Segmented Woodturning Software For Mac

Running the Segmented Project Planner on a Mac. More and more people are asking me about the prospect of running the Segmented Project Planner on a Mac, so I've done a little research to find out what can really be done. The news is good and getting even better! Through the end of 2005 there was just one solution, Virtual PC. Segmented Wood Turning Bowls Software. Wood Workshop v.1.0. The Wood Workshop is a free seamless texture editor that specializes in the creation of seamless wood textures. It comes with a collection of over 100 preset wood textures, all perfectly seamless and ready to go at resolutions up to 3000 x 3000! File Name:WoodWorkshopSetup.exe. Our flagship product, Woodturner PRO lets you add segmented rings such as closed and open segments, staves and compound segments. Simply add rings until you've reached the height of the wall profile and a single click of ProfileSNAP will cause.

Is Creative Woodturner easy to use?

Yes. We understand at MDR Software that not all woodturners are computer literate so the software has been designed from the outset to beeasy to use. The tutorial, simple program layout and help pages combine together to get you started in no time at all.

Where can I buy the software?

MDR Software sells direct either via the internet, telephone or post. We attend shows and exhibitions, where you can also purchase the software.

Can you export the 3D view into a photo editing package?

New to version 1.5

Yes, go to the design page and click on 'Export'. Change the options (image size, BMP, JPEG) then 'Browse...' for the location where you want to save the image. Click 'Export 3D view' to save the image.

On the computer requirements it says 'Recommended: Graphics card with 3D Hardware acceleration'. Does my computer have this?

A graphics card with 3D hardware acceleration will increase the drawing speed of the 3D view, but does not affect the image quality. Any computerbought within that last 5 years is very likely to have a graphics card with 3D hardware acceleration, but older computers will still be fine.

Can you do segmented turning?

The software is not designed to do segmented turning, but other blockwork effects can be achieved by designing your own wood images. In the 'blockwork'category of wood images there are some examples, one of which is shown here:

Can you do off-centre turning?


Is there an Apple Mac version?

No, but it will run on VirtualPC (a PC emulator for the Mac), however slower than on a PC.

What is the maximum size of the design area?

The size of the design area is not limited, so you can design turnings of any size.

What is the maximum print size?

You have two options when printing. You can print full-size plans, in which case you are limited by the maximum paper size of your printer. However, if the turningis too large to print full-size, you can choose to print it scaled down to fit on the paper.

Can I upgrade my CD-ROM version to the latest download version?

Yes - owners of copy of Creative Woodturner on CD-ROM can upgrade to the latest version free of charge. In summary, you must register your activation code online, uninstall the current version of Creative Woodturner (this does not delete any saved files) and install the download version.

Step-by-step, please do the following:

  1. Click on the following link
  2. If you already have an account on then enter the details here. If not, click on 'Create an account now' and complete the details.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your activation key. This can be found on the card insert or booklet included in the CD case
  4. Click 'Continue'. This will associate your activation key with the online account.
  5. Now download the latest version by going to the download page and click on the 'Download' button.
  6. Choose the location of where you wish to save the downloaded file
  7. When the download is complete, you are ready to move onto the next step
  8. You have finished on the web, so close down the browser.
  9. Next uninstall your existing version of Creative Woodturner. Do this by going to the 'Start' menu, 'Control Panel', then 'Add/remove programs'. Find Creative Woodturner and choose uninstall. Do not worry - it will not delete your gallery or wood images.
  10. Install the new version that you just downloaded by locating the file on your computer and double-clicking it
  11. Follow the instructions and complete the install
  12. Now run the Creative Woodturner application
  13. Choose 'Activate Software', then 'online activation'
  14. Enter the Creative Woodturner account details you used to register your activation code.
  15. All done! The application is now permenantly activated.

Woodworking Software Business and ProductivityCAD/Graphics

Please read: A Note About Safe Downloading

Listings with are mobile apps

Woodworking Software

Anglesaw - Calculates scroll saw angles for inlays - PC
AP-OCS - On-line, subscription-based optimization application

Arch Formula Calculation Chart - Arch formula calculator courtesy of B.H. Davis Company

ArtCam - 2D and 3D Woodworking and CNC Software
Astra R-Nesting - Automatic nesting of sheet materials - PC

BoardCalc - All-purpose calculator for carpenters and woodworkers, perform calculations in metric, feet, inches, fractions, percentages and decimals.

BuildCalc - Multipurpose calculator for performing estimates and calculations.

Builders Helper - Perform run equations and convert between standard and metric measures.

Cabinet Creator v3.0 - Cabinet cutlist program - PC

CabinetCRUNCHER Cabinet Design and Cutlist Software - Cabinet Building Software for Cabinetmakers and Woodworkers

Cabinet Cut - Panel Cutting Optimizer - Free trial

Cabinet Planner - Custom cabinet building software - Free trial
Cabinet Pro - All-in-One cabinetmaking solution providing 3D renderings, shop drawings, cutlist reports, bidding, panel optimization and direct g-code for any CNC router
Cabinet Solutions - Cabinet design software - PC

Cabinetshop Maestro - Project Management Software for Custom Cabinetmakers

CabinetVIEW - 3D Custom cabinet design based on Google SketchUp

Cabinet Vision Solid Essential - Entry level design for manufacturing software tool for residential and commerical casework.

CabMaker32 - Cabinet Making Software for System 32

Woodturning AutoCAD Block Files - Hundreds of AutoCAD block files available for free. Blocks files are in AutoCAD (2007) DWG format; registration is required

CADCode - Automatic code for CNC machines - PC

CIM-Tech Router CIM - Integrated CAD/CAM Software for Programming CNC Routers and Point-to-Point Boring Machines

Clinometer - Slope measurement tool for iPhone/iPod Touch.

CNC Cookbook - Software and information for CNC Machinists

Compound Angle Calculators - Various Calculators - compound angle, compound miter, butted joint, slope and more

Construction Master Pro - An advanced feet, inch and fraction calculator.

Crown Moulding Calculator - Calculate crown moulding cutting values on-line - Cabinet design, pricing, & manufacturing software for cabinet/furniture makers/dealers
cutâ„¢v1.1- A panel optimizer for the Mac - DescriptionProgramManual

CutList Plus v4.1 - Materials and cutlist software - PC
Cutlog - Sawmill optimization software - PC
DecoTech - Design software - PC
Desk Top Themes - Woodworking themes for Win 95 - PC
DoorCRUNCHER - Cutlist software for calculating custom cabinet and furniture doors, drawer fronts and panels

Door Cut 2.0 Professional, Door Cut 2.0 Lite - Cabinet door cutlist software - Version 2.0 is now available

Door and Finished Material Weight Calculator - Online calculator developed by Professor Gene Wengert and WOODWEB.
Mobile Version Standard PC Version Metric PC Version

Door Pro - Order entry, cutlists, bids and direct g-code for any CNC router

Dovetail Template Generator - Online, free program that generates a paper template for hand-cut dovetails
DrawerCRUNCHER - Cutlist software for calculating custom cabinet and furniture drawers and slide-outs

Drawer Cut v1.0 - Cutlist software for 5 drawer types - PC
Dust Collection Designer - On-line dust collection system designer

dustCut by Online SoftworX - The Online Panel Optimizer

Easycab V9.0 3D - Complete Cabinet Design Software for Cabinets, Kitchens and Bathrooms
EasyDoor 2.0 - Door design software - PC
eCabinet Systems-FREE full featured cabinet design & kitchen layout software - PC

End Sealer Calculator for Logs - Calculate log end coating

End Sealer Calculator for Lumber - Calculate lumber end coating

Even Shelves v2.0 - Shelf spacing made easy - PC
The Expert Technician - Help with maintenance and troubleshooting of Baghouse (dust collector) type equipment. - Calculate shelfload and deflection - PC

Foresters' Metric Conversions - Converts English measures to metric, and vice versa - a handy tool for foresters.
GizmoLab's Design Intuition - woodworking CAD software for Windows or Mac operating systems

Hardwood Lumber Board Footage Calculator - Online calculator developed by Professor Gene Wengert and WOODWEB.
Mobile Version Standard PC Version

I.D. Wood - Identification and properties of wood species.

iHandy Carpenter - Five Tools, including plumb bob, surface level, bubble level bar, protractor and ruler.
The ITEMIZER V8.0 - Demo - Panel, roll and linear cutting optimization software with smart drag and drop rearrangements, DXF files for G-codes, Multi-view, Labels and more

KCD Software - Powerful 3D cabinet/closet design software with built-in touchscreen mode for mobile use with best production practices including direct to cut list, cabinotch and/or CNC machining.

KitchenDraw - Kitchens and bathroom planning software

Log Volume Calculator - Scribner - International - Doyle - Online calculator developed by Professor Gene Wengert and WOODWEB.
Mobile Version Standard PC Version

Log Weight Calculator (Estimated) - Online calculator developed by Professor Gene Wengert and WOODWEB.
Mobile Version Standard PC Version Metric PC Version

Lumber Weight Calculator - Online calculator developed by Professor Gene Wengert and WOODWEB.
Mobile Version Standard PC Version

Lumber Weight Conversion Calculator - Online calculator developed by Professor Gene Wengert and WOODWEB.
Mobile Version Standard PC Version Metric PC Version

MACH 3 - Converts a standard PC to a CNC controller

MaxCut v2 - The new free board optimizer.

Manufacturing Overhead Calculator - Business overhead calculator, courtesy of Prime Estimating and Software Services
MeRicK Calc v3.15 - Sheet optimization - PC

Microvellum - Design and manufacturing software for woodworkers using AutoCAD or working with Architects; Seamless connectivity to virtually every CNC manufacturer

Segmented Woodturning Software For Mac Air

MINI-MIZER - Powerful, inexpensive cutting optimizer directed at hobbyists and small shops

Moulding Calculator - Works with MS Excel as a linear foot pricing calculator for mouldings and lumber

My Measures - Take pictures, and field measures are placed on photo - allows for storage and sharing of object dimensions.

OfficeCAD-Generates CAD drawings in your web browser
OptiCut - Panel optimizer - PC
OPTIMIK 2.26 - Sheet optimization - PC
OptiNest - Nesting optimizer - PC

PaneCutter - 2D cutting optimization and cutting plan design

PanelCAM - CAD/CAM software for cabinet design, fabrication, panel optimization and NC machining

Panel Genie - The Ultimate Optimizer for Windows and Mac

PerfectCuts! v5.0 - Compound Miter Angle Calculator - PC
PLUS 2D Panel Optimization - Nesting software for generating optimized layouts and reducing scrap
PolyBoard - interactive design and manufacturing cabinet software - PC

Pro100 - Interior Design tool for any application.

ProOptimize v2.0 - Optimization software - PC

Redstick SiteCAD - Measure existing structures using a Bluetooth enabled laser device.

ROMI - Rough mill simulator allows users to examine many aspects of rip-first and chop-first processing.

Sagulator - Helps design shelves by calculating shelf sag (deflection) given type of shelf material, shelf load, width, depth, and thickness.

SawlogCalc Pro - Estimate weight and lumber yield of a sawlog.

Segment Sizer - A freeware Excel workbook that calculates arch moulding segment sizes - PC
Sheet Layout Optimizing & CAD/CAM Software - Shareware panel optimizer - PC

ShopCalc - Enter information in standard or metric measurements, convert from standard to metric.

SketchList - Furniture Design Software that allows woodworkers to design using 3D boards, drawers and doors
SmartCut - Panel optimizer - PC

Softwood Lumber Board Footage Calculator - Online calculator developed by Professor Gene Wengert and WOODWEB.
Mobile Version Standard PC Version

StainIt - A patented program for creating or matching a stain color
Stair Calculator - Calculates rise, run, stringer and volumes ( concrete and void ) for stairs. Draw and print stair plans free online.
StairDesigner - Stair design software - PC

SuperDoor - Raised panel door cut list generating software

Tabulator - A board foot calculator, bill of materials generator and lumber tabulator.

Tape Measure - GPS based measurement tool to take measurements from one position to another.

Tree Value Calculator - Calculate Tree Values

UGRS - The Ultimate Grading and Remanufacturing System

Vector Art 3D - Dimensional clip art for CNC routing and engraving

Vectric - Software solutions for wood carving, signmaking, engraving and 3D V Carving

Wood.xls - Excel spreadsheet to estimate dimensional change in wood
Wood Expansion and Contraction - Determine wood movement - PC

Wood Picker - Calculator for identifying candidate woods for a woodworking project
WOODPRO - Wood species selection shareware - PC
Woodsearch - MS Excel workbook - search and find reference for various species - PC

Wood Shrinkage Calculator - Metric Version - Online calculator developed by Professor Gene Wengert and WOODWEB.

Wood Shrinkage Calculator - Online calculator developed by Professor Gene Wengert and WOODWEB.
Mobile Version Standard PC Version Metric PC Version

WoodWorkers Calculator - Freeware designed specifically with the woodworker in mind, for doing simple calculations on decimal and/or fractional data.

WoodWorks v1.6 - Panel optimization software - PC

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Business and Productivity Software

AvailSuite-AvailSuite: Service Management Software - Manage information on customers, inventory, finance, productivity, and projects in your company - PC

- Windows estimating software - PC

CabinetBidPro Advanced 4.0 - Now available in metric - estimating, time, and material takeoff software for the custom cabinetmaker.

Convertpad - Unit converter, currency converter and calculator, all in one.

COST - Cost of Sawing Timber computes the annual operating cost of sawmill operations (based on user-defined inputs).

DBA Manufacturing - Small Business Manufacturing System
EZ Macros v3.0 - Speed your work with this keyboard macro utility - PC

Financial Ratio Analysis - FRAN allows forest products enterprises to view their financial and operating ratios, and important measures of business activity, based on user inputs.

Just Enough Fine Financial Information - JEFFI is a cash flow analysis program that provides a quick, first look at investment potential.

Pallet Costing System - PCS calculates the total cost and per unit cost of manufacturing an order of wood pallets.

Paradigm 360 - Excel spreadsheet for determining billing rate, labor markup for contractors using 'PILAO' Markup Methodology

Segmented Woodturning Videos Youtube

Prime Estimating and Software Services - Estimating software for AWI commercial architectural woodwork, casework, store fixtures - use your estimators or ours for efficient and accurate results

Retail Plus - Inventory, invoicing and point-of-sale - PC

Schedlyzer - Simple, powerful software for resource-constrained, multi-project scheduling

SellingPoint - On demand manufacturing software to organize and manage the sales process

ShopFileR - Software to organize workshop links, favorites, pdf manuals, project and tool information, pictures
takeoff estimating - NEW planRoom that integrates with digital plans
Time and Chaos - Another award winning PIM - PC

TradeSoft - Seamless management software to improve estimating, job costing, scheduling, purchasing, shipping, and shop floor data collection

VIP Team To Do List - Business productivity software for small and midsize business - PC

Woodware - Flexible and detailed inventory and production management, order management and financial management software

Yutiti - Easy-to-use, web-based resource scheduling solution

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CAD and Graphics Software

3D Analyzer Software - Link between 3D drawing/modeling packages and CAM software

Alibre Design Workshop - 3D CAD software for all experience levels

AutoCAD trial version - Full-featured CAD software - PC

Bricscad - Trial Version - Full-featured, low-cost CAD software - PC
CADCode - Automatic code for CNC machines - PC
CADKEY - Download CADKEY Lite for DOS - CAD related freeware - PC

CadStd - General purpose CAD/Drafting program for professional quality designs

Segmented Woodturning Software For Mac Computers - CAD Block Exchange Network
DeltaCad v3.0 - Shareware for Win95 - PC
Draftsman Cutting Shop Draftsman 2000 - Raster to vector conversions Download Demo - PC
IrfanView - Free graphics viewer - PC

JMHsoftware - Quick Draw V 4.0.1 millwork/casework drafting software for AutoCAD 2000 to 2004 - PC
JASC Software - Home of Paintshop Pro and others - PC - Simplify CAD Drawing

Segmented Woodturning Software

Ligno3D Designer - Design building complex polyhedral objects like geodesic domes and crystal models - PC

Magicplan - Measures, draws and publishes an interactive floor plan after taking pictures.

Microvellum - Design and manufacturing software for woodworkers using AutoCAD or working with Architects; Seamless connectivity to virtually every CNC
Paragon Enterprises - Architectural Millwork Block Manager V03.01. Compatible with AutoCad R14, 2000, 2000i, 2002 & 2004
Quisine - Design and manufacturing software for the kitchen, bathroom, and closet industries
SketchUp - Powerful, Easy-to-Learn 3D Modeling and Sketching Software
Solid Edge: Free 2D - Core modeling and process workflows, a focus on the needs of specific industries, and fully integrated design management for error-free, accurate design.
ThumbsPlus - 3.2 - Shareware - catalog and view all images on your hard drive - PC

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