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Madden NFL 21 2021 Draft Class – Free Safeties. Preliminary list. Will most likely change as the season approaches. Note: If you are interested in working on the Madden 21 Draft Classes with me, please send me a note. I will need help with creating players, especially equipment. Thanks for watching this video you absolute legend. TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: BUSINESS E.

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Hey guys its that time of year for my annual offseason draft roster.
Timeline of my NFL offseason.
February - 2021 prospect creation, any offseason moves completed
March - release pending free agents, more rookie creation, free agent frenzy begins.
April - finalize top prospects for the draft, creation of all drafted rookies, more offseason moves.
NFL Draft - nights 1 and 2 will be completed that night with all drafted players on new teams, nights 3 and 4 depending on how many missing prospects needed will be done in 1-2 weeks.
May - filling out rosters, UDFAs created
June through end of summer - preseason rosters done, new jersey numbers, more player creation.
September - finalizing the 2021 rosters for the regular season.
Download now!
For both Xbox One and Xbox series S/X
Free download under gamertag: Sazzy41
Includes top 3 rounds of the draft.
Premium roster as in years past will have minute to minute updates. Now includes entire NFL draft for the exception of 10 draftees! Anyone interested in the premium roster email me at [email protected]
Gamertag - Sazzy41