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Vintage Organs brings the classic organ sounds of the past to your productions and performances today. Five legendary ancient organs were carefully selected, preserving their true character and charm in perfect, expressive details.

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As part of the KOMPLETE family of instruments and effects, VINTAGE ORGANS includes the sounds of Hammond® B-3, C-3 and M-3, Vox Continental ™ II and Farfisa® Compact, recorded in the highest quality from the original instruments, exclusively by Native Instruments. The organ and amplifier provide complete control over the sound with percussion, chorus / vibrato, overload, rotational effect, envelopes, equalizer and reverb.

• Authentic reproduction of the sound of 5 organs
• 100 presets spanning 5 instruments
• All manuals (upper, lower and pedal) included

Britpressor : Vintage Solid-State Compressor/Limiter with multiband-sidechain.

No update! From scratch!



– COMPRESSOR THRESHOLD : Will set threshold for compressor section. (Orange labeled knob)

– COMPRESSOR RECOVERY : Release time for compressor section. (Orange labeled knob)

– LIMITER LEVEL : Will set limiting level. (Above of Compressor Threshold)

– LIMITER RECOVERY : Release time for limiter section. (Above of Compressor Recovery)

– GAIN : Make-Up Gain. (Placed after Limiter Section)

– RATIO : Ratio setting for Compressor Section.

– MIX : Blending DRY and WET signals. (Placed after Limiter Section)

– HPF : Will cut lows for internal/external sidechain input. (Only Compressor Section)

– MID : Boost or cut mids (1.6kHz) for internal/external sidechain input. You can boost and get more compression on mids or cut for release mids. (Only Comressor Section)

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– HIGH : Boost or cut mids (10kHz) for internal/external sidechain input. You can boost and get more compression on highs or cut for release highs. (Only Comressor Section)

– EXT : Will engage External Sidechain input.

Version 1.1


– Added Switchable Gain Reduction Meter (“GAIN REDUCTION” label is now clickable. When it’s orange, it will show reduction for compressor. When it’s white, it will show for limiter.)

– Internal gain compensation between Compressor and Limiter section to feed Limiter for lower signals.

NOTE 1 : If you use Google Chrome, download with “Right Click” or download with another browser.

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NOTE 2 : Ableton Live (Mac) users should use VST version.