Train Your Ears Eq Edition Free Download

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No one is born with the innate knowledge of what 250Hz sounds like. It'a a learned skill. It is a skill you need to practice to eliminate the hours of guess work you waste when mixing records and looking for bothersome peaks or holes in your tracks.

The pureMix Frequency Quiz will help you memorize the sound of crucial frequency and ranges and will help you speed up the equing process drastically over time.

The audio spectrum is divided in 10 octaves. The Quiz's first 3 levels will focus on the lower, middle and higher 5 octaves of the spectrum. Once you feel confident, you can challenge yourself with all the octaves simultaneously.

How To Use: To start the Quiz, click on the big play button. You'll hear flat pink noise for reference and then a couple seconds later you'll hear the noise change tone. An equalizer was used to apply a 14db boost to a specific frequency. The goal is to identify which frequency is being boosted. Select your choice and the system will give you the correct answer. In between guessing phases, you can click on each frequency in order to hear it and train your ear. Click the play button again for the next frequency quiz.

There are 10 samples per test. Stay focused. The frequencies picked are truly random so the test will be different every-time.(If you are taking the test on earbuds or laptop speakers => you are missing out and fooling yourself).

Have fun. Test yourself often. Get better faster.

Frequency Quiz

Train Your Ears Eq Edition Free Download

Where does this training method come from? Did you make it up?


No, we didn’t! The Guess Method has been used for over 40 years. There were exercises on cassettes, CD’s or it was done manually by teachers. We know it works and it has proven its efficiency over the years with thousands of successful engineers.

The new Correct Method comes from a suggestion Bob Katz (the mastering guru) made to us:

I suggest presenting a piece of recorded music which needs 'help' in some frequency range and see if the student can not only identify the problem, but also correct for it in a musically satisfying way.

So that is what we did: correct instead of guess. We tested it and we loved it. It turned out to be both funny and instructive. Both methods complement each other really well.

Besides, we have designed the software to turn these methods into a limitless tool, way better than any cassette or CD, because you can feed it with any music or sound and configure the exercises to a level of diversity and detail which wasn’t imaginable before.

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We can’t place more emphasis on this way of training the ear: IT WORKS!