How To Download Movies From Irokotv Free

  1. Nollywood is a nickname for the Nigerian Film Industry, one of the most productive movie creation machines in the world.
  2. Popular video-on-demand service, iROKOtv, that lets users stream Nollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood movies online, recently launched a new feature that will enable subscribers download movies for later offline viewing. If you are an iROKOtv subscriber, you should be able to login now and access the new feature.
  1. How To Download Movies From Iroko Tv For Free
  2. How To Download Movies From Irokotv Free Movie
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Websites to Download Nigerian Movies – Are you searching for websites to download Nigerian movies for free? If yes, then you have to stop searching as this article contains the list of movie websites in Nigeria that allows you to either stream or download Nigerian movies online for free.

Websites to Download Nigerian Movies –Being the second best-rated movie industry in the world after India’s Bollywood, the Nigeria movie industry (Nollywood) has been producing interesting and captivating movies for its fans.

Most of the Nigerian movie viewers are tired of buying CDs daily or paying money to watch them online, and they are searching for other alternatives that they can use in viewing the movies for free that’s why we’ve decided to bring you a list of website you can watch your Nollywood movies for free without paying a dime.

Here, I’ve compiled the list of the top twenty (20) websites in Nigeria where internet users can download movies of their choice for free. I mean F R E E!!!.

Download your favorite titles so you’ll always have something to watch without using all your data. All Your Devices Watch wherever you are on an ever-expanding list of platforms including Web, iOS, Android, and Apple TV. Also, the IROKOtv is quite easy to set up, well, at least on handheld devices, all you need is a click on ‘install‘ and that’s it. And like the popular streaming service Netflix, IROKOtv too has a subscription that gives you access to all the exclusive content. In short, if you watch a lot of movies or Tv shows, give IROKOtv app a shot.

While some of the sites allow you to watch and download for free, others just allow you to download movies of all genres, from the action, comedies, adventure, drama, etc.

You can watch the latest Nollywood action movies by simply using any of the following websites to download Nollywood movies for free;

10+ websites to download Nollywood movies for free

1. Iroko TV

Having been nicknamed the Netflix of Africa, Iroko Tv is one of the best sites that allows its users to watch any kind of Nigerian movie and download it for free.

This company was founded by a man called Jason Njoku and launched in 2011. Ever since then, the company has been experiencing rapid growth and has become one of the largest distributors of Nollywood movies in the world.

Iroko Tv has also developed a mobile app for their users to install on different devices with a friendly user interface.

With this Iroko TV App, you can log in just like the website to download Nollywood movies for free to any of your devices just at your fingertips.

2. Ibaka TV

Blessing Idornigie established IbakaTv as a part of Ibaka entertainment which is one of the biggest websites to download Nollywood movies for free

This is a platform where thousands of Nigerian movies are made available for download by you. By using this platform, you are eligible to streaming of over 15000 hours of movie and TV content whenever you feel like streaming. Sounds cool, right?

IbakaTV has a mobile app that is available on iOs and Android. Also, the app is available on SMART TVs, which you can access via your Samsung, Roku, Android, or Apple TV.

Ibaka has over 1 million unique subscribers on youtube in over 220 countries across the globe, making them Youtube’s biggest premium partner in Africa.

3. Naijapals

NaijaPals, one of the biggest social networking and entertainment communities in Africa, was founded in 2007.

Naijapals gives you full access to many lengthy movies that you can either stream online or download.

The movies on this site are of different genres, and there are over thousands of movies here. Other from movie streaming and downloading services, you can read the latest news on this platform and chat and connect with friends through their forum.

This website will not charge you to access their content. They make it free and available to all its visitors.

What are you waiting for? Hurry now and click on the link below to access the platform and download your favourite Nolly and Ghally wood movies for free.

4. BuzzNigeria

Buzz Nigeria offers the services of bringing to your comfort zone the latest news and entertainments like the collection of recently released and popular movies for you to either download or watch online at their website.

This can be achieved by simply surfing through the Buzz Nigeria website and checking the movies that are uploading to the site.

However, updates its site frequently, so you can do well to bookmark the site on your browser or subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated.

5. Codedwap

Codedwap is an online news and entertainment platform that brings to you trending Naija Songs, Music, Nollywood Movies, Music Lyrics, Comedy Videos, Football Highlights, Trending News.

Using codedwap website, you’ll be able to Watch/Stream Online or Download Mp4, 3Gp Hd Movies, Music Videos, Music & More. & More Nollywood, Hausa/Kannywood, Hollywood, Bollywood Yoruba, is one great website to download Nollywood movies for free. It regularly uploads a lot of quality movie content that you can either download or stream on the website. Nollywood movies, music videos, and audios downloads are made easy on this platform.

6. Nollyland

Being one of Africa’s premier, world-class movie platforms, NollyLand provides features such as Video Streaming and downloading.

This platform also has amazing Timeline Thumbnails to easily jump to any scene in a movie and intuitive Searching and Categorization.

You can easily download as many Nollywood, Ghanian, and other African movies as you want while using this site.

7. Nigerianfilms

Nigerianfilmz is a movie streaming and downloading website in which you can download and stream any kind of Nigerian movie for free.

This website uploads adult contented (18+) movies for the enjoyment of adult-rated movie lovers on this site. It also provides other series of genres and movies from all over the world.

8. Naijaonpoint

How To Download Movies From Iroko Tv For Free

This is also an online platform that gives you full access to reading the latest newspaper headlines in Nigeria and across from outstanding news sources.

Apart from their news publishing services, Naijaonpoint also uploads the latest movies of different genres, which you can download for free.

9. NetNaija

The categories of movies found on this site are Nollywood films, foreign movies, comedy clips, Yoruba movies, movie trailers, and sports clips.

Interesting? Isn’t it? Oh yes, it is and the good part of it is that you can download all these movies just for free on

The additional services offered by this site are that it was publishing the latest news and headlines in the country and across.

10. WapBase

Founded by Kelly Chi, a Nigerian software engineer in 2012, Wapbase is a kind of website where you download movies, audio, videos, and other media content.

How To Download Movies From Irokotv Free Movie

This platform also features interesting movie genres like wrestling (WWE), Nat Geo Wild and comedy videos which you can watch without paying anything for it.

The site also has a chat forum where you can interact with other users. There is also an option provided on the web for you to subscribe to the site newsletter, which allows you to get updates on the latest movies, news, and gist once it’s published on the web.

11. Video Moja

Currently, Video Moja is only available as a video app. This application will enable you to download Nigerian movies anytime you want.

Other than the video downloading services, you will definitely get to enjoy using the app as entertainment news, and other vital pieces of information are being published daily.

12. 123 MOVIES

This site offers you a free and HD quality opportunity to download Nollywood, Hollywood, and other countries’ films.

By using Movies123, you have a free ticket to watch free movies and TV Series online without registration or signup.

13. 9jadownload

Here, you can download Nigeria movies and music videos. 9jadownload also publishes music lyrics on their site, and uploading gospel songs here distinguishes it from other platforms.

Other interesting things you can find here are Nollywood gist and entertainment news. This website needs no form register registration before accessing the movies. Rather they have designed it in such a way that all you need to do is just click on your movie of interest and stream.

14. Nollywood Movies

You can simply guess the kind of content to be found here due to its name. The platform is really about Nollywood movies, news, and filmmaking, just as the name implies.

The movie provided here is all original without any form of plagiarism since the site was established to address the problem of piracy.

You have access to downloading as many movies as you wish to. The cost of downloading on this site is quite affordable, and they are of high quality.

NOTE: You have to visit the website and register before you can access the movies. You can click on the movie channel where you can preview the movie you’d like to see.


However, you’ll be requested to use your debit card to purchase the movie. After which, you will be able to stream the movie or download and see it at your time of convenience.

websites you can use to download Yoruba movies for free

Although there are not many Yoruba movie download sites currently, however, there are still some sites you can watch and download your favorite Yoruba movies from.

You can easily download Yoruba movies from the following sites:

  • Ibaka Tv.
  • Buzz Nigeria.

These sites, which we have already talked about briefly at the beginning part of this article, are the top Nigeria movie download sites.

Other Yoruba movies download sites not listed above are:

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Access the latest Nollywood movies & TV series with the IROKOtv app and stream on big screens as we help you download IROKOtv for PC and Laptop.

With the IROKOtv app, you can watch your favorite Nigerian and Ghanaian films in high quality. It allows you to access the world’s best Nollywood movies and Tv series that you might not find otherwise easily. The app itself is pretty similar to popular streaming services such as Netflix, though aimed only at Android devices, You can install it easily on your handheld devices via Google Play. Also, with little effort, you can set up the app on your PCs and Laptops. Here, we will help you download IROKOtv for PC or Laptop so that you can watch your favorite movies and Tv shows on big screens. And before we get into that, here’s an overview of app features.

Table of contents

  • 3 Install IROKOtv for PC and Laptop

IROKOtv App Features

If you are into movies or tv series, you can stream your favorite titles now with the IROKOtv app. It is designed especially for those of you who Nollywood as it comes loaded with thousands of Nigerian and Ghanaian films. Aside from streaming, you can also save the movies on your devices and watch later, without using additional data. Coming to the features, there isn’t to discuss except that it is quite easy to use and offers a user-friendly experience. You can browse through the extensive library and look for your favorite movies and Tv shows.

Also, the IROKOtv is quite easy to set up, well, at least on handheld devices, all you need is a click on ‘install‘ and that’s it. And like the popular streaming service Netflix, IROKOtv too has a subscription that gives you access to all the exclusive content. In short, if you watch a lot of movies or Tv shows, give IROKOtv app a shot. It is easy to use and you install it on handheld devices via app stores. Also, you can download IROKOtv for PC on Windows and Mac devices, following the sections below.

How to use IROKOtv on Windows and Mac

When it comes to streaming applications such as IROKOtv where you can watch your favorite tv shows, the bigger the screens the better the experience. And therefore, you might want to install and use IROKOtv on your PCs or Laptops. Since IROKOtv is designed for handheld devices and you want to run it on Windows and OS X OSes, it wouldn’t be possible. However, there is a way around that involves setting up an Android Emulator. Basically, via an Emulator, you can install and use the IROKOtv app on big screens.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Emulators, these are basically virtual machines that install Android OS on your PCs and Laptops. It’s like setting up an app on an existing system, except in this case it is Android OS. Once the Emulator is set, you can easily install and use IROKOtv on your Windows running PC/Laptop and OS X powered Macbook/iMac. For ease, we have listed the instructions in the section below to help you with the process.

Install IROKOtv for PC and Laptop

Irokotv Movies 2017 On Youtube

  1. First, you need to install an Android Emulator in order to run the app.
  2. You can download Bluestacks or Nox player.
  3. Next, set up the Emulator using your Google Account.
  4. After setting up, launch the Emulator and open Play Store.
  5. Type, “IROKOtv” without the quotes and click on the search button adjacent to the search bar.
  6. From the search results, click on the IROKOtv app icon to install it on your PC/Laptop.
  7. Once the installation completes, you will find IROKOtv under the All Apps section.

Download Free Movies No Sign Up

Note that in order to use IROKOtv PC on big screens, you will have to open it in inside Emulator as it will not work system-wide. In case you are having trouble downloading IROKOtv for PC, reach us through comments.