Windows 7 Embedded Sp1

I created this PE so that people can install windows 7 Embedded standard SP1 x86 -x64 like a normall os using the winntsetup tool.
You can still choose to install it to a .vhd file if you want just sellect that in the winntsetup tool.
If you like to install it to a .vhd use it like in this random video:
Only difference is that 'select the location of your bootdrive is not a flashdisk but your internal HD'
Windows 7 embedded standard

Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1 computers are discovered with wrong OS name. After you discover a Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1 computer with SNMP, in the Resource Manager, that client computer displayes incorrect OS version. Instead of Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1, Windows 7 6.1 is displayed. Windows 7 Service Pack 1 rollups (monthly rollups and security-only updates) are applicable by default to the following Windows 7-based embedded products: Windows Embedded Standard 7 Service Pack 1. Windows Embedded POSReady 7. Windows Thin PC. If a rollup is not applicable to an embedded product, we will explicitly state that it is not applicable.

If you want it to install it like a normal os just choose your internal HD in both options:
'Select the location of your bootdrive'
'Select the location of the installation drive'
I used a Windows 7 PE to create this edition.
So you can burn this to a dvd like you normal do or write it to a flashdisk with rufus:
If you are going to write it to a flashdisk be patient it allmost took 6 minutes on my 16 gb pc.
Let it boot from dvd or flashdisk you will see a screen that says:
Please Select
F1 --------> Win7 installation
Do nothing it will boot into the PE in a few seconds.
Most times on first try it will not see my keyboard or mice.
Then i just force it to shutdown with the poweroff button on my comp and let it restart.
Second try allways works.
It can take a few seconds to see the keyboard and mice but not minutes.
On the desktop select the 'ppApps shortcuts' icon and all shortcuts will be shown.
When in the PE it speak for itself, after you write down the serial!!! you run winntsetup tool and select x86 or x64 and do your stuff.
In the PE there is a folder called 'Extra' it is on the root of your PE you will find some tools like Ghost and AOMEI Partition Assistant Technician Edition 6.6.
AOMEI Partition Assistant Technician Edition 6.6 you can use to mabe do some partition stuff if you like.
In the 'Extra' folder is also a folder called: 'Only use on Installed windows'
Like it says only use those tools on a installed os.
In there is a really nice portable (Driver Booster Portable) to get the latest drivers for your fresh installed os.
The only thing that you need for this portable to run is an internet connection (so Wlan or Lan must be working)

Windows Embedded Standard 7 Sp1 End Of Support

O yeah allmost forgot download:
Windows 7 Embedded Standard SP1 x86 - x64.iso (1.20 Gb):

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Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate for Embedded Systems are embedded versions of the Classic Windows 7 desktop OS, and are available for fixed-function or dedicated systems.

They are designed for devices with a strict need for Microsoft Windows 7 application compatibility and where reduced footprint is not a primary design requirement.

Unlike Microsoft Windows XP Embedded, Windows 7 with Embedded Restrictions is not a componentized version of the Windows OS and an OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) is needed to produce the OS image. Therefore, the OS image size is not as customizable.

Following features are only available in Windows 7 Ultimate: MUI Support, BitLocker, BitLocker to Go, VHD Boot, Direct Access, AppLocker, BrancheCache, VDI Remote Desktop.

Windows 7 Key Features

  • The same full Operating System as Windows 7 OEM version
  • Language Independent Licensing – Multi User Interface (MUI) Language OPK available for Ultimate version.
  • Online Activation Disabled – for customers whose usage is 1k and above, activation can be disabled via an application to Microsoft
  • Long Lifetime Support – support at least until 2024
  • Very fast boot time and very stable for industrial usage

Available Microsoft licenses for Windows® 7 for embedded systems:

Windows Embedded Standard 7 Sp1 Update

Microsoft SKU#




Windows 7 Professional SP1 (For Embedded Systems)



Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (For Embedded Systems)



Windows 7 Professional (For Embedded Systems)



Windows 7 Ultimate (For Embedded Systems)