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Square's Parasite Eve was an early experiment in creating a 'cinematic' video game. It looked fantastic, but its short length left some players cold. Square's honed their graphical skills over the course of several games--so why not give their modern-day series another go?

Heroine Aya Brea returns, and several years younger, thanks to the retrograde aging effect of her personal mitochondria. She's left the NYPD and joined up with the Feds: FBI, MIST (Mitochondria Investigation and Suppression Team) division. MIST is a top-secret, X-Files-like government bureau that deals with and covers up Neo-Mitochondrion Creature-related incidents. Ever since the New York episode, dangerously mutated creatures have been popping up all over the nation. Aya and a team of experts are the nation's first line of defense. Her adventure takes her from the Akropolis Tower in the heart of Los Angeles to the sandy wastelands of the Mojave Desert and beyond. Seemingly isolated incidents start to form a pattern, and Aya begins to suspect a conspiracy behind the rise in NMC activity.

If the original Parasite Eve was a traditional RPG with survival-horror elements, then the sequel is a survival-horror title with RPG elements. Resident Evil-style locales (complete with auto-map) replace RPG-style field maps. Control, as in most survival-horror titles, is now character-relative. A large number of (often illogical) logic puzzles stand between the player and success; the sequel also places greater emphasis on the proper use of a 'key item' inventory.

With all these gameplay changes, a totally revamped battle system should come as no surprise. Gone are the expanding wireframe spheres and breaks in the action. Gamers now shoot, reload, dodge and take damage in real time: Select your target and hope for the best. Aya's arsenal includes pistols, submachine guns, rifles, shotguns and even grenade launchers; more powerful weapons have effects such as splash damage upon impact. Unfortunately, the first game's extensive weapon customization system has all but disappeared. More powerful weapons and armor are purchased using a 'currency.'

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For some foes, a shotgun blast to the head just won't cut it. That's why Aya has 'magic.' (They call it Parasite Energy, but trust us, it's magic.) By summoning the inherent power of her sub-cellular organisms, Aya can access eight separate 'spells.' These range from a directed energy blast and a radial shockwave to status/HP replenishment and a defensive shell. Spells are unlocked by spending experience points earned in battle and can be upgraded several times with further experience expenditures.Is it an adventure-RPG or an RPG-adventure? No one knows for sure. Except for its sexy heroine, Parasite Eve II has little in common with its predecessor.

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Overall rating: 8