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If the theft-deterrent system detects an inappropriate entry into the vehicle or the intrusion sensor detects movement in the vehicle which could result in the vehicle (with the intrusion sensor) or its contents being stolen, the alarm alerts the surrounding area of an abnormality by sounding the siren/horn and flashing the hazard warning lights.

The system will not function unless it's properly armed. So when you leave the vehicle, follow the arming procedure correctly.

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Intrusion sensor (Some Models)

Black plate (5,1) MX-58BR3-EA-10FEdition3 Page5 Wednesday, March 2 2011 5:25 PM Form No.8BR3-EA-10F Table of Contents Your Vehicle at a Glance Interior, exterior views and part identification of your Mazda. 1 Essential Safety Equipment Use of safety equipment, including seats, seat belt system, child-restraint systems and SRS air bags. Black plate (5,1) MX-58EN7-EA-14EEdition3 Page5 Friday, September 5 2014 3:19 PM Form No.8EN7-EA-14E Table of Contents Your Vehicle at a Glance Interior, exterior views and part identification of your Mazda.

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The intrusion sensor uses ultrasonic waves to detect movement inside the vehicle and to raise an alert of an intrusion into the vehicle.

The intrusion sensor detects certain kinds of movement inside the vehicle, however, it may also respond to phenomenon outside the vehicle such as vibrations, loud noise, wind, and air currents.

In order for the intrusion sensor to operate appropriately, be aware of the following:

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  • Do not hang clothing or objects from a head restraint.

  • Return the sunvisors to their original positions.

  • Do not blind the intrusion sensor by covering it or placing objects over it.

  • Do not allow the intrusion sensor to get soiled or wipe it with a liquid.

  • Do not shock or cause an impact to the intrusion sensor or the intrusion sensor bezel.

  • Do not install seats that are not Mazda genuine products.

  • To prevent obstruction of intrusion sensor, do not place objects or cargo near the intrusion sensor that are higher than the head restraints.

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