on macOS
  • To run C# script, you need to install scriptcs
  • To run TypeScript, you need to install ts-node
  • To run Clojure, you need to install Leiningen and lein-exec

Telemetry data

By default, telemetry data collection is turned on to understand user behavior to improve this extension. To disable it, update the settings.json as below:

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