Visual Studio 2003 Windows 10

In Windows 10, Visual Studio 2003 has some very annoying issues when trying to run. For example:

  • The application locks up when you search through code
  • Application preview doesn't render anything when you hover over it

Visual Studio 2003 Windows 10 Memory

Visual Studio 2003 on Windows 10 & Errors with Desktop Compositing/Themes. While building the latest DOSBox SVN using Visual Studio 2003 I found something kind of annoying under Windows 10. The first thing is that if I search through the source code base, the application locks up, hard. It turns out that this has been an ongoing issue with Windows 8 (maybe Vista/7?) with Aero rendering of all things. Download Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003 Service Pack 1 for Windows to enhance security and stability of MS Visual Studio.NET 2003. How to use Visual Studio 2003 on Windows 10 64bit 1703 update. So, I tried everything that I can but I cant seem to uninstall 1703 build on my PC, mainly due because of: 1) Group Policy - After I have uninstalled the update, it just comes back again. 2) I tried searching for 'Go back to previous version of Windows 10' but this option is not. There are several ways you can do that. I think maybe after upgrade the Windows 10, the Visual Studio 2003 cannot work properly. So you can do these things: 1. Try to download the Visual Studio 2017. It can fully meets the Windows 10 system and ge. Visual C Toolkit 2003 is a version of the same C compiler shipped with Visual Studio.NET 2003 without the IDE that Microsoft made freely available. As of 2010 it is no longer available and the Express Editions have superseded it. The internal version number of Visual Studio.NET 2003 is version 7.1 while the file format version is 8.0.

The bug happens on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 because of Aero. While in Windows Vista/7 this isn't a huge problem because you can easily disable Aero, in Windows 8 and 10 there is no way to fully turn it off. Fortunately though, the bug is really easy to fix.

  • Step 1: Open regedit.exe. Go to the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionAppCompatFlagsLayers. (If the Layers key does not exist, create it).

Create a String with the name C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003Common7IDEdevenv.exe. (If you installed Visual Studio 2003 on another drive replace C: with the drive you installed it on. If you are on 32-bit erase the (x86) from Program Files)


  • Step 2: Close Visual Studio if it is open.
  • Step 3: Start it again. You should get a UAC prompt, click 'Yes' and continue.
  • Step 4: Everything should be fixed! It won't lock up anymore, and previews work too. You can now compile and build apps with your 16 year old software with ease!

Visual Studio 2003 Windows 10

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