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Synchro Pro is the one of the best software for 4D BIM Model! Great tool visualize project schedules. Synchro Pro allows users to create project schedules. External schedules can be imported in and could be tied to the 3D models. This can show the sequence of work in an animation or PDF format.

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Synchro Pro

Virtual construction isn’t about project simulations,Synchro PRO gives teams a medium to create,analyze, edit, report and manage projects through a single visualinterface. The insight you need to plan and manageeven the most complex projects. Visual Construction ProjectManagement Software.

Here are some key features of “SynchroPRO”:
– Tame the dynamic complexities of 21st century construction withinteroperable digital technology.
– Leverage Synchro’s unique ability to “automatch” your BIM modelto your schedule to update your construction plan in 4D in a matterof minutes.
– Reduce your schedule variance with visual look ahead reports thatidentify activities, work areas, and equipment – view task list bycontractor, work package, etc.
– Reduce cost variance using comprehensive resource management, seeplanned vs. installed quantity tracking, project/contractor earnedvalue, critical path, and more.
– Lead progress review meetings using the Synchro model as thecentral hub of information for clear, collaborative and productiveplanning and decision-making with all stakeholders.
– Plan for safety hazards and risks before you start work at thejobsite using dynamic spatial coordination analysis that identifieswork area overlap, overhead crane risks, potential for obstructiondelays, and more.

Installer Size: 805 MB

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As one of the solutions in the Synchro Software system, Synchro Pro utilizes real time visualization to provide insight and control over your projects at every stage. An integrated CPM scheduling engine enables you to quickly and accurately visually review and update your project schedule in real time on your computer, including data on logistics, temporary works and resources; resolve conflicts in design, space and time; highlight unsafe work conditions; and to optimize and validate your approach throughout the duration of your project. Being a digital solution, it is ensured to be fast, and interoperable with your current CAD and Scheduling software. Overview of Synchro Software Features Advanced, reliable, and effective BIM construction technology Progress tracking Leveraging existing technology Alternate sequences testing for high precision at lower costs Lightning speed productivity CPM Scheduling Custom reporting Resource management and optimization View complete project files with Open Viewer Secure and accurate project hosting with Workgroup ProjectAlso included in the Synchro system is the Synchro Scheduler, a traditional 2D Gantt chart project planning and scheduling software with an advanced CPM engine. It can synchronize from P6 and Microsoft Project, serving as a transitional solution until your business is ready to utilized VDC and 4D BIM systems. You can also open 4D project files created by others in Synchro Pro through Open Viewer, which offers Gantt chart schedule inspection and a 3D viewer that lets you play the construction sequence of a project in an animated format. Users with Synchro Pro can access the project on Synchro Workgroup Project Server. Read and/or write access is available to all or part of a project as defined at the user level, ensuring project data is secure.