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Free download TomTom Maps Western and Central Europe 2GB 900.4600. From iphone, terms och Europe the slideshow 5074, for v915 download a enjoy central 915. Download TomTom Maps Central Europe 905 4800. Jan 08, 2020 Download tomtom maps europe » tomtom maps europe could be available. TomTom.Maps.of.Central.and.Eastern.Europe.945.6174.Retail-NAViGON: 5 years1014 MB52. TomTom Europe South 885.4058 1gb memory: 8 years765 MB11. How to download all these maps without full pack of Centarl Europe or East Europe?? I'm use TTACtivator and download CentralEuropeEast105510388 413MB, after put to Navigation memory, only 1.37GB is free. But for me need 3-4 country from CentralandEasternEurope, problem is this pack of CentralandEasternEurope=2.2GB.

Hi, you'd have to select the map zone covering the countries you'd like to travel to before starting your journey. The only possibility would be to use an internet cafe or something like that, install on the available computer the TT Home application, log in to your account, connect your device and download and install the next map zone. You'd have to uninstall the TT Home application and remove all of your data afterwards. This option would take some time. Another possibility would be to do that in the hotel or if you're staying with friends at their house.

Only other possibility I see at the moment would be to get a new device with more memory capacity to get the complete map on the device. Regards Lars. Hi, they introduced the map zones to still make you the complete Europe map available. As there get more and more streets and details added to the maps they naturally grow larger. To make the maps of all countries of Europe being mapped still available for those like you and me not having enough memory capacity to install the seemless map as well the map zones have been developed. The upside of this decision is that you'll get the new roads on your device as well. The downside is the issue having to change maps when crossing zone borders.

So you'll still be able to use the Europe map. You'll only have to work with map zones. Regards Lars.

The western and northern zone covered Europe only until Germany where I had to swap to central or eastern. My TomTom with a new Europe map as the.

Central Europe

It is just a clear rip off. Officially Tomtom doesn't advise that you need to carry your computer and/or get access to one somewhere during your trip and that you need Internet connection as well, regardless if you had the map downloaded to your computer (Tomtom HOME). When it occurred some additional charges in my hotel bill, Tomtom refused to reimburse my costs, regardless it was their fault clearly. Instead they tried to tell me that I am stupid of traveling.

They don't want to enable our memory card, otherwise we wouldn't buy the 4GB units. After the map will be over 4GB, we wouldn't buy the new 8GB or so units.ripp off Tomtom. I don't understand your problem there.

If you use your device abroad, it will not miraculously 'create' additional charges. Of course, if you plug it into your notebook and access the internet, then it may download files. But hotels either have free wireless internet, or they won't let you access the internet without paying something. So, it is always your decision whether you want to access the internet or not, and you'll always know whether it will cost you something or not. This is common sense; of course Tomtom will not pay ('reimburse') your internet access in a hotel. Here's the thing my good friend. I had to travel from the UK to Hungary.

The western and northern zone covered Europe only until Germany where I had to swap to central or eastern zone. I had reservation in a hotel with NO free Internet at that time. Since Tomtom website stated that I just need to download the map to my laptop and I will be able to swap it, I followed their instruction. But a simple swap also requires Internet connection.that wasn't advertised. After driving all day long, with kiddies and such, believe me, you are not going out to try to get free Wi-Fi somewhere. When contacted Tomtom, they denied that I needed Internet. When I was on my way back and made snapshots of the screen about the connection, they started to say that I supposed to backup my device first and than I could do it without Internet.

Never at any point they have apologised for their fault about misinforming the customers. Fair enough you would say, but what are you going to do when you are doing a round trip in Europe, which involves 5 map zones? Your choices are: chasing free places on your holiday (good luck with that), pay the upcoming fees and use your device, or don't use the device, but then why did you buy it? So don't tell me it was my fault by choosing the wrong hotel and such, as it is Tomtom's responsibility to provide accurate information. If I am the only idiot, how come we have all these posts and topics? Hi, it is only possible to create complete backups of NAV2 devices (connecting to TT Home).

If you've got to install map zones I recommend creating a backup of each zone being installed on the device using Explorer and if travelling around Europe and having to change map zones to just replace the installed files with my previously created backup. This can be done without need of an internet connection. Taking the backups with me would also be possible on a USB memory stick if I wouldn't want to take my notebook with me. With NAV3 device (using MyTomTom support application) you can only back up community content.

So for having all Europe maps with you you'll need at least 4GB memory capacity or an internet connection to download and install the next map zone. Regards Lars. Hi Zsolt, if you speak to me about this I already gave the answer to those questions in my post above. You'll either need to take a laptop with you or at least a portable memory having all different map zone installations backed up to. This update should be done using Explorer like explained under the link in my previous post. Then you'll only need to get any computer to copy the backup back to your device and you'll be ready to continue your journey.

This has to be done every time when crossing a zone's border. I know it's a bit uncomfortable but it's the only way with devices only offering 2GB memory capacity if you need the complete Europe map. With a Go x40 and Go x50 you can use memory cards with a capacity of up to 4GB as far as I know so you'll be able to use the complete and seamless Europe map without having to change zones during your journey. On a NAV3 device you'll either need a device with 4GB memory capacity so you'll be able to just install the complete and seamless Europe map or you'll need a computer with internet connection to download and install the next map zone using the MyTomTom support application. I hope for those users not visiting this forum the information needed will get added to TT's website and the explanation on how to use map zones but as I'm not working for TT I cannot tell you if it'll get added nor when it might get added. Regards Lars.

Hi Lars, Here's one for you. Joe Average bought a Tomtom Live unit with 43 European countries installed originally. The unit has 2GB of internal memory, no working SD slot. Would like to update the maps but it won't fit on the device. Joe Average is not an owner of 59404 different external memories, laptops and whatever. How would he proceed? As I said, my issue is not the how to do it.


I can get myself sorted. The principle here's the point.


Tomtom said that you don't need Internet, then turns out you need. You are not an IT geek, therefore you make only one backup, as normally Tomtom HOME allows one backup only.

DO NOT tell me the steps because I start to be very pissed with the text book answers. Tell e the common sense that is valid for a normal member of the public, who buys a unit and then have to give up certain options. Why, oh why Tomtom made the maps over 3GB now? Not the blooming amount of the roads are taking up that much of space, but the idiot 3D map. Who gives a fcuk what the buildings look like from freaking aerial view???

I drive on the road. Get the rid of the fcuking 3D view and there will be enough space for useful content. And guess won't have to change map zone and all the cr.p.

Give the option to the users to choose the right map for themselves, not some marketing rubbish. @fof: The point is, this whole Map Zone garbage is causing a great deal of inconvenience to most of the users.

Make two sets of maps. One with and one without the 3D rubbish. If you want to buy the 3D cr.p and screw around with backups, your call, if others want to buy the 2D, and enjoying the convenience of the unit, let them. But don't freaking force something on the customers that they didn't ask for. I used to have a Tomtom XL with the 2GB and got a small netbook, and got myself sorted in any situation. Than came the Top Gear unit, advertised with 4GB of memory.

Turned out Tomtom LIED (not just a mistake online, but over the phone as well) and in the UK it has only 2GB. No problem you would say as it has an SD slot, working since the summer of 2011.NOOOOT!!! It is not working. I am back to square one, but the only difference is, I don't even have map zones available now and can't make any backup at all. Is it fair to the customers? And I am not the only one.

Have a look at the other topics. Many upset customers. Hi Zsolt, I completely agree with you that there should be more and better information on this procedure available from TT themselves. I won't describe the way for you as I understood it the first time that you know what to do and as I already described it above for other users coming across this thread just searching this answer as they are such Joe Averages but searching on this forum as well to get some information. I personally like the 3D view without having those buildings pictures. The buildings look I don't need. The 2D view would do as well but having the 3D view without buildings and such things on my XL LIVE IQR I'm a very happy user.

Tomtom Europe Maps

It is also clear to me that the maps would be much smaller without the 3D view. But even without the 3D view the size of the maps would rise. It wouldn't go over the 2GB limit probably but I like it more to have the 3D view and using larger internal memory with the newer devices. They also don't need to be limited to 4GB from my point of view but could be standard 8GB or larger so you wouldn't need an SD slot at all. Memory is not that expensive any more. I'd even pay a bit more to get a larger memory if necessary.

Being able to choose which maps should be included in the maps would really be a nice feature but as there are quite many possibilities with all the countries I think this would not be that useful. Really better would be to just need one single map including all those countries and not having to select a zone as you mentioned. But having run out of memory especially on the older devices I think the map zone feature is quite useful especially as there's no fix zone between two zones but at least one country you'll have to cross. That should give you the possibility to get to a computer somewhere to change the map zone which I'd do via a backup as the easiest way. Also I don't think I only gave text book answers but tried to adapt my answer to the posted problem. I always try to adapt the answer but sometimes it just isn't possible so I'll give the complete information I can think of or I can find at that moment. Regards Lars.

If i hadn't have read this discusion i might also have just fallen into this issue with Map Zones also. I will not be updating my TomTom with a new Europe map as the Europe map zones on offer don't fit my purpose. Instead i will look at new products from different Sat-nav manufactures as i don't want to run into this issue again in the future. As you need to download each map zone to your device then copy the maps one by one using windows explorer INSTEAD of using TomTomHome to backup or select the maps.

It does seam that TomTom aren't bening entirerly up front and honest in there sales pitch to users with older products. Just as a thought from a user experince point of view.

TomTom could update TomTomHome so that you can download the whole map to TomTomHome then enable the user to select which countries from the map you want on you device from within TomTomHome. The user would then be able to fully customize to best fit there own requirement.

Or instead admit to users that their product is out of date and not able to fully support new maps due to lack of memory and offer a trade in discount on a new Sat-Nav. I would also point out it is shamful that TomTom has not responded to the issue rasied in this topic with an approved responce, after all this discussion forum is based on the TomTom website. A trade in offer would be really good.

They used to do it a couple of times. Or you can try to sell yours on eBay and can buy a whatever brand you wish. The newer TT devices come with 4GB internal memory and option to add microSD. And the latest TT devices come with 8GB internal (mind you the maps are much bigger also due to the 3D buildings) and the option to use microSD as well.

Finally they've listened to the complaints and they use higher compression (and the option for memory card), however a full EU map is yet 3GB that wouldn't fit on a 2GB storage. I would sell that old device if I were you and buy a new one. Edit: I was quiet pissed off when came across with this map zone stuff a few years ago, but when the 'dust settled' I decided to sell the old unit.

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Anyhow, it was considerably slower than the newer ones. And the guy who bought it was happy as he used it only in the UK. I want to update my European maps. I can no longer fit the update for Europe on my device (TomTom Go Live 1000) - the latest update has grown by 0.2 GB, which takes it beyond my available memory. Those in my position (and there will be thousands, I guess), now have to choose from 8 European 'Zones' (or buy a new sat nav device, with larger memory!). I need all of western Europe - I don't need Russia, nor most of the countries of Eastern Europe.

I'm STAGGERED to find that TomTom have not offered all of western Europe, as one of the Zone options! Consequently, I cannot download UK, France, Germany and Italy within a zone; nor UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Spain & Portugal (for instance). I understand that, as countries/detail are added, the maps will need more memory space, to accommodate them.

Why haven't TomTom enabled us to select countries, individually, rather than as 'zones'? If the zone option was unavoidable, then surely, an obvious choice for a couple of European zones, would be western Europe & eastern Europe?! We can only download one zone, so one can't resolve this issue, by downloading a couple of zones, as needed. My only option, as things stand, is not to update my European map - leaving me utterly delighted about the annual subscription I've just paid for! Does anyone have a solution (I've just had a long conversation with TomTom customer service & their solution was 'don't update it')? Can someone from TomTom tell us that they're going to resolve this?

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