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  1. It appears that my config idea40.key file is present and intact. What is funny is that builds 1174 and 1178 work fine, but that builds 1503 and 1504 do not. They both yield the No valid license found prompt. I've sent in a help ticket through support. Hopefully this is either a known regression in a higher build, or something odd in my.
  2. Hi, I just downloaded cubase artist 10.5 to a new computer. I have the dongle, and it is recognized in the elicenser control center, but when I try to start cubase itself it's not being recognized and I'm given a 'no valid license found' notification.
  3. After an upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10 or after a regular Windows 10 update has been installed, the eLicenser Control Center displays the Soft-eLicenser as 'deactivated'. Applications which need to have a valid license cannot be started anymore. Performing a 'Maintenance' does not work to recover the Soft-eLicenser.
No Valid License Found

May 14, 2021 localhost-startStop-2 WARN org.artifactory.addon.ConverterBlockerImpl – No valid installed license found. Blocking conversion localhost-startStop-2 ERROR org.artifactory.converter.ConvertersManagerImpl – Conversion failed.

Thinprint no valid license found

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'No valid license found on Server: 'Server IP address' error when connecting with SmartDashboard Technical Level
Solution IDsk86601
Technical Level
ProductQuantum Security Management, Multi-Domain Management
VersionR77, R77.10, R77.20, R77.30, R80, R80.10, R80.20, R80.30
Platform / ModelAll
Date Created 22-Oct-2012
Last Modified 06-Jun-2019
  • 'No valid license found on Server: 'Server IP address'' error when connecting with SmartDashboard
  • Error: No license for filter' can also be seen when a valid management container license has been attached that is missing NPM blade

The license attached to Security Management server / Multi-Domain Management server is missing the CPSB-NPM feature.

Access to SmartDashboard is granted by the Network Policy Management blade. This blade is included in all pre-defined licenses for Security Management / Multi-Domain Management (MDS) servers.

If the license is missing the CPSB-NPM feature, contact Account Services.

Additionally, if a management container CPSM-CX000 was purchased in lieu of a predefined Management System, the NPM blade is required to be purchased separately. If the NPM blade is missing, contact your reseller.

Alternate Troubleshooting

The server IP address reported in the error message indicates where the software is 'looking' for the license. If the CPSB-NPM feature is found in the license attached to the Management and the error still occurs, check to make sure the IP address of the 'local' license that includes the NPM feature matches the current IP address of the network object.
An IP mismatch commonly happens in two scenarios:

  1. When the Security Management license is generated with an incorrect IP address and applied using command line.
    SmartUpdate is designed to stop this by reporting an IP conflict error if a local license does not match any configured object (the IP address displayed to the right of the network objects). When applied through command line, no verification of the IP address is used, so it is possible to attach a license with an invalid IP that is not properly bound to the correct IP address.
    Generate a new license matching the IP address of the Management object found to the right of the object in SmartUpdate.
  2. When the IP address of the object is changed after the license had been applied, this can cause the same error. Check to make sure the 'Server IP address' from the error matches the object in SmartUpdate.


    • If the object IP MATCHES the error, regenerate the license for the correct IP address and this should resolve the error.
    • If the 'Server IP address' from the error DOES NOT MATCH the IP address of the object, the IP address may not have been properly updated through SmartDashboard originally causing a configuration issue that misdirects the software to look for a license with a different IP address.
      Generate a new license or evaluation with the IP address from the error and apply the license using the cplic put command found in the email or 'Show License Info' when the license is generated.
      Even though this may not be the 'correct IP', this should allow you to get into SmartDashboard to reconfigure with the correct IP address.
      Once the SmartDashboard configuration of the object is confirmed to be correct, close the SmartDashboard and remove the license that does not match the object. Open SmartDashboard again to confirm that the issue is resolve and that you can still access.