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Media365 Book Reader and an eBook reader application for Android that comes with support for EPUB and PDF formats, among many others.
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Now that phones are much bigger, they are great support for reading books, and there are lots of eBook readers available to users. Most of them offer the same features, but some are a little bit different. For example, Media365 Book Reader offers users a way to read their favorite book, but also to publish eBooks. Also, it’s possible to share an eBook with friends on social media. The reading experience is a smooth one, with nice animations for page flipping, easy navigation instructions, support for multiple fonts, and the ability to search inside the books for certain words. Media365 Book Reader also has support azw3, cbc, cbr, cbz, chm, docx, and many others, and allows for the conversion of books from one format to another.


  • Read all eBook formats
  • Convert eBooks from any format to any format
  • Publish your book
  • Share your books on social media

What's new in Media365 Book Reader APK 5.4.2606:

  • Fixed some issues reported by users
  • Added support for Android 11

For more information on downloading Media365 Book Reader to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.

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Other Media365 Book Reader APK versions (14):

  • Media365 Book Reader 5.5.27022021-04-12
  • Media365 Book Reader 5.3.25292020-09-07
  • Media365 Book Reader 5.2.24282020-07-09
  • Media365 Book Reader 5.1.23302020-07-08
  • Media365 Book Reader 5.0.22582020-05-28
  • Media365 Book Reader 4.13.19602020-03-26
  • Media365 Book Reader 4.11.18312019-10-08
  • Media365 Book Reader 4.10.17652019-08-01
  • Media365 Book Reader 4.10.17582019-07-24
  • Media365 Book Reader 4.9.16062019-06-27
  • Media365 Book Reader 4.9.16052019-06-19
  • Media365 Book Reader 4.8.15192019-06-04
  • Media365 Book Reader 4.7.14252019-05-08
  • Media365 Book Reader 4.7.14232019-05-01
New in Media365 Book Reader 5.4.2606:
  • Fixed some issues reported by users
  • Added support for Android 11

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Media365 Book Reader 5.4.2606 (OLD) get current version instead (5.5.2702)Naturalreader

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29 - Android 10