Winning Eleven 2002 English Patch Iso

Winning Eleven 2002 English Patch Iso
Well, as the last 7 days posts were erased i'm putting again to download a World Cup 2002 patch for the Winning Eleven 2002.
The patch have all the 32 WC teams with their right squads and attributes from we2000, since the original we2002 attibutes were too weak. The uniforms used are also from we2000 and the traduction used is the walxer patch, that means that the game is now in english and working fine in ePSXe emulator.
I hope you enjoy the patch...
Patch World Cup 2002 - WE2002 (mirror 1 - zipped - 1.8mb)
Patch World Cup 2002 - WE2002 (mirror 2 - ppf - 2.5mb)
To download you must not use any download program manager, if someone still have problems downloading just send me a message.
I'm also looking for an ftp to put the ripped version of WE2002 (40 mb) for the people who don't have the game be able to play. If someone have one avaiable please send me a message too.

Winning Eleven 2002 English Patch Iso Free


Cara Setting Formasi Winning Eleven Ps2 - Download Game Ps2 File Iso Ukuran Kecil - Berbagai Ukuran - Ayo guys sher tentang formasi andalan kalian nnti kt bhas breng tentang keunggulan dan kelemahannya. World soccer winning eleven 6 is a soccer video game published by kcet, konami released on april 25th, 2002 for the sony playstation 2. Games7 Collection. Download PES 2013 for PC Game full + Patch 6GB 4GB Compressed Game. WE2002FE Next Version (Winning Eleven 2002 Final Evoloution Next Version) is an old Winning Eleven 2002 modification by for PlayStation. Features: - English Translation - All Teams of Lega.

  1. Here’s a modified World Winning Eleven 2002 Names Patch 0.8 by walxer - Link - -use latest ppf-o-matic v3.0+ -use unmodified bin/cue copy of WE 2002 -apply patch-ignore size related prompts -test in retroarch, if it will go to cdplayer instead, use ECCRegen on cue sheet or use the modified psx core-this should work now unless you have a damaged image let me know if this works.
  2. EDIT: scusate avevo sbagliato il link: sotto trovare il link corretto Riuppate personalmente molte delle migliori patch per Winning Eleven 2002 dal 2003 al 2013 ed anche molti tools per editare WE2002 + iso full jap in 2 parti chiamato w02j (password master3000).