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Informationen zum Download. Download starten Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Patch 1.31) Datum:. Anzahl Downloads: 2 (letzte Woche) Anzahl Downloads: 15225 (gesamt). File information: Name: Size: Date: Desc: 29.35 MB 2008-08-14 Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock patch 1.3 to 1.31 This file has been downloaded 79317 times since 2008-08-14. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - v1.31 Patch. Category Rhythm & Dance. Program by Activision. FilePlanet Review. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - v1.31 Patch. This is the version 1.31 patch for the PC version of Guitar Hero 3. For a list of bug fixes read the more info below.

About This File

Official PC patch for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

About v1.31:

'This optional patch fixes an 'Emulator Detected' error that appears on some machines AFTER APPLYING THE 1.3 PATCH. This patch does not affect gameplay in any way and only resolves this emulation issue.

This patch is to be installed only after applying the 1.3 patch. The in-game version number will not change once the 1.31 patch is installed.

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This patch is for PC only. The Mac 1.3 version is unaffected by the Emulation problem.

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This will only resolve Emulator Detected errors that occur after the application of the v1.3 patch. If you have had these errors before applying the 1.3 patch, this patch will not fix the problem.'




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What's New in Version v1.3See changelog


  • New 'Front Row Cam' option allows better performance on low end configurations, with smoother gameplay.
  • Laptop specific optimizations for better performance.
  • Intel X3100 graphics chips are now supported.
  • A battery meter icon will display remaining battery charge on supported laptops.
  • A Wifi meter will display signal strength during multiplayer games on supported laptops.