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Microsoft released the Windows XP beta version in August 2001. It was launched for the public in October in the same year. After Windows 7, it’s considered the most demanded OS. While Windows XP was designed, Microsoft realized that there should be a less complicated Edition of this OS for Home users. It was released in various editions like Home, Pro, Enterprise, Vienna, Starter, Media Center Edition and Tablet PC Edition, etc. The home edition is comparatively less complicated because it’s only for home users.

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Currently, Microsoft isn’t providing official support for technical issues in Windows XP. But a lot of users are still using Windows XP. It is mainly due to their research work or maybe just for fun.

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Windows XP Home ISO (32-bit)

Download Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium III
  • Memory: 512MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 5GB
  • Display: Super VGA (800 x 600)

Methods to Create Windows XP Home Bootable USB (Installation Guide)

There are various methods to create a bootable USB. I have discussed all methods here. Follow any of them and move to the installation guide.

To create a bootable USB, you need to follow a few steps given below.

You require the following things for this process.

Method # 1: Create Bootable USB via Easy USB Creator

It’s compatible with all versions of Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, 8, 10 and Windows Server.

Remember that you need to download “.NET Framework 2.0 or above” if you want to use this tool. This tool is required to convert the ISO image into a bootable USB drive. It is a straightforward tool and turns the Windows XP ISO image into a bootable USB drive with a single click.

  1. Connect a USB flash drive with the PC.
  2. Download the ISO file of Windows XP Home from the above section.
  3. Click Hereto download the Easy USB Creator tool.
  4. Double-click the “.exe file” to install it.
  5. Now, launch the tool.
  6. It shows a sign like “…” this with the ISO file option. Select this sign to add the path of the Windows XP ISO file.
  7. Below this option, you will see “Destination Drive.” Select a drive where you want to save the “executable file” and click “Start.”
  8. The tool will start converting the ISO image into a bootable file. Within a minute, your bootable USB is ready. Move to the installation guide.

Method # 2: Bootable USB/DVD of Zipped Windows XP ISO

Windows Xp Img File Download

  1. If you have a zipped Windows XP ISO file, download 7-Zip Extractor. 7-Zip Extractor will extract the files from the zipped folder.
  2. Here are a few steps you need to follow to install Windows XP ISO on your PC.
  3. Go to the download button to start the downloading process. Once the Windows XP ISO is downloaded, double-click the ISO files to extract them.
  4. Now, burn them into a bootable Windows XP Home DVD/USB.
  5. Once your bootable USB/DVD is ready, you can use it to install Windows XP on your desired system. Move to the installation guide.

Method # 3: Bootable USB/DVD via USB Creator 2.0 (Microsoft’s Tool)

  1. Connect the USB to your PC.
  2. Now, download the ISO file from the above section.
  3. Select USB/DVD to save the ISO image.
  4. Now, open the tool “USB Creator 2.0” and select “Browse” to locate the ISO file.
  5. Below this option, there is “Destination Drive.”
  6. Select the USB drive from here.
  7. Now click the “Create USB” option at the bottom of the tool. It will start converting the ISO image into the Bootable USB.

Installation Guide

Now, you have a bootable USB drive.

  1. Reboot system and press “Del” to enter BIOS. (If your system is showing any other key, like F1, F2, press it.)
  2. Select “Advanced BIOS settings” by using up or down arrow keys.
  3. Press “USB as the primary boot device” and press F10 to exit BIOS.
  4. Now, connect your USB to the system and restart the computer.
  5. First, select the PC version. Mostly it is 32-bit. If you are using 64-bit, select the relevant and click “Next” from the list.
  6. Select “Install from USB” and click “Next” from there.
  7. The system will start copying files from the USB drive.
  8. Make partitions of your system and select the partition where you want to save Windows XP OS.
  9. It will collect information first.
  10. Then Dynamic Updates are installed.
  11. Now, it shows that it’s preparing installation.
  12. Finally, the installation is finalized.
  13. Now, wait for a while until it completes the installation process. It may take about 40 minutes.
  14. The PC restarts several times in between. Don’t interrupt the installation process.
  15. Now set the time and date according to the geographical location.
  16. Enjoy using Windows XP.


Can I play DOS games on Windows XP Home?

Yes, but only the old ones. If you want to play the latest DOS games, you require a DOS emulator like DOSBox. It’s an open-source DOS emulator to play the latest DOS games in Win XP.

Is it possible to install Windows XP in multiple systems by using one bootable USB?

No, Windows XP’s copy is only for one user. If there are 10 users, all of them need a separate copy of Windows XP.

Is it safe to use Windows XP now?

It may be risky now as Microsoft is not releasing the security updates for it. So, the features may be attractive for you, but the security of your system is at a risk.

May I get a copy of Windows XP from Microsoft?

Yes you can get it from Microsoft by forwarding a request. But Microsoft will not provide you guidance on how to remove the latest version of Windows from your PC.

Which version of Windows XP is better for me?

While selecting the version of Windows XP, you should be very careful. The last update on Security for Windows XP was released on April 8, 2014. So, Microsoft support recommends you to use the latest version of Windows XP to avoid security issues.

Are the people still using Windows XP around the world?

Of course, about 7% of PC users are still using Windows XP around the globe. Although Microsoft has stopped issuing the updates, a small number of users still run Windows XP on their systems.

How can I update Windows XP manually?

Go to the Start menu and select “Control Panel” from there. In the Control panel, click “Security” and select “Security Center” from there. Here you will see “Windows Update.” Click this option and see the available updates. Install them on your computer.