Hack Client For Mac Xray And Reach

The Aristois hacked client is the first client released for Minecraft 1.12 as well as the first one confirmed to be working with the current version of Realms. It contains over a hundred unique features, including in-game client commands and IRC chat functionality. The download also includes an automated installation script with instructions on how to use the client.

  1. Hack Client For Mac Xray And Reach Free
  2. Hack Client For Mac Xray And Reaching
  3. Hack Client For Mac Xray And Reached
Hack client for mac xray and reached

This XRay Mod has many good features. We list the best of them here to give you a better overview. XRay: Press the X key to get a full X-ray vision in Minecraft. Almost every useless block is made invisible, which makes it very easy to discover ores. The whole thing can also be called ore finder. Sigma is an actively developped client which gets regular updates to bypass the latest anticheats. Play on any version. Thanks to Jello Portal, connect to any minecraft server from 1.8 to 1.16 without even relaunching. Breakthrough user interfaces. Best Minecraft Hack Clients! Get the Best Hack Clients For 2018! Free Minecraft Clients Hypixel, Mineplex, Cubecraft, And more.


  1. Download and extract the files.
  2. Once the files are extracted, run the installation script in order to be guided through the installation process.
  3. Alternatively, navigate to Minecraft Launcher > “Edit Profile” > “Open Game Dir” > versions, or:
    • Windows location – %appdata%.minecraftversions
    • Mac location – ~Library/ApplicationSupport/minecraft/versions
    • Linux – Home.minecraftversions
  4. Click “Open Game Dir” (at the bottom) and from there go to versions.
  5. Create an “Aristois” folder and copy the .jar and .json file into this folder.
  6. Now, in the “versionsAristois” folder, there should be both Aristois.jar and Aristois.json.
  7. Re-open the Minecraft Launcher and edit your profile to use version “Release Aristois”.

Hack Client For Mac Xray And Reach Free


  • Right Shift – GUI (left-clicking on mods toggles them)
  • Type “.help” in chat – List of commands (the server cannot see these)
  • Type “.setbind” in chat – bind mods to keys (or middle-click on a mod in the GUI)
  • To send chat to Aristois’s built-in IRC instead of the server, start your message with the pound key (#).
Hack Client For Mac Xray And Reach


  • Problem: Exception in thread “main” java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: net/minecraft/client/main/Main : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0 (or a number below 52.0)
    • Solution: You need J2SE 8 to run this client – J2SE 8 (Java SE Developer Kit 8u74)

Hack Client For Mac Xray And Reaching

Feature list (with descriptions)

Hack Client For Mac Xray And Reached

  • Active-Mods – Displays your active mods on screen
  • Annoy – Repeats messages sent by a player
  • Anti-AFK – Walks around randomly to prevent you from being kicked
  • Anti-Blind – Removes effects such as nausea
  • Anti-Fire – Prevent damage from fire. requires full hunger bar.
  • Anti-Knockback – Prevents knockback from other players and explosions
  • Anti-Slipperiness – Removes slipperiness effect from blocks like ice
  • Anti-Slowdown – Prevents slowdown on soul-sand, webs and eating/using a bow
  • Armor-Hud – Draws your current armor above your hotbar
  • Auto-Armor – Automatically puts on the best armor
  • Auto-Disconnect – Automatically leaves a server when your health is low
  • Auto-Eat – Automatically eats when you’re hungry
  • Auto-Eject – Automatically throws out blocks you don’t want
  • Auto-Fish – Automatically fishes
  • Auto-Mine – Automatically mine the block you are looking at
  • Auto-Parkour – Automatically jump at the edge of blocks
  • Auto-Reconnect – Automatically reconnects you to a server if you are disconnected
  • Auto-Respawn – Automatically respawn after dying
  • Auto-Sign – Automatically puts text on a sign you place
  • Auto-Sneak – Always sneak
  • Auto-Soup – Automatically eats soup
  • Auto-Splashpot – Automatically uses splash potions under you
  • Auto-Sprint – Always sprint
  • Auto-Steal – Automatically steals all content in chests
  • Auto-Tool – Automatically picks the best tool when you break a block and weapon when you hit an entity
  • Auto-Totem – Automatically use a totem of undying when falling/dying in pvp
  • Auto-Walk – Walks for you automatically
  • Automatic-Bow – Hold your right mouse button to automatically fire arrows with a bow
  • Better-Nametags – Better nametags for players
  • BHop – Makes you jump with an increased speed while walking
  • Blink – Allows you to “teleport” up to 10 blocks
  • Block-ESP – Draws an outline around selected blocks
  • Boat-Fly – Allows you to fly in boats
  • Bow-Aimbot – Automatically aims your bow at nearby entites
  • Breadcrumbs – Leaves a trail after you when you walk
  • Bunny-Jump – Allows you to jump higher
  • Chat-Mute – Mutes the ingame Minecraft chat
  • Chat-Spammer – Spams a message of your choice
  • Chatcolor – Allows you to use color codes like &c in chat [Client only]
  • Chest-ESP – Draws a outline of all chests near you
  • Chest-Tracer – Draws a line to chests near you
  • Criticals – Criticals on every hit
  • Derp – Makes you derp around
  • Dinnerbone – Turns you upsidedown, client side only
  • Extra-Elytra – Fly for a unlimited time with a elytra
  • Fancy-Chat – Makes your chat messages fancy, can bypass chat filters
  • Fast-Break – Allows you to break blocks faster
  • Fast-Ladders – Allows you to climb ladders faster
  • Fast-Place – Removes the delay when placing blocks
  • Flight – Allows you to fly on servers without anticheats
  • Freecam – Allows you to move around freely
  • Fullbright – Makes the world brighter
  • Ghost-Hand – Allows you to reach blocks behind walls
  • Glide – Makes you glide instead of falling
  • Goto – Walks automatically to selected coordinates
  • Hacker-Detector – Detects hackers near you
  • Horse-Fly – Allows you to fly with horses
  • Hud – The onscreen hud showing info
  • Infinity-Chat-Length – Allows you to send longer chat messages
  • Inventory-Walk – Allows you to walk while in the inventory
  • Item-ESP – Draws a outline of all items near you
  • Jesus – Allows you to walk on water and lava
  • Jetpack – Fly like you had a Jetpack
  • Killaura – Automatically hits near entites
  • Message-Movement – Send chat messages of what you do
  • Middle-Click-Friends – Middleclick players to add them as a friend
  • Mini-player – Draws a mini version of you in the right corner
  • Mob-ESP – Draws a outline of all mobs near you
  • Name-Protect – Hides your name in chat, client side only!
  • No-Fall – Prevents fall damage
  • No-Weather – Disables weather (Snow, Rain, etc)
  • Nuker – Nukes chosen blocks around you
  • Panic-Mode – Temporarily removes all traces of the client
  • Phase – Allows you to glitch trough blocks on NCP servers
  • Player-ESP – Draws a outline of all players near you
  • Player-Tracer – Draws a line to players near you
  • Prophunt-ESP – Allows you to see players on some servers in the prophunt minigame
  • Prophunt-Tracer – Draws a line to fake blocks in prophunt games
  • Radar – Shows nearby entites on your screen
  • Reach – Allows you to reach further
  • Regen – Regenerates your hearts faster. Requires full hunger bar.
  • RGB-Enchantments – Makes your enchantments rainbow colored
  • Safe-Walk – Don’t fall off blocks
  • Saturation-Display – Displays your saturation in the hotbar
  • Scaffold-Walk – Automatically place blocks infront of you when walking
  • Skin-Blinker – Toggles your skin layers on and off
  • Speed – Allows you to move faster, works on boats/horses too
  • Spider – Allows you to climb up walls
  • Step – Increases your step height
  • Tab-Gui – Tab gui for the modules
  • Timer – Speeds up/Slows down the game
  • Trajectories – Draws a line where things like arrows will land
  • Triggerbot – Automatically hits the entity you are looking at
  • Truesight – Allows you to see invisible entities
  • Twerk – Twerk like Miley Cyrus
  • Unfocused-CPU – Limits FPS when Minecraft is unfocused
  • Water-Jump – Jump on water as if it were a trampoline
  • Waypoints – Draws a line to your set waypoints
  • XRay – Allows you to see ore in the ground