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Sep 11, 2019 XDM(Xtreme Download Manager) 是一款开源的浏览器下载工具,支持 Windows、macOS、Linux,拥有 Chrome、Firefox、Opera、Vivaldi、Microsoft Edge 浏览器扩展,可以用来下载文件、部分视频网址视频、断点续传等常规功能,可用来替代付费的 IDM 下载工具。. Free Personal. Proprietary. Linux ▼ Continuous updating. Xtreme Download Manager یا XDM نرم افزاری پر قدرت و رایگان در زمينه مديريت دانلود از اينترنت با حداکثر سرعت مي باشد. Xtreme Download Manager نرم افزاری چند منظوره با قابليت دانلود File ها به صورت تکی و گروهی ( چند لينکی ) از سايت ها با استفاده از.


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  • 6.0
  • 2017-07-04
  • 17.1K
  • Free
  • 13.0MB
  • File Transfer Software/ Download Managers
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Are you looking for the best Personal Information Manager software solution for download? By downloading and using the best PIM solutions, you will not only save yourself the pain of losing data but also have access to important, stored information whenever you need them. These solutions have made it simple to file, manage, and retrieve private information. They have taken away the worries of losing data, and you can use any of them as your primary tool for storing and receiving information.


Data Management

The one thing that makes Tree Pad great Personal Information Management software is that it is user-friendly and easy to use. Besides being compact, Tree Pad is portable, and that means you can run the software from an external storage media, such as a CD or DVD-ROM, USB drive, or an SD Card.

PIM Xtreme

PIM Xtreme is a five-star solution for managing personal information. Features include unique financial modules for accounting and reporting, encryption nodes, high-level security, and a task scheduler. The software can export data to several formats, including XML, CSV, and iCal. Moreover, you can use PIM Extreme to store contacts, notes, and alerts.


Win PIM can help you to allocate and manage tasks. You can use the software to record sound, compose HTML files, and share your data over a network. It is a great solution for personal as well as business data management. There are a free version and a premium version of the software.

Personal Information Manager for Other Platforms


Instead of keeping important information in a diary, you should consider storing them on your local computer or in the cloud. While diaries are good for storing information, they aren’t always reliable, which means they can get lost and they are subject to wear and tear. PIM software is different because it stores your information securely on your computer system.

Banktivity for Mac

If you are looking for the best PIM software for Mac, you should consider downloading Banktivity. It is the best financial information manager of the time. Features and functions include the DA investment transactions, case sensitive important rule, and more.

Personal Information Manager for Android

4k Video Downloader

Do you want to take data and your information with you wherever you go and wondering whether that’s possible? You can use Efficcess, an efficient, full-featured, cross-platform solution developed to help you manage personal information. The Android app is very free, and you can use it to manage schedule, appointments, and more.

Xtreme Download Manager For Android

Zoot Personal Information Manager for Windows

Zoot PIM for Windows features a friendly user-interface. It is the best PIM software for those who prefer Windows Operating Systems to other Operating Systems. It is robust, easy to use, and it guarantees the best results. You can use the software to manage your schedules, tasks, business activities, and appointments.

Essential PIM Personal Information Manager Popular for 2016

Xtreme Download Manager For Android Phone

Are you looking for a PIM software solution that can let you manage more than just personal notes? You should try the Essential PIM, the best PIM solution for 2016. You can download the software and use it as a desktop app. Moreover, there is an app for Android as well as a PIM solution for iOS.

What is Personal Information Manager?

A Personal Information Manager is a computer program developed to help you store, manage, and retrieve personal information. The PIM software is a perfect alternative to a personal diary because it is not subject to wear and tear. In fact, the software has a diary facility where you can enter events, personal or work activities, and appointments.

Many software vendors – online and in the local goods store – now offer the best PIM software, best in the sense that they are easy to use and don’t need long instruction manuals or how-to-use guides. The best thing about each software solution is they make managing all your personal data quick and easy.

Personal Information Management has become quite easy in the sense that you no longer have to depend on pens and papers anymore. In fact, they eliminate the need for manual diaries and pens. When you use PIM software to manage your information, you are sure of never losing important information.

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