Kasauti Zindagi Ki Season 2 Episode 1

  1. Drama Name: Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 Telecast Date: 4th September 2019 Episode Number: 250. Times Now commented that, 'The reboot takes you in the lives of Anurag and Prerna that were part of our every day lives and the first episode is all about nostalgia of the epic.
  2. Kasautii Zindagii Kay - Star Plus - Season 2. 110,049 likes 74 talking about this. Kasauti Zindagi Kya the popular Indian soap opera created by Ekta Kapoor's Balaji Telefilms for the channel Star.
  3. Kasautii Zindagii Kay. (2018 TV series) Kasautii Zindagii Kay ( transl. Trials of life) is an Indian drama television series produced by Ekta Kapoor under Balaji Telefilms. It is a rebooted version of Kapoor's 2001 popular soap opera with the same name.
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The Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 episode begins with Anurag thinks how did the blood got arranged! Anurag thanks the nurse for arranging the blood. The nurse says that his baby is lucky as someone who is known to them gave the blood. Anurag questions about the person? (check: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 Written UpdatesKasautii Zindagii Kay 2 Written Updates.)

The nurse says that he didn’t reveal the name but they have the signatures. Nivedita listens to their conversation and informs Mohini about it. Another nurse says that he was a mysterious person and he said a filmy line that he is here because he wanted to be here. Anurag recalls when Mr. Bajaj said the same line in the past.

Anurag sees the last entry but there’s no name. Anurag looks at the signature of RB and clicks its photo on his phone. Mohini and Nivedita look at the signature and get shocked. Moloy and everyone brings the baby to Prerna. Veena says that the doctor has said that they can go home. Prerna questions about Anurag.

Anupam says that he has gone home for some urgent work. Anurag checks the signature and finds out that Mr. Bajaj gave his blood but how come he return as he died in the plane crash. He thinks that he is the father of Prerna’s baby. Sonalika hears him and gets happy that her plan is right.

Moloy welcomes Prerna and her baby in the house. Moloy asks Mohini and Nivedita to welcome them. Prerna questions about Anurag and he comes over there. Prerna thinks why is he so tensed! Mohini performs the Aarti on Prerna and her baby. Anurag takes the baby in his hands and stares at her.

Moloy questions Anurag what has happened? Anurag says nothing and asks Prerna to come to their room. Shivani blesses Prerna to be happy and leaves from there.

Prerna comes with her baby in the room. Mohini comes over there and says that she should be honest now and questions whose baby is this? Mohini says that the baby belongs to Rishab Bajaj as it is the blood or DNA test which matches with father. Prerna says that this baby belongs to Anurag.

Mohini says that she gave birth to Rishab Bajaj’s daughter. Prerna says that she married Mr. Bajaj because it was just a deal. Anurag comes on the door and hears them. Mohini says that she should speak the truth that this baby belongs to Bajaj otherwise.

Anurag questions what she will do if the baby belongs to Mr. Bajaj as he doesn’t have any problem with it. Anurag says that it is his baby so he loves her. Prerna says that she revealed him everything but does he think that it is Bajaj’s baby? Anurag says that he doesn’t have any problem.

Prerna says that he thinks like it and leaves with the baby from there. Anurag says to Mohini that she should not speak like this as Prerna gave birth to the baby.

Prerna comes downstairs with the baby and Anurag says to everyone that she is leaving from the house. Moloy was about to stop her but Prerna says that he should stop Anurag from coming behind her. Prerna leaves from there and Anupam goes with her.

Veena says to everyone that Viraj’s phone is not connecting. They see Prerna over there. Prerna says that Sneha was missing her Nani. Anupam informs them Sneha’s mom was missing them. Veena performs the Aarti to welcome Sneha.

Mohini says to Anurag that he should let Prerna go. Mohini says that Sonalika is also there. Anurag says that he will apologize from her but can’t do much more than that.

Precap: Anurag asks Prerna to marry him. Sonalika gets angry and makes her plan!

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Kasauti Zindagi Ki Season 2 Episode 11

The Episode starts with Nivedita thinking of Mr. Bajaj. Mohini asks what happened. Nivedita says Prerna… Mohini says no more talks about Prerna, I m tired of it, we can’t go from here when she has come here, don’t know what to do. Anurag comes and asks where is dad. Mohini says Tapur took him out, its good, he can’t tolerate it. He asks what. Nivedita says Mr. Bajaj behaved with Prerna rudely. Mohini interrupts. Anurag asks what happened. Nivedita says he was finding Kuki, he treated Prerna as Kuki’s nanny and insulted her, she deserves this, she will know her decision was wrong. He says how did Bajaj talk to her like this. He goes. Nivedita says stop. Anupam comes. Mohini asks why did you tell this, you are taking him to Prerna again, Prerna is a victim now, you could have told that Prerna is careless.

Nivedita says sorry, I didn’t talk about it. Prerna recalls Mr. Bajaj’s words. Anurag comes and asks where is Bajaj. Her saree falls over his face. She thinks of their moments. He says look Prerna, whatever bad I told you, I had own reasons, I don’t mean it, I told you I will always support you, I heard Bajaj shouted on you, how dare he. She asks who told you. He says listen, you don’t need to be afraid of him. She asks who told you. He says it doesn’t matter, how can you listen, he can’t behave as if you are nanny.

Mr. Bajaj asks Kuki to give return gift. She kisses him. He says I love you a lot. She signs him. He kisses her. She makes Prerna’s sketch. He says I know you love her, so I made her your mum, she is right, I did wrong to scold her, I should apologize, she nods. Prerna says it was my fault, anyone would have reacted like that. Anurag says I will not spare him. She says he is my husband, its our family matter, you do something for your family. He holds her and says you are my family, listen, I don’t know about your sindoor, I know for whom your heart beats. She says maybe you don’t care, I married Bajaj, I have taken marriage vows and will keep it. He says this soul voice is fake, I will throw this voice out. She says out from here.

He asks why are you avoiding me, you are afraid that you will fall weak and love me again. She says Bajaj is in my heart. He asks really, you aren’t able to look at me, why. She says leave me. He says fine, look at me once, tell me you don’t love me. She cries. He says you can lie to yourself and fool the world, but not me. I m your soul mate, I understand you are trying to hide your feelings, Prerna…. I can hear my name, you also listen to your heart. She says Bajaj is in my heart, my husband. She goes. He smiles.

Anupam asks Nivedita not to go to Anurag, let him understand what he wants, we shouldn’t manipulate him, if Prerna took her own decisions, Anurag should take his own decisions. She says Anurag doesn’t know right and wrong, I heard Mr. Bajaj and Prerna’s words, the reason for this marriage is something else which we don’t know. Prerna cries. Ishq di….plays….Anurag thinks of her and smiles. He says I just saw it. Nivedita asks why.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki Season 2 Episode 1

Anurag says that love and concern, Prerna…. I saw love in her eyes, its there, she loves me. She asks what are you saying. He says I can understand it. She asks did she tell you. He says no. She says its not true, why is she Mrs. Bajaj now, instead Mrs. Basu. He says I got courage now. She says she isn’t right girl for you. He gets a call. He says book my ticket for London. She asks what was this. He says I have to meet London investor, he will help me in making Bajaj down. She says you aren’t doing this, you can’t risk company because of Prerna. He says I m going this for family, I will end Bajaj’s power, think positive. He goes.

Mr. Bajaj sits calm and says if you think I m not aware of this, then you are wrong. Anurag thinks of meeting Prerna. He says I m not like you to hide and strike. Mr. Bajaj says I have always done it openly, I told you that I will take over Basu industries. Anurag says you say it well that you are a saint, I like that. Mr. Bajaj says no, I don’t think anyone is a saint, I m very selfish, many people believe that they are great, you think you are a saint, is that so? He drinks.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki Season 2 Episode 1 Watch Online

He says if that was true, you would have not attacked on my house. Anurag says you snatched my everything. Mr. Bajaj says I accept I m selfish and bad, I cracked a good deal, one who achieves goals wins. Anurag says people’s lives, emotions, you see deal in it. Mr. Bajaj says I understand, I had many such personal deals in life, which was tagged business. Anurag asks do you have a heart to feel emotions. Mr. Bajaj says I m warning you, London investors are dangerous, cancel this meeting, trust me, don’t be surprised, I get the news of your actions. Anurag thinks so he was saying about this, I thought its about Prerna. He asks why, are you afraid. Mr. Bajaj says I left fear and fear left me when I was 12 years old. Anurag says you will know the meaning of love very soon, you will be much scared, you will see me as your fear. He goes. Mr. Bajaj smiles.

Veena says I m working as I need money. Prerna says I will give you money. Mohini asks Tanvi to take her mum and go home. Maasi says Tanvi, you have to take Prerna’s place.

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