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The Add-Ons Volume should appear under the Select Aircraft and Select Airport windows (e.g. RealFlight Add-Ons Volume 1). Instructions for Windows x32. To install an Add-Ons Volume file into RealFlight G4.x, G5.x, 6.x, 7.x, or 8.x on Windows x32, use this procedure.

Our RealFlight Development team never stops working on new ways to keep RealFlight simulator fresh, exciting, and valuable for improving your skills. Updates let you enjoy their latest innovations without waiting for a new version — and what's even better is that they're available free via the Launcher's 'Registration/Updates' option.


RealFlight Trainer Edition

(August 2020)

RealFlight Trainer Edition is now available on Steam! This streamlined version of RealFlight has everything beginners need to become a confident and capable pilot.

RealFlight Trainer Edition ships with 5 airplanes and 1 helicopter from Horizon Hobby. They are variously equipped with SAFE, SAFE+, AS3X, and LAS technology.

The vehicle roster includes the brand new E-flite Habu STS 70mm EDF! The Habu is a sport jet which is capable of aerobatic flight and yet friendly enough to also function as a trainer for first-time pilots. 3S and 4S variants are included.

Also included are flight training lessons from experienced pilots that walk inexperienced flyers through the controls and features of the trainer models before progressing to the basics of flight.

RealFlight Trainer Edition is distributed through Steam. You can get it:

  • With the RTF version of the Habu, which includes both a Spektrum WS2000 dongle and a code for obtaining RF Trainer Edition on Steam!
  • Directly from the Steam store.
  • By purchasing a Steam key at your favorite hobby shop.
  • RealFlight Trainer Edition owners can also upgrade to the Steam edition of RealFlight 9 at a discounted price, making this a great entry point for new RealFlight users and a fantastic bonus for people who purchase the Habu RTF version!

For more information please visit the RealFlight Trainer Edition page on Steam.


  • Version 9.00.022 (November 2019)
    • New Features
      • New vehicle: E-flite V-22 Osprey VTOL
      • Multiplayer is now merged with sessions and players from RealFlight 7 and RealFlight 8
      • Added 11 new 'InterLink DX' aircraft variants configured for separate rates. Aileron, elevator, and rudder rates are each controlled by a separate switch. (Any controller with enough input channels can utilize this; in practice that mostly means the InterLink DX.)
      • One of the new 'InterLink DX' aircraft variants is also configured for triple rates. Each rate switch (aileron, elevator, & rudder) has low, medium, and high rate values.
      • Increased the number of vehicle receiver channels from 12 to 15. This allows all 15 InterLink DX channels to be used simultaneously on a single vehicle.
    • Improvements/Fixes
      • Display names for InterLink DX input channels are more descriptive
      • MFC aircraft and airport selection dialog layouts are adjusted to better support content with long names
      • Radio profiles where channels are not mapped straight across (input channel 1 is mapped to output channel 1, etc.) work properly in the trainers, with autopilot, and with FlightAxis Link
      • Welcome dialog: Fixed an outdated tip
    • Aircraft
      • New separate rates variants:
        - E-flite Extra 300 3D 1.3m (InterLink DX)
        - E-flite Havoc Xe 80mm EDF (InterLink DX)
        - E-flite Timber X 1.2m (3D) (InterLink DX)
        - E-flite Viper 70mm EDF (InterLink DX)
        - E3D (InterLink DX)
        - Futaba Sky Leaf 55 (InterLink DX)
        - Great Planes Factor 30cc (InterLink DX)
        - Hangar 9 P-51D Mustang 20cc (InterLink DX) - triple rates
        - Hangar 9 Ultra Stick 30cc (InterLink DX)
        - Multiplex ParkMaster 3D (InterLink DX)
        - PAU 36% Edge 540 (InterLink DX)
      • Hangar 9 Cubcrafters XCub 60cc: Fixed a setup issue with power configuration (no change in flight behavior)
    • How to Get It
      • DVD and Tower Hobbies Digital versions:
        Start the RealFlight Launcher. The option to update will appear below the usual 'Run RealFlight' button.
      • Steam version:
        You can trigger the update by completely restarting Steam. Right click the Steam icon in your system tray and select Exit. Once everything closes, run Steam again, and the update should complete.


    • Version 8.00.019 (October 2017)
      • New Features
        • The Gremlin 280, a new high-performance 280-class heli
        • A user interface is available in VR. Interact with it via the InterLink controller's UI buttons (recommended) or your computer's mouse.
        • 8 new scenarios
      • Fixes/Improvements
        • VR: Added a 'VR Scale' property to onboard camera components. Adjusting this makes the cockpit camera experience more VR friendly, and can make models feel full scale while you're in them.
        • VR: Added a 'VR User Interface Scale' property in the Settings dialog for adjusting the size of the UI while in VR
        • VR: Added a helpful error message if RealFlight and your VR system are using different graphics adapters
        • VR: For preexisting content (i.e., swap pages models), onboard cameras with simulated head movement enabled will use a different, friendlier 'VR Scale' default value
        • Multiplayer: If someone is flying a drone model that you do not have, a generic drone model will be rendered in its place
        • Multiplayer: The generic plane and heli models do not trigger an 'invalid colorscheme' console error message
        • FBX Import: Normal and specular maps are correctly imported
        • FBX Import: Propellers and heli blades import properly
        • FBX Import: Models can be imported as airport objects
        • Flight Modes gadget now appears in the lower right corner by default
        • Added some Welcome dialog tips of the day
        • Added 'Pause Sim When in Background' RF setting
        • Misc. translations improvements
        • Launcher: The Launcher has received a cosmetic and functional overhaul
      • AIRCRAFT:
        • Riley Model B: Removed a spurious rudder input mixed with aileron, increased rudder deflection, corrected main wing dihedral
        • Synergy 766: Tweaked some gains for more accurate performance
        • Tiny Terror 150: Has a tighter tune and more power
        • Various: Tuned 'VR Scale' setting for cockpit cameras to improve the experience when flying inside the vehicle


    • Version 1.00.042 (March 2017)
      • New Features
        • Flite Test Versacopter V2
        • Gaui X7 FZ
        • Gee Bee R-2
        • Great Planes Factor 30cc/EP
        • Wolf Spyder
        • xCraft X PlusOne
      • Fixes/Improvements
        • Temporal Antialiasing (TAA) Improvements. A few highlights:
          - The aircraft itself will be antialiased
          - Aircraft will have a smoother shape in the distance
          - Transparency is handled better in a few different circumstances
          - Ghosting is reduced
        • Settings: The selected video mode is always used
        • Settings: The highest available color depth will be used
        • Settings: A secondary sort is applied to video resolutions based on refresh rate
        • Settings: Fixed some other misc. video setting bugs
        • Rewind: Heli rotor RPM and collective are correctly restored
        • Rewind: Electric motors are properly restored to running state
        • Rewind: Visual effects go away after changing aircraft during rewind
        • Multirotor Flight Controller: Added support for custom flight mode names
        • Multirotor Flight Controller: Added HUD support for Headless mode
        • Multirotor Flight Controller: Added support for xCraft X PlusOne tail sitter design
        • Multirotor Flight Controller: Headless mode's stored heading is now correct
        • Multirotor Flight Controller: Vehicle remains steady during transitions between all modes
        • Multirotor Flight Controller: Return to Launch maintains intended altitude and lands gently
        • Selection dialogs: Home/End keys jump to top/bottom of list, respectively
        • Selection dialogs: Name sort is case insensitive
        • Selection dialogs: The different sort types use more fitting ascending or descending behavior
        • Selection dialogs: Alt key does not engage the Filter box
        • Flight Logs from version 1.00.028 display 0 for speed instead of a garbage value (old flight logs do not contain speed data)
        • Hand-launch vehicle orientation is based on plane spawn orientation
        • Depth of Field effect does not affect the controller display in the calibration dialog
        • RF-97 Sailplane (Advanced) and X8 Quadcopter 1260 (Advanced) variants are available in the Vehicle Editor Beta
        • Fixed issue preventing online updates for some users with non-English versions of Windows
        • Performing this online update will change the physics multithreading setting to off, which is the new default
        • LauncherHelper: Cached collision files are cleaned out during online updates
      • AIRCRAFT:
        • Thunderbolt Sbach 35% (both variants): Cosmetic upgrades
        • Misc. art fixes:
          - Flite Test Explorer Sport
          - Flite Test Explorer Trainer
          - H4 Quadcopter 520
          - Hexacopter 780
          - Octocopter 1000
          - Python Biplane
          - Quadcopter X
          - Tricopter 900
          - X8 Quadcopter 1260 (both variants)
        • Misc. transparency fixes:
          - E3D
          - Great Planes Revolver
          - Mitsubishi A6M Zero
          - RF-97 Sailplane
          - Synergy E7
          - Thunderbolt Sbach 35%
          - Twinstar
    • Version 1.00.037 (December 2016)
      • New Features
        • Flite Test Tiny Trainer - The Sport variant, with an electric motor system and 4-channel control
        • KDE 700 - A high-performance 700-class heli
        • Green Grass Flatlands - A new airport designed to offer improved performance
        • Saturation slider in Video Settings - The Sierra Nevada terrain in RF-X can appear too desaturated on some monitors. Use this slider if you want to punch up the color a bit.
        • Binocular and HUD support for Flight Logs
        • Resolution video setting includes available monitor refresh rates
      • Fixes/Improvements
        • Numerous performance optimizations
        • Resolution options always reflect 32-bit color depth
        • Countdown timer for video resolution changes behaves as expected
        • Application window is sized correctly on displays with high DPI settings
        • Vehicle placement behavior on reset is improved
        • Only flight logs for existing vehicles are displayed
        • Smoke remains enabled after switching between Sierra Nevada airports and Green Grass Flatlands
        • Pilot spawn names are more descriptive
        • Sim returns to the main menu if a vehicle fails to load
        • Orbit & pivot camera modes are more responsive to mouse inputs
        • Alphabetical sort option in selection dialogs is case insensitive
        • Eliminated various memory leaks
        • Miscellaneous other bugs
        • Launcher: .DCKs are properly removed during uninstall
      • Vehicle Editor (available separately)
        • A new beta version of the RealFlight Vehicle Editor, 0.9.1, is available. You can install it over the top of the previous version to update.
    • Beta Update - Version 1.00.034 (November 2016)
      • Vehicle Editor:
        • Design, redesign, and modify existing aircraft to suit your tastes with the vehicle editor (available separately).
        • Familiar toolkits similar to previous versions and compatibility with most older swap files.
        • Supports open source FBX files; compatible with 3D Studio Max.
        • 5X as many polys supported as ever before.
      • Performance Enhancements:
        • Improved frame rates and smoother operation throughout.
        • RF-X now starts in 'Full-Screen' with a 'desktop' option.
        • Green Grass Flatlands flying site for easy, less graphics-intensive flying.

    RealFlight Mobile

    • 1.4 Update (January 2017)
      • New Scorpion Sky Strider 280
      • New Mitsubishi A6M Zero.
    • 1.3 Update (July 2016)
      • improve the flightcharacteristics of several models, including the new Xplorer V and the Tempest 280.

    RealFlight Drone

    • 1.00.035 Update (December 2016)
      • The Scorpion Sky Strider 280 is a stylish 280-class FPV racing quad. We recreated two variants: one with the optional 5-degree angled arm clamps, and one with the optional 10-degree clamps. Both provide greater forward speed and visibility at lower vehicle tilt angles than a quad with upright motors.
      • The xCraft X PlusOne is a unique hybrid design. The X PlusOne takes off, lands, and hovers like a quadcopter but tilts forward to fly like an airplane. With no control surfaces, all directional control comes from the four motors.
    • 1.00.033 Update (July 2015)
      • fully operational 3-axis gimbal for the Xiro Xplorer G
      • headless mode can now be customized just like the 3 main flight modes
      • Both versions of the Xplorer now have GPS
      • Accessing both Xplorers is smoother and quicker than ever

    RealFlight 7.5

    • Update N (April 2015)
      • Futaba Sky Leaf

    RealFlight 7

    • Update M (April 2014)
      • Quadcopter trials
      • Flyzone Calypso
    • Update L (February 2014)
      • Shipwreck HD
      • Limbo III: 10 new ways to see how low you can go.
    • Update K (January 2014)
      • Great Planes Proud Bird ARF
      • Balloon Burst III, with 10 exciting new levels.
    • Update J (December 2013)
      • The land/water classic: Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver
      • Ring Race III
      • Ring Race II: Bonus flying site!
      • New, 27K polygon capabilities for builders
    • Update I (November 2013)
      • Flyzone Hadron Flying Wing

    RealFlight 6.5

    • Update H (January 2013)
      • Heli-Max 1SQ Quadcopter
    • Update G (December 2012)
      • Gaui X7
    • Update F (July 2012)
      • The Giant Top Flite F4U Corsair
    • Update E (June 2012)
      • BF109e Messerschmitt
    • Update D (May 2012)
      • Enjoy a true change of pace: pilot an airboat!
      • 3D Bayou Water Site
      • Record engine sounds for RealFlight aircraft.
    • Update C (April 2012)
      • Synergy E6 and E7 Helis
      • Try this option in 'engine out' flying
      • Add more real-life details to your airports
      • Customize the appearance of props
    • Update B (March 2012)
      • Gaui 330X-S Quad Flyer
      • New customizing options for the NavGuide
      • Create custom heli blades.
    • Update A (February 2012)
      • Great Planes® F-86 Sabre EDF
      • Skycrane Helicopter
      • Junkyard Airport 3D Site

    How to Update

    Open your software's Launcher and click Additional Options. Select Registration/Update and click the 'Check for updates before starting RealFlight' box. RealFlight will automatically search for new updates and download them for you. It's safe to say that keeping your copy of RealFlight current has never been easier.

Please note that the G4 has since been updated since the writing of this page. Despite the upgrade, the fundamental info below applies to all versions.

The RealFlight rc flight simulator comes from Great Planes and is a very popular choice for anyone looking for a quality sim at an affordable price.

Shop for RealFlight rc flight simulators..

The standard simulator package comes with more than enough diversity to keep most rc pilots more than happy, and busy! There are 81 models to choose from, 57 airplanes and 24 helicopters (update: more with later sim versions).
The airplanes and helis are fully customisable, and the choice of aircraft is large. You can fly gliders, trainers, sport planes, scale models, aerobatic/3D planes, as well as all kinds of helicopters. Electric and IC power options are available for planes and helis, and you can even fly a gas turbine jet.
At the other end of the speed-scale, an rc blimp offers a very relaxed, but fun, flying experience!

Great Planes haven't skimped on the choice of flying sites either. In total there are 27 sites to choose from, 7 of which are photo-realistic and 5 of which are water-based areas for float plane flying.
The photo-realistic sites obviously offer much greater realism than the 3D graphic-generated ones, and when flying an Extra 300 around the Alpine Meadow site, it really is hard to believe that you're not actually there...


Above: screenshot shows the realism of flying at a photo-based field.

What makes the RealFlight rc flight simulator so great, apart from the realism and accuracy of the aircraft, is the ease of use and set-up. Included in the package is a 4 CD set, and installation onto the computer is merely a case of inserting the first disc, then following the on-screen instructions to replace each CD with the succeeding one when prompted.

Once all data is loaded, plug in the Interlink Elite controller interface which, incidentally, is manufactured by Futaba, and away you go!
The controller, although designed specifically for the G4, is based on the design of Futaba's successful 6EX 2.4Ghz system, and is completely accurate to a modern 8-channel transmitter, even down to the digital trims, adjustable sticks and audible alarm. OK, it doesn't have the most solid feel to it but it does the job and is a perfectly adequate representation of a proper transmitter.

Great Planes do recommend you check that your computer sound and video card drivers are fully up to date, as the complexity of the software is obviously going to need the best tools to drive it. And on that note, there is the usual situation that older computers won't cope well with the graphics. A modern high-performance pc will of course bring out the best in the RealFlight G4, or any other reputable rc flight simulator for that matter.

As an example, I have used my G4 on my old desktop pc with a fairly good spec, and it runs the G4 well. But on my newer and more powerful laptop, the graphics are something else altogether - smoother, faster and clearer, making flying any of the aircraft a completely realistic experience.

The speed and accuracy at which the models respond to the control inputs is very good, and as with the previous RealFlight simulators all the various parameters of the models and flying sites can be edited to suit your own personal requirements.
But for basic sport flying and training the default values are perfectly realistic and more than adequate for beginner rc pilots.

A key feature of the RealFlight G4 is the virtual flight training. Here you can select your instructor (from a choice of real rc pilots such as Frank Knoll, 1999 Masters World Aerobatic Champion), and select your lesson. You'll get a visual demonstration of the maneuver, along with a spoken account of what's happening with the aircraft and controls.
When your instructor has shown you what's involved, you can then try your hand at what you've just learned.

And for hovering practice, for helicopters and airplanes, there is the Hover Trainer option - start off easy by selecting just one control for yourself, and let the RealFlight G4 worry about everything else. As your confidence grows, move up to 2 controls, then 3 and so on, until you're doing everything yourself.

Realflight G4.5 Windows 10 Update

RealFlight G4 screenshots

Below is a selection of aircraft available in the standard RealFlight G4 (& later versions) package
(click each one for the full scene)...

Windows 10 Download

And below is a short video so you can see the kind of reality that sims like this offer (bear in mind that a lot of quality has been lost in the video production; the actual sim gives photo-realistic quality.)

Realflight G4.5 Windows 10 Free


All in all, the RealFlight G4 rc flight simulator is an excellent product, and anyone wanting to get in to the hobby of radio control flying should seriously consider having such a sim.
Yes, rc flight simulators may be an extra expense, but they will give you endless hours of safe flight training, and it's a small price to pay compared to the grief and expense of writing-off your favourite aircraft. You will recoup the extra cost quickly, especially if you're learning to fly rc planes from scratch.

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