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Universal Watermark Disabler Win 7-8.1-10 All Version (32-64. Due to a planned power outage, our services will be reduced today (June 15) starting at 8:30am PDT until the work is complete. Remove Watermark – Windows 8.1 Preview Microsoft adds a watermark to the bottom right of the screen reminding users that they are using a preview version of the software. If you are one of the many users that are annoyed by this constant reminder, this article is for you.

Over the years Microsoft have employed a number of different methods to print the mark. In the past I have seen hackers replace the cached copy of the wallpaper for an unmarked version. From my testing this doesn’t seem to be possible with the Windows 8.1 Preview.
I hate just copying someone else’s method, after all, how do you know it is the best if you haven’t tried something different. I also always stay away from automated programs that claim to remove the mark and I suggest you do too. I have seen versions that include adware and even trojans.
I was able to fairly quickly remove the top line of the mark but the bottom proved to be more challenging. I had to resort to searching the Internet for methods and have put the following tutorial together based on the best method that I have found.
Warning: I take no responsibility for any damages caused to your computer.
I have tested this tutorial on both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows 8.1 Preview.

Step 1 – Download Zip File

Initially I was going to manually describe the process, but for simplicity I have bundled it all together into a single zip file. I did not write all the contents of the files but I have analysed them and they are all safe to use.

Step 2 – Intall_Take_Ownership.reg

Once you have unzipped the file, open the Install_Take_Ownership.reg. This will add the contents of the file to the registry. This step is required so that you have the correct file permissions to edit the .dll files in the later steps. It is also possible to change the file permissions manually if you don’t want to add anything to the registry (I did this while I was experimenting).

Step 3 – Take Ownership

There are two files that need to be taken ownership:
Right hand click on the files and select ‘Take Ownership’.

Step 4 – Copy Edited Files

Copy the replacement files that are located in the ‘Edited Files’ folder to overwrite their respective ones. If you get an error saying that the file is already in use, rename the file and then copy the new one.

Step 5 – Open Command Prompt

Type ‘cmd’ into the start menu, right hand click on the first entry and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

Step 6 – Run mcbuilder

Enter the command and press the return key to execute:

Step 7 – Restart your computer

You need to restart your computer to apply these changes. Once restarted, you should see that the watermark has been removed.

Step 7 – Remove Take Ownership

In the same way that you added ‘Take Ownership’ to the registry, double click Uninstall_Take_Ownership.reg to remove it from the registry.
If you have followed the steps above you should have removed the watermark from the Windows 8.1 Preview. If you have any trouble here are a few things to try:
  1. Replace the files in safe mode
What do you think of Windows 8.1 Preview? leave a comment below
Leave a comment if you have found an easier method to remove the watermark.

Many times when you download something from the Internet or when you receive a video file from someone, the video always has a watermark embedded in it. This is usually done so the viewers know who the video belongs to.

If you don't need the watermark, or want to get rid of it, you can use some free video watermark removal tool. On this page, we will show you the top 8 best video watermark remover software, including the online and offline software.

#1. EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor is a fully-featured video editing program that helps you to edit your videos and apply many actions to them. One of these actions is the ability to remove the watermarks that are placed on your videos.

There are actually multiple methods within this single program to delete watermarks from your video files. You can either blur the watermark so it is barely visible, you can crop the part that contains the watermark, or you can add watermark to video by replacing the existing one. You can choose any of these watermark removal methods to make your videos free of any logos.

EaseUS Video Editor

  • Support for nearly all video formats
  • Work with videos in many aspect ratios
  • Provide many special effects and video editing tools
  • Help you crop a video Windows 10 easily

On this page, you can learn 8 workable ways to get rid of watermarks from your video effortlessly. No matter you are using Windows, Mac, or mobile device, you can get your desired solution here.

#2. OpenShot

Windows 8.1 Watermark Remover

Compatibility: Windows 7/8/10

OpenShot is a free and open-source video watermark remover software, which lets you edit your videos like a professional video editor. Not only will you find all of the basic video editing tools in this program, but you will also find many of the editing tools that are usually only offered in some high-end and paid video editors.

You can import your single or multiple videos into this program, choose how you want to remove the watermark, and the software will do that for you. That is all it takes for you to make your videos watermark-free using this easy-to-use tool.


  • Completely free and open-source software
  • Many ways to remove watermarks from your videos
  • Support for several media file formats


  • Beginners might find the tool a bit overwhelming
  • Effects are limited in terms of numbers

#3. Olive Video Editor

Compatibility: Windows 7/8/10

You might not have heard of Olive Video Editor but it is a super free video watermark remover that you can use to edit your videos and get rid of the watermarks from them. With this software on your computer, all you basically need to do is add your video files to the program, choose the option to remove the watermark, and then save the watermark-free file to your computer.

In addition, there are many editing tools to choose from in this software, and you are free to make your own selection.


  • Several ways to remove watermarks from your videos
  • Features like disk cache for smoother video playback
  • Quickly export your edited videos


  • You will need to learn to use it as not all the features are self-explanatory
  • Encoding is not as efficient as other video editing programs

#4. iMovie

Compatibility: macOS 10.15.6 or later

If you are a Mac user, you actually do not need to hunt for any video watermark removal software . That is because Apple provides a feature-rich and free watermark remover from video to its iOS and macOS users and that is iMovie.

Windows 8.1 Watermark Remover Reviews

With iMovie, not only can you create new videos and slideshows, but you can use the tool to remove watermarks to logos as well from your videos. After getting it from App Store, you are ready to use your preferred method to remove the watermark. Once done, you can export your video in your chosen quality. This way, you can keep the resulting file under the size that you want.


  • Fully integrate with macOS and provide easy to use watermark removal tools
  • Import videos from multiple sources for editing
  • Compress videos to keep them under a certain size limit


  • Not many editing video tools are available in this app
  • You do not have many choices for the resulting video file format

#5. Kdenlive

Compatibility: macOS

Kdenlive might not be a familiar name, but it is a good watermark removal software for you to edit your videos. The developers of this tool have kept the tool-free and open-source for any use. That means, if you are looking to remove watermarks from your videos in a commercial environment, you are free to do so using this tool on your machine.

It comes with features like multi-track editing which lets you add multiple videos and remove watermarks from them at the same time. The entire user interface is configurable which means you can put what you want and where you want. This is a flexibility you will not find in other tools.


  • Remove watermarks from a video in almost any file format
  • Add multiple videos to the timeline for editing
  • Automatic backup of your editing projects


  • It has a limited number of effects to add to your videos
  • New users will take time to get used to this program

#6. Clideo

Compatibility: Online

If you have ever looked upon the Internet for an online watermark remover, you have likely seen this tool called Clideo. Clideo is a web-based app that helps you to extract the watermark from your video right in your browser window. It runs totally off of your web browser and does not require you to install anything.

Simply head to the tool's site, upload the video that you are looking to remove the watermark from, and you will have all the tools available to do your task. You can crop your videos to remove watermarks and have your edited video file available in no time.


  • Remove watermarks from your videos in seconds
  • Support for all major video formats
  • Change the format of your source video without using any other tool


  • It takes time to upload videos to this online tool
  • Sometimes it gets stuck while editing videos

#7. Kapwing

Remove Watermark Windows 10

Compatibility: Online

Kapwing is actually a suite of tools where you will find something for each of your video editing tasks. From letting you enhance your videos with music to helping you add subtitles to your movies, you can do almost all video editing tasks in this web-based app.

It has features to remove watermarks as well which is what you can use to get your task done. It has the crop feature that you can use to crop out the parts in your videos where there is a watermark. You will then be left with a video that is truly yours with no watermark on it.


  • Intuitive and modern user interface
  • Many options to crop videos and remove watermarks
  • Save the video that is compatible with your favorite social media platform


  • There is a file upload limit in the free version
  • You cannot export videos longer than 7 minutes in the free version

#8. Clipchamp

Compatibility: Online

Clipchamp's focus is on helping you easily and efficiently edit videos from your web browsers. No matter what browser you use, you can access this online tool and use it to edit as well as remove watermarks from your videos. There are several options built into the tool to help you play around with your video.

You can try multiple tools to remove the watermark until you finally decide on something that you wish to use. Not only can you remove elements from your videos with this online app but you can use it to add new items as well to your videos.


  • More than one way to remove watermarks from your videos
  • Export your edited videos in high quality
  • Many stock items to choose from for your projects


  • The free version has many limitations
  • You need to log-in to use this online tool
Windows 8.1 watermark remover reviews

The Bottom Line

You do not need to be stuck with a watermark on your videos as there are several tools to help you remove watermarks from your videos. If you want something that is fast and efficient, EaseUS Video Editor is what you should use. It helps you quickly and easily remove the watermark from your videos.

Video Watermark Remover FAQs

If you are doing this task for the first time, you probably have questions about it. Here we answer some of the most asked questions about this topic.

1. Is it illegal to remove a watermark from a video?

If you have the license to use the video and modify it however you want, it is legal to remove the watermark from your video. However, if your video uses a certain license that does not allow any modifications to it, you cannot remove the watermark from the video.

2. How can I remove the Helo watermark from the video?

You can use a tool like EaseUS Video Editor to remove Helo or any other watermark from your videos. If you prefer an online tool to do the task, there are several options to choose from. Just keep in mind online tools will not offer as many watermark removal tools as the offline ones do.

3. How can you watermark a video?

Windows 8.1 Watermark Removerr

You can use a video editing program to watermark your videos. All you need is your image or text that you want to add as a watermark and the video file. Then, you can load these files into a video editor, place the watermark where you want, and save the video file.