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This page provides information about the Proxy Mesh in V-Ray for Grasshopper.


Loads a V-Ray Proxy file (.vrmesh). Alembic (.abc) files are also supported. The V-Ray Geometry output can be connected to a Renderer node. A list of Plane or Scale factor inputs will generate multiple instances of the same Proxy.

The number of instances indicates how many times the object is currently being instanced.

Download our free Vray Proxy plants so you can explore them and see how they look in your renders: Poinsettia, Bromeliad. In our Blackbee3D website, you will find full geometry plants as well as Vray Proxy plants in.vrmesh and.vrscene formats, which will make your renders truly stand out from the traditional Revit renders.

Each instance of the V-Ray Proxy Importer has a bounding box preview in the Rhino viewport.

Vray tree proxy download for pc

Input Parameters

File Path(Text) – Specifies the path to the proxy (.vrmesh) file. Invalid input file paths are auto-resolved as long as the files reside at the same location as the .gh project file.

Base Plane(Plane) – Plane transformation for the Proxy. A list of Plane inputs adds multiple instances of the same Proxy.

Scale(Number) – Scale factor for the Proxy. A value of 1.0 is used by default. Multiple Scale factors can be used.

Material(Generic Data) – V-Ray Material input is expected. The number of required materials for each unique .vrmesh file is not automatically determined.

Output Parameters

Download Vray Materials

V Geometry (Generic Data) – V-Ray Geometry output.

Bounding Box (Box)– Bounding Box of the proxy.

Vray Proxy To Proxy Converter


Vray Download Free Trial

A .vrmesh file containing a tree model imported in Grasshopper and rendered in Rhino. The materials are manually slotted using V-Ray Material from Project nodes. Notice the Proxy Mesh is previewed as a bounding box in the Rhino viewport.

Grasshopper and VFB

Rhino viewport