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HD Zoom Webcam with Mic USB 2.0 Web Camera+Microphone For Desktop/Laptop/PC/Mac#. Microsoft LifeCam 5WH-00002. Total lack of driver support for these cameras in. Mac OS Mojave 10.14.5 the Microsoft Lifecam Studio doesn't work at all in anything, the image is hugely overexposed. I suspect this is Apple's fault, not Microsoft's as all the Apple produced apps have this problem (QuickTime, PhotoBooth, FaceTime) it would be worth using your Apple Support to raise a ticket to see why Mojave breaks the camera.

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Oohh.. My MS lifecam HD webcam is up & running & trust me, the detail is scary. I need to wear make-up (Niksa*****)

Just plugged in my new Microsoft LifeCam VX-20. Very cool. Now I just need someone to video chat with. ;-) (Tech****)

Just spoke to my 2-year old daugher from the US to Malaysia using Microsoft Lifecam Cinema's & Windows Messenger. Wonderful experience. (Darien*****)

Uninstalled the LifeCam software, installed the drivers on their own, finally got rid of annoying video flicker. Very low framerate, though. (Maji***)

A couple of hours spent being the local tech support. Trying to get a LifeCam VX-10 to play nice with Skype on an old Dell machine. (Maji***)

Updating the Lifecam Cinema HD webcam firmware, improved colour, auto-focus. (Tec***)

Microsoft Lifecam 5wh-00002 Mac Driver

Mars is getting smaller. Will begin imaging Saturn with LifeCam Cinema HD webcam as it is now near opposition. (Gho***)

Is there a way to make the silly extra features on my Microsoft Lifecam work within Skype? (Robyns*****)

Testing a Microsoft lifecam cinema and Logitech pro 90 webcam. (Fon***)

Just got the new Microsoft LifeCam HD-50 720p webcam. I feel naughty plugging it into a mac. (HWGe***)

Got a FREE firmware/software upgrade for my LifeCam Cinema webcam (an HD webcam from MS). Adds Trulife tech and auto focus. very pleased! (Abhish******)

Ordered an MS LifeCam Cinema today.. good reviews from my colleagues (Nmerr****)

Playing with my new Microsoft HD Lifecam. Great device. Will use for a videocast talk later today. (Microso*******)

Spent over an hour with a friend on skype trying to get my video to work. Lifecam v70. Streaming vid crashes skype. Bah (Juliele******)

Why is it so hard to get the lifecam vx-10 driver?!?! and how the heck did a whole box of driver cds just disappear?!? (Sillyj*****)

Okay. i've got webcam set up & i've loaded skype. now where's the mic on the microsoft lifecam vx-10? help! x (RedM****)

Props to MS. LifeCam went bad, sent a Support note, had a new webcam in less than a week, no return needed. (SQLH***)

Just noticed LifeCam 3.2 driver is available from MSFT. Wonder what is new? Don't see any new features sof ar (Toddoga******)

How do you like my picture? I took it with a LifeCam Cinema which is an HD webcam. (Deadma*****)

First video recorded from my lifecam vx-70 about to be edited. Shame iMovie wouldn't recognize it (Beanie*****)

The mic in the Lifecam VX-70 surprised me. It's better than my built in mic! (Beanie*****)

I got a new 720p Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Edition today. So far I've installed the driver, had to update it, got the cam to work and crashed (_Shan*****)

The Microsoft LifeCam HD-50 that I ordered just arived today, look for an unboxing later this weekend (Dans****)

Miss Opfer is missing three Sony LOOP CDs and two Microsoft LifeCam CDs. Please return them as soon as possible so other students can use. (Carmel******)

I've been testing the Microsoft LifeCam HD-50. This webcam is very nice for the price. Especially, AF is useful! (Chik***)

Check out this Amazon deal: 'Microsoft LifeCam Cinema' by Microsoft } (Softwa*****)

Anyone recommend a good Web Camera to buy? Microsoft LifeCam? (Itsg****)

Working on editing the apple t. v. review and the microsoft lifecam hd-50 unboxing. (Dans****)

Wow thats great! yeah actually i have some problem right now, im using microsoft's LifeCam 4 Ust but microphone isnt working! (Ayan****)

LifeCam VX-70 is yet another give-away at silverlight user group (Pale****)

Microsoft Lifecam 5wh-00002 Mac Driver Windows 10

Only questions I got are, can I still plug in my Zune and use the Software with WINE, and is my Lifecam VX-20 cam supported :o (Neur****)

I've got a lifecam you can try it's pretty good, adjusts to lighting conditions etc it will be fine for chat roulette anyway :) (Hamis*****)

Bought a Microsoft Lifecam Cinema. Cant wait till it gets here (Keko***)

Two Microsoft LifeCam Cinema webcams are in my hands. 720p amazing quality Microsoft claims! We shall soon see. (Kalt***)

Whats the best webcam you've used with OCS? Thinking of getting some more Microsoft LifeCam Cinema's (Atp**)

Really wants to get the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema! Gotta stop spending and save some pennies! (Qu33****)

Microsoft LifeCam. I have the VX-10, it's nice. Of course the iSight is better (TCG**)

Check out the Microsoft Lifecam and the Logitech 90. I've heard good things about both. (Iaminf*****)

Surprised one more time, Windows7 autodetected that there was an updated firmware available for my Lifecam Cinema (Dane****)

Microsoft makes one called the lifecam. They have an HD one. That's what i got and i love it! (ItsBR*****)

Yea the one I have now does that but I figured it was because it was a cheaper one. I think I'm gonna go for the lifecam (Heatheri*******)

Microsoft's higher-end LifeCam Cinema HD is really nice, both audio and video quality. (Kro***)

Just went 2 walmart & bought diz microsoft lifecam vx- 30 now im bout 2 start ustreaming & all dat! (STayl*****)

We have such a good selection of web cams, try the microsoft lifecam cinema or the logitech quickcam orbit they are (BestBuy******)

Getting the new Microsoft LifeCam Cinema HD webcam setup for the event so you can peek at what's going on SPCLSEA SharePoint (Joelo*****)

Microsoft Lifecam 5wh-00002 Mac Driver Software

Yo I'm finna get that 'Microsoft Lifecam Cinema' webcam that joint looks like a BEAST! (Sir***)

Thanks :D. All thanks to the Microsoft lifecam HD webcam, and good lighting :) (Tehksev******)

Okay happy thoughts. happy thoughts. oh ordering Razer lycosa and a Microsoft Lifecam Cinema today! :O (MrNeg*****)

Today's question of the day; Logitech Webcam Pro 90 or Microsoft LifeCam Cinema? (DavidsA*******)

Lifecam cinema hd, logitech quickcam sphere, sony hdr-sr1 and cannon 500d :) (Tec***)

Got ahold of a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema. Now I can actually video chat! (Pfpdood*******)

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema wins best computer peripheral award at ndtvtechlife awards :)) (Nkha***)

You have to =) Then you can do your own BlogTV show ! Ah the 'Microsoft LifeCam Cinema' is good if you're looking for a good one.. (Kefi***)

Tonights Trivia Prize is for a sleek new Microsoft Lifecam for notebooks! So, good luck! (Kingjef*******)

Be here at 9pm for the Freaky Friday Trivia Contest to beat all others! Yeah, tonight someones gonna win a Microsoft Lifecam for laptops! (Kingjef*******)

Don't forget people. pass this along(or not for the selfish folk. lol) Tonights Trivia contest will be for a Microsoft Lifecam for notebooks! (Kingjef*******)

Be sure to re- this one! Tomorrow. someone's gonna win a Microsoft Lifecam for their laptop! So, if yours didn't come with one. (Kingjef*******)

I ordered a new webcam! Microsoft Lifecam Cinema! Like it better than Logitech 90 Pro by the reviews! Should get next week! (Helen*****)

Webcam im gonna get for live shows/2nd channel vlogs: Microsoft LifeCam VX-30 (68A-01) (Cklv****)

Just did a quick side-by-side test with Microsoft LifeCam Show and LifeCam HD-50. Even though HD-50 is cheaper, much higher quality (Longz****)