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Voice Line English Japanese Fan TranslationSound Clip
Temporary Summon
EngJPI'm telling you, I did have a reason for this. I wanted Xiang Yu-sama to get everything he desired. So, I got this Swimsuit out of love. Go it? Annoying me is complaining about Xiang Yu-sama. I'll skewer anyone who thinks to do that. Cool?File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Temporary Summon.mp3
Permanent Summon
EngJP...We ran into quite some unexpected sights, didn't we...hey, what's with the look? You want to say I was kind of the root of the problem? I was just as confused as all of you! And my memories are at max capacity with Xiang Yu-sama as the priority! Anyways, let's enjoy a more normal mountain holiday now. We're gonna make the most of it, so get ready to show your Senpai your support!File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Permanent Summon.mp3
Level Up 1
EngJPOh yeah, it's summer. Of course you'd support me more generously.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Level Up 1.mp3
Level Up 2
EngJPHand 'em over. I know about your stockpile. Wait. Are you being frugal because of who I am? That's discriminatory.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Level Up 2.mp3
Ascension 1
EngJPDon't feel like changing. I mean, Xiang Yu-sama already complimented this swimsuit...File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Ascension 1.mp3
Ascension 2
EngJPSummer gets really expensive, doesn't it...but that doesn't mean I won't act nice if you hold out on me. Don't hold back, and dazzle me with resources. I'll return the favor someday.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Ascension 2.mp3
Ascension 3
EngJPYou wanna stop now? Sucks. We gotta keep going, nonstop. Vampires will suck blood out of humans regardless of the circumstances. Y'know?File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Ascension 3.mp3
Ascension 4
EngJPSigh...dumb. That was really dumb. Do you know what 'dumb' even means? A goody-two-shoes like you should. Why're you smiling so contently, after I exploited you so far...? Ugh, seriously...I'm already smitten for Xiang Yu-sama, so it's impossible to feel that way towards you! Fine, we got this far, so I'll work you to the bone too. Until you tremble at the sight of me!File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Ascension 4.mp3
Battle Lines
Battle Start 1
EngJPDid they just? They just flirted with me.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Battle Start 1.mp3
Battle Start 2
EngJPCome on out, Beasts of Summer.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Battle Start 2.mp3
Battle Start 3
EngJPMm, bit of training could do me some good.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Battle Start 3.mp3
Skill 1
EngJPYou better get ready.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Skill 1.mp3
Skill 2
EngJPDon't even think of looking at me.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Skill 2.mp3
Skill 3
EngJPWonder if we can destroy this sunlight.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Skill 3.mp3
Command Card 1
EngJPAre you kidding?File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Command Card 1.mp3
Command Card 2
EngJPYou do it.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Command Card 2.mp3
Command Card 3
EngJPGood dance practice.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Command Card 3.mp3
Noble Phantasm Card 1
EngJPMay mine emotions reach them.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Noble Phantasm Card 1.mp3
Noble Phantasm Card 2
EngJPHuh? C'mon, it's Summer? You making fun of me?File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Noble Phantasm Card 2.mp3
Noble Phantasm Card 3
EngJPAaah, Xiang Yu-sama...!File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Noble Phantasm Card 3.mp3
Attack 1
EngJPWhere are you looking at? Disappear.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Attack 1.mp3
Attack 2
EngJPYou think you can touch me!?File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Attack 2.mp3
Attack 3
EngJPLucky.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Attack 3.mp3
Attack 4
EngJPI only want him to enjoy watching this.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Attack 4.mp3
Attack 5
EngJPShould I try spinning from above?File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Attack 5.mp3
Attack 6
EngJPLike hell that was coincidental!File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Attack 6.mp3
Extra Attack 1
EngJPYou can die now.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Extra Attack 1.mp3
Extra Attack 2
EngJPThe finisher!File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Extra Attack 2.mp3
Noble Phantasm 1EngJPXiang Yu-sama entrusted me with this spear to completely eradicate the Beasts of Summer. My curse shall solely abide by said sentiments. A mad, blossoming dance! Akin to our red poppies of days bast! The Summer Demon's Dance of Certain Destruction - Anti-Fling Rondo!File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3
Noble Phantasm 2EngJPMy dance is exclusively for Xiang if you see it, you're as good as dead! I won't even allow your final memories to be as thus. My body perishes, alike to Akutas scatter! The Summer Demon's Dance of Certain Destruction - Anti-Fling Rondo!File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3
Noble Phantasm 3EngJPImaginary Xiang Yu-sama development complete --- Sublime Simulation Start. Ahh...Xiang Yu would nod in approval! And is that...! A smile!? I can't even...this is just...I'm so lucky!!!File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Noble Phantasm 3.mp3
Damage 1
EngJPDon't get so smug!File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Damage 1.mp3
Damage 2
EngJPPaws off!File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Damage 2.mp3
Incapacitated 1
EngJPAh, bad. Way too hot.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Incapacitated 1.mp3
Incapacitated 2
EngJP Even though I received your spear...I am unworthy...File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Incapacitated 2.mp3
Victory 1
EngJPI dedicate this to Xiang Yu-sama.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Victory 1.mp3
Victory 2
EngJPDid that dance satisfy them enough?File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Victory 2.mp3
My Room Dialogue
Bond Level 1
EngJPThis spear was given to me by Xiang Yu-sama to exterminate the Beasts of Summer. I don't know a thing about them, but you don't need to get scared to death with them. Only their death throes would do that.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Bond Level 1.mp3
Bond Level 2
EngJPThe Beasts of playboys who get full of themselves? If that's what they are...was Xiang Yu-sama worried that they'd make a move on me? That means! I'm really important to him...eheh, heheh...File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Bond Level 2.mp3
Bond Level 3
EngJPIt's not always...but I think you get eccentric sometimes, Master. The Beasts of Summer get all nutty like like that too. If you do something suspicious, I'll be coming after you. Don't think you can get so laidback about that while I'm here.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Bond Level 3.mp3
Bond Level 4
EngJPI've got no interest in human culture, except for dance. Little birds and lizards do it, right? So, well...since they do those dances for the ones they love, I could learn a step or two, maybe.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Bond Level 4.mp3
Bond Level 5
EngJPou want to see me properly dance? ...Moron, didn't I tell you!? My dances are solely dedicated to Xiang Yu-sama. That greedy wish will cost you your life! what I want to say, but we're a Servant-Master pair at the end of the day, yeah? A better mana-supply means a stronger dance, right? I guess I could spin it as showing Xiang Yu-sama from, no exceptions. If you managed to catch a glimpse of me doing it though, then oh well. Although I might crush your eyes if the mood strikes me, so think hard about the risk. And no mistakenly telling me how you thought about it. Although at this wouldn't be that embarassing.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Bond Level 5.mp3
Conversation 1
EngJPI'll admit I'm pretty disinterested in human activities, but even I know you have to live it up outside for summer. So why are you all cooped up inside? To bother me?File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Conversation 1.mp3
Conversation 2
EngJPI'm the same as I've been, only for Xiang Yu-sama. I'm not as unwavering as the others.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Conversation 2.mp3
Conversation 3
EngJPSince you're somehow my Master now, and have an obligation to use me as intended. Also, right now, I have a Saint Graph suited to fully enjoy summer. So, that makes you...yep. Logically speaking, you will become 'My servant who works to amuse me for the summer'.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Conversation 3.mp3
Conversation 4
Requires Xiang Yu
EngJPAah, Xiang Yu-sama. Will I be able to enjoy this summer as you wished...?File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Conversation 4.mp3
Conversation 5
Requires Summer Servants
EngJPYou've got a nice summer-y outfit too. Don't think it got praised by Xiang Yu-sama like mine did though~.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Conversation 5.mp3
Conversation 6
Requires Li Shuwen
EngJPHang on! That's the young Shuwen! It's not that one, but the other one! The other day, he said to me 'Could an inhuman one wield the spear whatsoever?' and chased me! Could you tell him I mainly use it for something else?File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Conversation 6.mp3
Conversation 7
Requires Beni-Enma
EngJPBeni-chan, how about you take some time off too sometime?...I figured. You're really serious about that. Guess I'll have to go to you, looking like this. Come to think, the Enma Pavillion is a little summer-y, at least.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Conversation 7.mp3
Conversation 8
Requires Sessyoin Kiara (Moon Cancer)
EngJP'Yaobikuni', what a boldfaced're that thing in the depths, aren't you...saying you've eaten a bunch of mermaids. You probably mean manju.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Conversation 8.mp3
EngJPWhat i like? You have to know that already. Do I really have to say it?File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Likes.mp3
EngJPIf you want to know what I dislike, just take a good look at what this spearhead pierces through. Xiang Yu-sama entrusted me with this spear to take care of that.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Dislikes.mp3
The Holy Grail
EngJPI've got no interest in fishy Holy Grails. My wish has been mostly granted already.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice The Holy Grail.mp3
EngJPFestivals are a stable of summer. Which means, if one happens, that means it's summer, right? You won't miss out on this under my watch.File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Event.mp3
Birthday didn't come to celebrate your birthday with me because I'm in a swimsuit, right? Seriously?File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Birthday.mp3

Yu mei ren by, 2001, Hua cheng chu ban she edition, in Chinese - 880-04 Di 1 ban. Mei ren yu zhi hai dao lai xi: Directed by Qiu Haoqiang. With Betty Goldstein, Yawei Guo, Riley Jackson, Sixian Li. A kind-hearted mermaid, braving the Sea-God's warning to steer clear, saves a captain's daughter from the stormy ocean. Mar 24, 2019 Mei Ren Yu Download Torrent Download Mei ren yu is a movie starring Chao Deng, Show Lo, and Yuqi Zhang. Shan, a mermaid, is sent to assassinate Xuan, a developer who threatens the ecosystem of her race, but ends up falling in love with him instead. Hong la zhu yu mei ren yu Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Share to Twitter. Share to Facebook. Share to Reddit. Share to Tumblr. Share to Pinterest. Yu Meiren may refer to: Consort Yu (died 202 BCE), Xiang Yu's wife. Beautiful Lady Yu (Han dynasty) (died 179 AD), Emperor Shun of Han's consort and Emperor Chong's mother. Yu Meiren, a standard template of the Chinese poetry ci. The Mermaid (1965 film), a.

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