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SE A 2000 Owner’s Manual Table of Contents Kia, The Company Now that you are the owner of a Kia Sephia, you’ll probably be asked a lot of questions about your vehicle and the company like “Who is Kia? “, “What does ‘Kia’ ” mean? “. Here are some answers. First, Kia is the oldest car company in Korea. It’s a company that has thousands of employees focused on building high-quality vehicles at affordable prices. The first syllable. Ki, in the word “Kia ” means “to arise from to the world ” or “to come up out of to the world.

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Kia Sephia Here you can download Kia Sephia automatic transmission rebuild manuals, schemes, diagrams, fluid type and capacity information. Whatever type of Kia Sephia you own, we will help you with guides that will teach you how to service your gearbox by yourself.

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” The second syllable, a, means “Asia. ” So, the word Kia’, means “to ari e from ” or “to come up out of Asia to the world. ” Enjoy your Sephia! Foreword Thank you for choosin. Driving Your Vehicle Driving Your Vehicle Ignition Switch 19nition witch Q1td Ahti-Accessor Turning the ignition switch to £hi position unlocks the steering wheel and ‘I ill allow orne of your ehic e’s ele trical accessorie such a. the radio and the windshield wipers w operate when the emrine i OFF. o Turning the ignition switch to this position allows you to test your vehicle’s warning lights (except the brake system warning light) to make sure they work before you slart the engine. Th ignition key return to the ON po ilion once the engine is started and remains in thi!’ p silion while the engine is running. Do flat leave the ignition switch in the ON position for extended periods with the engine OFF becaus the batt ry , …