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  • Whoever can find the leak to this album before it comes out is someone I’m willing to pay!!


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    • Also it’s not all dance music he got mostly r&b on it and it sounds good


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  • Also just email, tweet or facebook me any download links you can find please!!! My real name is on here so you can find me!!!


  • Is this allowed? Since there is already an album topic for this?


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  • of course it’s allowed @Rick this is a post for the deluxe version…


  • @Jimmy agreed man. also I already have the first draft of Fortune which is basically the first cut before he added or took songs off of it for the deluxe version. it’s just password encrypted so I can’t access them but if anyone knows how please tell and I’ll share it with everyone who comments


  • Official Deluxe Tracklist:
    01. Biggest Fan
    02. Turn Up The Music
    03. Don’t Judge Me (feat. Meek Mill)
    04. 4 Years Old
    05. One Of These Nights
    06. Touch Me
    07. Trumpet Lights
    08. Get It (feat. 2 Chainz)
    09. Mirage
    10. Stuck On Stupid
    11. Party Hard
    12. Marlon Brandon
    13. Don’t Wake Me Up
    14. Cadillac (Interlude)
    15. I Love You (Hidden Track)

    Deluxe Edition:
    16. Get Down
    17. Wait For You
    18. Remember My Name
    19. Gliden (feat. Wiz Khalifa)


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  • i really want it to get leaked because i’m going on holiday 3rd of july!!! :(


  • So… the album that has “leaked” has these fake tracks as posted in the fake tracklist as above. This album hasn’t leaked yet.


  • This album actually has not been leaked on the internet.


  • This album is not leakd yet expect it soon it’s getting out next week in some country


    • No. It hasn’t leaked yet. It’ll probably leak by wednesday since it’s out in some European countries on the 29th of June.


  • How annoying, reported as leaked but it didn’t leak. Fail


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    • The Standard leaked yesterday, yes. Are talking about the Deluxe now?


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Preview, buy and download high-quality MP3 downloads of Fortune (Deluxe Version) by Chris Brown from zdigital Australia - We have over 19 million high quality tracks in our store. Skip to the main navigation Skip to the main content Skip to search Skip to footer Skip to the main content Back to the top. Aug 11, 2019 Chris Brown Indigo Album. The day is finally upon us, Chris Brown has now released INDIGO.This is Chris’ ninth studio album and also the follow up to October 2017’s Heartbreak on a Full Moon. Brown began teasing the album as far back as July 2018, when he got the word “Indigo” tattooed on his face.

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  1. Chris Brown Audio Preview.mp3 download. 10.4M (2011) 04 Mirage.mp3 download. 10 Stuck On Stupid.mp3 download.
  2. Stuck on Stupid, 4 Years Old, Free Run and Don't Judge Me are instant favorites and are not traditional R&B. I liked that he somewhat mixed genres of music and went back to his fan-base with his singing. Trumpet Lights and Mirage w/Nas are also really good. Controversy aside, I feel like the album and Chris Brown deserved a second chance.


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good song!

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I love this song💖💖

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Stuck On Stupid Chris Brown Mp3 Download

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it is such a good song

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this is my favorite song

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@user-633997256: i know right i am in love with this song

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Chris Brown Free Mp3 Download

I love this song

With You Chris Brown Mp3

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Stuck On Stupid Chris Brown Mp3 Downloader

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