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Aug 25, 2020 Matlab Symbolic Math Toolbox Code And MATLAB. One can freely mix Mathematica code and MATLAB code without the bother of writing M-files to convert matrices into strings and back.The Mathematica Symbolic Toolbox for MATLAB is implemented as a single MEX-file and the source code is included. Installation instructions for MACs are included in the.

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Compared to MATLAB’snativeSymbolic Math Toolbox,Wolfram Mathematica provides morepowerful symbolic math engine in terms of speed and performance. But, usingMathematica directly from its graphic front-end interface is always achallenging task for many users due to its special syntax and code structure.

Therefore, FROST provides a custom symbolic math toolbox for MATLAB that usesthe Mathematica Kernel as backend engine via Mathlink. FROST’s symbolic mathtoolbox has the following main features:

  • using similar syntax as MATLAB’s native symbolic math toolbox
  • exporting the symbolic expression to C++/Matlab code
  • calling any Mathematica function from MATLAB directly
Important: To use FROST's custom symbolic math toolbox, the user must have WolframMathematica 10.4 or newer version installed.

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FROST’s symbolic toolbox is basedonBen Barrowes’s opensourceproject:Mathematica Symbolic Toolbox for MATLAB–Version 2.0. Aslightly modified version of the source code and pre-compiled binaries for Linuxand Windows machine are included with FROST (third/mathlink/). Alternatively,you could also download the original source code and pre-compiled mex binariesfrom Mathworks File Exchange server or Matlab’s Addons manager. For moreinformation, please refer to the projectpagehere.

Note: To use this toolbox, you must include thedirectory of the mex binary, e.g., third/mathlink/, to your Matlab path. Seefrost_addpath() in the root directory.

Toolbox Structure

FROST extends Ben’s symbolic toolbox to a more complete Matlab toolbox that canbe used almost like the native symbolic math toolbox. Our toolbox consists ofthree Matlab classes defining custom data types and a few utility functions for convenient operations.

Symbolic Class Types

  • SymExpression: This basic class defines any symbolic Mathematicaexpression in Matlab (analogousto sym in Matlab)

  • SymVariable: Inherited from SymExpression, this class defines one or agroup of symbolic variables with a special syntax (analogousto symvar

  • SymFunction: This class works as a wrapper of a SymExpression object,storing some additional information regarding the SymExpression object thatare mostly useful for exporting to C++ source code.

Tip: An object of SymVariable or SymFunction classes can beused as any regular SymExpression object inside the mathematical operation.

Symbolic Utility Functions

In addition to these three classes, FROST also contains several utilityfunctions for communication with Mathematica Kernal and converting native Matlabvariables to an equivalent Mathematica expression. Pleaseread this tutorial for more detail.

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Symbolic Math Toolbox™ provides functions for solving, plotting, and manipulating symbolic math equations. You can create, run, and share symbolic math code using the MATLAB® Live Editor. The toolbox provides functions in common mathematical areas such as calculus, linear algebra, algebraic and ordinary differential equations, equation simplification, and equation manipulation.

Symbolic Math Toolbox lets you analytically perform differentiation, integration, simplification, transforms, and equation solving. You can perform dimensional computations and conversions using SI and US unit systems. Your computations can be performed either analytically or using variable-precision arithmetic, with the results displayed in mathematical typeset.

You can share your symbolic work with other MATLAB users as live scripts or convert them to HTML or PDF for publication. You can generate MATLAB functions, Simulink® function blocks, and Simscape™ equations directly from symbolic expressions.

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